Thursday, January 25, 2018

Fight and Win the Battle Against Chikungunya-Know the symptoms & cure

These days Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika Virus are the most alarming viral diseases spreading across and these are caused and transmitted by the deadly mosquitoes.

Let's talk about Chikungunya in today's blog post.

Firstly, Chikungunya is caused by the chikungunya virus and it is spread by the two types of mosquitoes: Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti.

How to know and identify the onset of Chikungunya-watch out the below mentioned symptoms.

1. Sudden onset of high fever(39-40 degree Celsius)

2. Severe headache

3. Severe muscle pain

 4. Moderate and unbearable joint pain, swelling in joints

5. Severe pain behind the eyes, and more with eye movements

6. Skin rashes

If you observe any of the above listed symptoms, then on a very urgent basis, consult your physician and get your blood tested as soon as possible, the treatment and cure would be faster if the cause gets detected at early stages.

As such there is no "hit the nail" kind of treatment available for Chikungunya takes two to twelve days for the symptoms to appear after being bitten by the infected mosquito and ten more days to get relieved after the symptoms appeared  and it generally but few of the below written home remedies are really useful in getting it tamed and cured.

  • Take plenty of rest, I would suggest get on a two week bed rest completely, avoid using your smartphones too.
  • Drink ample amount of fluids to rule out the potential risk of getting dehydrated.
  • For medicines, take Paracetamol and Tylenol to reduce fever and body pain.
  • Please avoid, that is, do not take any medicine such as Aspirin or Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs.
  • Most importantly, for instant relief, get Papaya leafs, the juice of papaya leaves helps in relieving the pain since it increases the number of red blood cells and white blood cells as well as platelets count.

But dear friends, few wise persons must have said-"Prevention is better than Cure"

Until or unless, these viruses could get eradicated from the face of our Earth, we can prevent these diseases by avoiding getting bitten by the mosquitoes and for that there are very good products available in the market in a wide range of varieties. And the best one available are of the prestigious brand-GoodKnight

For outdoors, the chances of getting mosquito bites are very high but due to this fear, we cannot afford to spoil our routine and also, the kids' life too, and for such scenarios, the GoodKnight Fabric Roll On in Bubblegum fragrance is the right choice. I especially in the evenings always go out by rolling it on my fabrics.

And for keeping mosquitoes at bay in Home, my house is protected with GoodKnight Activ+ System.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

An Ode To My Sibling

I have a very lovely and beautiful sister who is around five years younger than me. She's definitely a smart and prettiest individual of our family and I'm surely proud of her. But sometimes, I feel like I should be the only child of my parents.

I try to not to hate my sister, I really do but there are times when she can push my buttons to that extent that my life becomes a living spectacle for all who are watching. And all I wish for is that I should mysteriously evaporise from this Earth or she should.

Siblings around the world or scratch the world, the Galaxy are like this only, they are your bestest critics and a sound support system when you need, but they are the ones who can bring out the maximum out of your potential.

One day, you might want to kill them literally but note that, anyone else who is thinking that will definitely face your wrath.

To my everything and anything in the world and to the world's too, you siblings are the precious gems to keep and hold onto in our lives.


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Who am I?

Yesterday I was watching a TV News Channel where there was a debate going on and as much as I believe in putting forth our opinion in front of others but being judgemental while making that is outwardly wrong.

I want to question the fact that who are we to judge others or this world or are we this much capable of ourselves that we can dish out our perception just because we feel so?

Having an opinion isn't bad but blindly making that on your convenience of thoughts is not appreciable.

I wish when people say something about someone or something, they just consider themselves in their shoes before opening their mouth.

Little efforts on everyone's part can make this world a better place to live in!

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