Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Holi and Me!!


My Holi and my Childhood story

Holi is a festival of colors, joy and happiness brings color to our boring life.This festival brings out the hidden notorious child from every person. We all remember the stories of our last holi party and we all our excited for the coming one's too. Coloring each and every corner and person with our pichkaris and colors. As my childhood has been very crazy and awesome, I remember  how I eat all the sweets and gunjiyas a lot like a monster (may be i have a sweet tooth) and irritates my mom a month before to make gunjiyas for me and my friends. I used to target the most irritating uncle and aunties of my colony by my water balloons on holi. (I don't support throwing water  balloons 2-3 weeks before holi).

I respect people's choices  like some people love to play and celebrate holi and some don't. And some who loved to but they can't because they are now way too busy for holi :-(. (I feel sorry and my sympathies are with them) But in my opinion people can find out a little time from their busy schedules to be a part of this and celebrate it like 
" Bachpan Vali Holi".

Things I really do not support in the name of HOLI are :
Permanent colors, paints, grease, spray, etc. etc. because my mom is little too much concern or should I say paranoid about my skin and hair. And uses of all this during holi gives my mom an excuse to stop me from playing holi ( I know it's sad). On my behalf I just want to say that I  make sure that all my friends and family members use organic colors but still my mom worries about my skin and hair a lot and I being a totally rebellious daughter play holi with my friends with or without permission of mother. So, me and my mom comes to a conclusion to protect me, my skin  and hair from the harsh colors ( oh yeahhh!!!!) and that is oiling. Most of you know this trick right??? ( and if you don't then you can thanks me too ). Me and my mum protects my hair from the harsh colors by applying oil to my hair and skin.
Benefits : When you take a shower after playing holi the color slips out from you skin and hair very easily and does not damage skin or hair at all. And this is I have been doing since my childhood :-).

I wish you all a happy and safe  Holi  and please do not use HARSH & PERMANENT COLORS and take out a little time out from your busy schedule to celebrate this festival of joy and play your BACHPAN VALI HOLI again.♥
'Khelo KhulKe Holi Guys'.
Love and peace.

I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.

Holi Time!!

Holi is around the corner and the countdown has been set, Only 9 
days to go. The markets of Delhi have started buzzing with sweets, colors, water-guns(Pichkaris) and what not. Holi is a festival of color and the entire city seems to be more colorful as the days are passing.

When I was a kid, I still remember that on the day of Holi how I used to play with colors throwing at each other, applying on the cheeks of elders, chase down my friends and cousins with water-guns all day and many times ran away from them. Later when we all got toll of our bodies and more specifically ran out of water, that's when we decided to call off a day and delve into the delicacies such as Pakoras(fritters), Gunjiyas, Thandai, etc. prepared by my mother and aunts. Later, the real task was to get rid of the color from ourselves and try to look as much presentable as possible on the next day and that is the only con of playing Holi.
Now as we have grown, playing holi appears to be troublesome because having Holi is an equivalent to a National Holiday but the next day at college is definitely not a holiday and going there with frizzy oddly colored hairs is a big invitation to being embarrassed. So, the older and smarter me doesn't wish to play with colors anymore. All I want to do is sit at home, send pleasantries to my near and dear ones, watch TV, eat the holi special foods by ordering from some famous places and that's was my agenda to celebrate holi.
But thanks to my friend who is a pro at hair-care remedies told me that oiling the hairs with coconut oil the day before the festival helps in hair strengthening and protecting them from the colors and also avoiding the post-holi hair woes. In-fact, when I took her advice and did the oiling with my hairs, the results left me awestruck because not only I played Holi wholeheartedly but my hairs were the same shining and straight as they were before.
When I watch this video,I have got the vibe that Holi should be played with full heart and zeal or in literal Hindi words it should be played 'KhulKe'. After all, it is a festival of colors and that is synonymous with being happy and spreading happiness.
I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Is Laundry a Mother's job Only??

This is one question which needs a lot of deliberation. Survey reports shows that 76 per cent of married men in India believe that not helping with laundry at home, still makes them a great role model for their children and disturbingly, 78 per cent of girls in India agrees to the point that they should learn laundry as they will have to do it when they grow up. Has anyone ever thought that why such kind of results are coming into the foray when we are used to listen about gender parity or gender equality on the prestigious global platforms or from where does these kind of ideologies are stemming into the minds of the Generation Next or GenX?
These kind of thoughts are still residing in our society despite of big claims on being on the path of development and equal respect for the individuals irrespective of their sex because this type of thinking pattern is kind of stuck in our mindsets. We are trying to imitate the same practices which we have seen our elders doing at their time, we have grown up seeing that the mothers manages the household chores and the fathers used to go out in order to earn and sustain the livelihood. We have accustomed ourselves to the idea that our Mums are a Superwoman in an ethnic attire and no matter how big the task would be,she could manage to do that. But what we are missing in between all is that she is a human at firsthand and has her own share of work and life too that needs constant balance as much as we want in our lives.
In the 21st century, girls are as good in any field as a man can be and burdening the most loving soul especially with those chores that can be easily done by us on our own doesn't demand a big of a commitment. I accept that daily duties like for example cooking food may not be everyone's cup of tea but come on guys, doing laundry doesn't requires a lot of skills and a little learning from the user manual can make anyone a laundry star.
Sometimes to make a person happy do not require a grand spectacle but small gestures that signifies you care for them and the work they do can make a lot of difference between your relationships and you can nurture them for a lifetime rather than the stuff you chose to do to show that you are actually busy to get done these simple tasks.
Me and my Dad are sharing the load off my Ma's shoulders and you should do it soon if you aren't now.
I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Why can't we just Share The Load ?

Few days back, I have read about a survey where results were shown depicting that 2 out of every 3 children think that washing their clothes or simply putting in the words that doing laundry is the job of their mothers only. And with the talks of India being on the path of development and progression as a country, these kind of news are disheartening and alarming because somewhere down the line, gender parity cannot be observed with these kind of prejudices that resides at the heart of our country.
If these kind of thoughts still persists in our society, then passing of these thoughts is bound to happen to the future generations and this is altogether an alarming issue. Doing laundry, washing clothes is not the sole responsibility of the woman in the house, it is the duty of each and every person residing in the house and moreover, on a practical note, maintaining personal hygiene is not a big task to cope up with in our daily lives. Even its a good habit to keep and also a very nice one to pass on. What I have also observed during all my years is that the woman of the house has always been declared the undisputed 'Home-Maker' and responsibilities like cooking food, washing clothes, maintaining the household and doing laundry is her duty only and the situation worsens in the scenario where this particular woman is working too. 
It is a thing to comprehend that whatever actions we perform reflect in our kids too later in their lives. I don't care if someone says that this should not be done by the family members, what I do care about is that the lady herself should say 'NO' in firm words and allocate the respective clothes to each to clean and iron on their own and make sure they do it too because if she takes a stand now, it will definitely help to eradicate this mindset of people and also will carve out a more liberal and independent future of her daughter or daughter-in-law in the near future but nonetheless, an example would have been set.
What we should all understand is that this is as simple a job as brushing your teeth daily, with the developments in technology around, washing clothes is not really troublesome. All one has to do is to put them in the washing machine with water and detergent and bingo! All Done.
So peeps, the conclusion comes out we should come out of our niches of some age-old stupid beliefs and start sharing the load from the shoulders of our Mom and sisters now. 
I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

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