Sunday, August 21, 2016

Follow your HEART, the rest will fall in its place:-)

In my previous post, I have shared about how my teacher has helped me to shape my career, although my parents and family have been a constant support to me throughout my journey but it was my Sir who made me believe in my own self. It is a world known fact that almost every parent assumes their kid to be the best, we are the rockstars of their world but a teacher always serve as a critique and when they say something, it is what that is the most valuable thing said to a student.
But everyone out there is not really lucky in that department because recently my sister has completed her senior school studies and got some decent results too afterwards in her entrance exams. Since I had taken admission in Engineering, our entire social circle of friends and family have presumed that she would follow the similar path that her sister had chosen and why all of this has surfaced? All of this stuff is substantial to think in the first place because it is a convenient option and no harm could be done to anyone involved.
But all of us have not realized that this might not be something which she wants, though she is good with computers and programming and could easily sail through the four years of engineering studies in a good college but her heart would never be there. Whenever she got a chance to blow off or take off from this planned life of hers, she would have subconsciously make it happen. And this is what that actually happens, on the eve of getting admission in an Engineering course, she simply made our parents sit down with us and told them that she would be getting this degree only to make them happy and proud not because she aspired about it and that's when my mother has asked her what she wanted to do if she can get a pass from it and it's simple from that point on, she said she is a girl of having an opinion, she is not willing to surrender to someone else's approach about a subject and that's when our parents have said that she should consider taking up Law for further studies. And in a moment, she was beaming with happiness and content because she really, wholeheartedly loved the art of arguing and putting her opinion up front.
And that's how a probable future engineer turned into a potential future counsel by only a single advice that has changed her life.
I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.

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  1. I am a strong believer in the title of post that you have written. These are very strong words that hold a lot of wisdom in them. I hope everyone adheres to it. Thanks for posting.


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