Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fashion Alert!!! Shirt Dresses Are the New Thing!!

Hi there!!!
Fashion is always edgy, comfortable and sometimes outrageous for me.
I have been flipping pages and browsing through e-magazines of Fashion Houses and found that this season shirt dresses are a new trend to follow.
As I have observed, these dresses look really flattering(depends upon our choice and preference) and seems to be very comfortable to carry. A very less effort is required to style oneself in a shirt dress, all you have to do pair it with a nice pair of shoes like gladiators or flip flops,etc , a nice pair of sunglasses(oversize that's what I would be preferring) , a cool sling bag or a clutch and any accessory according to your likes would complete the look.
In my opinion this is the latest fashion and styling alert for the fashionistas this season.
So, go girls and grab your shirt dresses to set up the new trends soon.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Well, the wait is almost over. 20 hours or less straight from now on, Bigg Boss 9,the Indian adaptation of Bigg Brother will start on Indian Television with its ninth season for a stretch of almost three(3) months.
It should not be an understatement that this is the most anticipated reality TV show in India and why it shouldn't be since every year it shows the popular celebrities locked up inside a house leaving them disconnected with the outside world. Also, it showcases the housemates in their true colors, their actual personalities. For viewers, it's a way to get entertainment and root for their favorites.
In the past 8 seasons, this show has proved to be a roller-coaster ride for both the contestants and the audiences with the fights among contestants and innovative weekly tasks. Also, featuring in this show has also became beneficial for the contestants to get exposure as well as projects in the entertainment industry which ultimately rose them to fame.
Sometimes, this show has been criticized for being scripted or fabricated but none as affected ts popularity. Till the last season, Bigg Boss has maintained high TRPs.
Still the show hasn't even aired ON this year and already there are rumors started circulating about the possible list of house inmates, the house interiors,decor and foreign celebrity engagement itself.
To sum up all, only one thing can be said is that we have to tune in at 21:30 on colors today to kill the suspense and put an end to the wild guesses and hope that it worth it.

Internet Of Things : The New Rave in Technology

In the arena of Technology, one term is being used very often these days, which is the Internet of Things or IoT and those who are not of this field find it difficult to comprehend. So, let's start from the scratch and decode this phrase, we all know that internet simply means a global computer, interconnected network which uses standardized communication protocols and provides the user with information and communication facilities. Things means physical objects.
Thus, IoT means connecting things or objects to the Internet and the way to accomplish this vision, one has to incorporate the objects into a network embedded with electronics, sensors and network connectivity. In other words, I can put it as IoT will help in connecting the dots.

Now, I think it's time to chuck all the technical stuff and get back down to reality,that is, how this technology known as IoT will impact us or human beings?
Since this is the most basic question which comes to our mind when we try to learn about something new.
With the use of IoT, one can connect all the possible objects like electrical appliances, helmets or robots, etc. with the Internet and can easily control, monitor and manage them with the help of a remote which again can be a mobile phone, or a TV remote. You need not has to be present in person over there to switch ON or OFF an object or change the parameters of it.
So guys, isn't it will be cool to control whatever you want with a click sitting anywhere in the world with Internet, hence, these are the few benefits of IoT will be in the future.
Experts have already estimated that IoT will consist of about 50 billion objects till the end of 2020.
Since, I believe Digital Is Default, so, it's better to get acquainted with IoT soon. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Go Noise : The Voice & Choice Of Fun Accessories Lovers

We all agree with one thing that the fetish of humans for fashion accessories is never gonna fade or dilute and why it has to be this way because a good accessory can really add a star to your personality and it ups your style-quotient too.
Hence, in the direction to find the best possible fashion/tech accessories by browsing through the internet,I ended up on GoNoise which is the perfect place for those who want to standout tall and firm in the crowd of their peeps.
GoNoise actually offers quite a big range of phone covers from Apple Iphones to Karbonn or HTC to Xiaomi SmartPhones and the high point is that the designs are not repetitive,that is, from my own experience and expertise over observing stuff around me, I can't really locate the same quirky, fun stuff during my Metro Ride and it really excites me since it will make me standout amongst the Delhi crowd and my College folks.
Also, there were two things which caught my eye to detail were the really cute and adorable 3-D Cartoon Bags and Smart Watches.

The 3-D Cartoon Bags are the cotton canvas bags that looks so funky while carrying on as if someone has drawn a bag on a sheet that makes it really cool and are spacious enough to accomodate a tablet/Ipad in it.
The Smart Watches by the looks and specifications looks promising but can't be reviewed since I didn't put my hands on them till now but it will gonna be reviewed soon.
Other featured products includes Data cables,Screen guards, Head wraps, Infinity Scarves, Power banks,etc
So,readers at the conclusion I have to say that this is the brand which is offering fresh trends and styles at affordable prices when it comes to Fashion/Tech Accessories when compared with other Indian e-commerce websites and I am going to order my items and so do you should,so,BE FAST!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

People will stare. Make it worth their while.

This is a very powerful quote by Harry Winston and why it shouldn't be.
It's a universal truth and well accepted fact that whatever you wear and whatever you won't will always be scrutinized by the public eye and when it comes to being a fashionista, dear lord, how a wrong decision may haunt for weeks that no one can guess. So,to sum up quickly, this quote itself suggested that people are gonna stare, it's their job, they have a pair of eyes and they are trying to make a good use of it, then it's our duty to make it worth their while.
And as I have mentioned earlier in my blog post about Explorate, I would like to state again that this entity has become a heaven for those who loves the experience of shopping online, it's a Pinterest of shopping. In the world of today, an individual's styling is the most important aspect of the personality
Explorate is helping you look trendiest and smartest in every possible way, fashionistas and fashion bloggers are sailing on-board with you on the same ship. Getting an insight on the fashion alerts by some top-notch industry people is what we all needed.
You cannot browse all the websites offering e-commerce practically and if you have, you cannot remember all the products to be bought later all by yourself and they are doing just that for you, go on shopping, clip the product, buy and check out and earn affiliate commissions on it too. And if you are providing good recommendations which are bought by others,you will be paid handsomely too. Who says shopping only costs because with Explorate, it isn't and will never be in future too.
Also, the biggest feature is that you can follow the Fash Bloggers and dress up according to the trends and occasions, so go and run boys and girls and start exploring now.
Just remember one thing,you will be watched and checked out, every now and then, and it's up-to you how you wish it to be.


Recently,browsing through the different websites across the different genres,I stumble upon an amazing website based on dance known as which is surely a hangout zone for those who loves dancing,trust me,I am a big dancing freak myself too. So,putting this website over my radar and reviewing it,I found out that this website totally justifies its name.
One can search a wide range of dance forms under the Dance Zone tab and browse through different sections under it, let it be 20 different dance styles such as ballet, odissi, flamenco, jazz, swingaerial and many more or surf the dance videos of different dance forms and all the videos are just awesome and believe me it is really troublesome to pick out the best one since all are enticing enough to inspire you learn and try out that style and my personal favorite is the one from swing and swing but all the others are no less too.
This website also offer an insight to the aspects like Dance Anatomy,Dance Diaries,Interviews and biographies of some famous personalities where their success stories and life journey is shared and these things helps a lot in shaping things of your life because you never know how a small statement impacts you.
Well, keeping this spiritual stuff aside, let's get back to the stuff in which we were headed initially,that is, THE DANCE BIBLE. The two exclusive features of this website that stands it apart from others in its league are the Dance Portfolios and the Dance Forum.
The dance forum is one of a kind of platform for social networking where you have the opportunity to ask anything or precisely everything,if you have a doubt, why keep it up to you or dug deep inside you when  it can be eluded out of your system in front of those who share a same perspective about that and can guide you or provide you with a better explanation or a range of options to choose from. So, thumbs up to Dance Forum, its like an open balcony where you can go and scream and come back feeling freshened up.
The next thing which caught my attention is the Dance Portfolios, yeah it is what that it seems to be, you can create an actual portfolio about your dancing skills and off-course yourself, you can put your dancing story, photos, videos and particular styles or skills acquired in this art-form. And the high-point is that this portfolio helps in promoting,showcasing your talent to a bigger audience,networking with them and mind it that these people are as like-minded as you.
To conclude this blog post in the end, I must say that this initiative has impressed me totally being one of its own kind and the stuff which is happening over there is really fresh and inspiring as well as encouraging for the budding dancers.Also,people follow them on facebook too to get regular updates about the Dance Bible.

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