Monday, May 30, 2016

Product Review | Skin18

Skincare routines are very important to me and when you live in a city like New Delhi, this becomes altogether more necessary to keep your skin healthy and clean. Pollution and heat can leave long-lasting damages onto it and might cause permanent damages too. So, I took charge of the situation and went on to find out some solutions, and I stumbled upon Skin18 specializing in Korean Skincare products. I have tried five different products by Skin18 delivered timely to my home all the way from Hong Kong in a very nice and secure packaging and here goes my experience using them.

1. Beauty Friends II Essence Mask Sheet Pack (Pomegranate)

This is my favorite face mask because it smells wonderful and has co-enzyme Q10. You can put it on your face and not regret or fume over the general smell that comes out from the face mask sheets. Also the pack has enough serum in it which you can use on your hands and neck region. Do not consider it as a runny serum thingy mask. The viscosity of the serum mix on the mask is perfect that stays at its place and do wonders on the skin. I keep the mask on for 30 minutes and feel my skin soft and moisturized. Since working girls do not have the luxury of going out for spa treatments every week. It is a must in your kit to pamper your face every week.
Price: $0.8

2.Four Season Red Ginseng White Clean Active Mask (Whitening Function)

The face mask is a turn-off for me because of a strong smell but I tried it on, and the smell did not irritated me after a minute. Since I like mild fragrances more, I did not appreciated it first but after keeping it on, it did work well on my face. The skin was glowing and I also got rid off the tanning from it. As it promises from the name on its pack, it do perform the whitening function and to quote it "Do What It Says". So girls, if you want a face mask for skin cleansing & whitening, this is what you should go after. Overall the serum consistency was as much same as of the above one.
Price: $0.95

3.It's Skin Todak Todak Pack Pore Care (Wash off Mask) with Apple & Egg white

This is wash off mask comes in an adorable and cute packaging, if I do not consider how well it works, I just cannot look over the fact that it comes in a small tub with that sweet cartoon shaped peel-off. Coming to the point, it smells nice, kind of like a foundation type as distinctly as I can remember. It is a thick mixture that you can spread on your face with the help of fingers but a little spatula if provided would have been appreciated. It dries off within 5 minutes and also easy to be washed off. Most importantly, if used smartly, then it can be used again, that is, you can use it for 2 times. After use, you can feel that your skin is radiating and glowing.
Price: $3.30 for the 10ml tub.

4.Luke Mugwort Nose Cleansing Strip

It is a nose cleansing strip. Easy to use and removes blackheads, opens the clogged pores and tightens them. What I have realized is that you can feel the smoothness of your skin on your nose tip before and after use to feel the difference. I can feel my skin texture smooth. Nice little product with effective results.
Price: $0.65 for one strip

5.Luke Lemon Tea Tree Nose Cleansing Strip

Works same as the above strip, that is unclog the pores, tightens them, removes dirt and blackheads. What's the highlight is that these strips comes at a reasonable price which is quite lower when compared with the ones which are being retailed in the market. So, a must buy for every girl especially teenage girls who wish to end her blackheads trouble of her nose and look beautiful & confident.
Price: $0.65 for one strip

*Tip: Refrigerate the products before using and the cooling effect is soothing and relaxing.
*Do check out their website for more interesting offers, freebies and discounts.
*They ship worldwide, so feel free and shop the goodness of korean beauty for you.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Find the little Hidden Eye-Starry things on ZoFind

Travelling and living in a city is meaningless if you are not able to experience most of its specialties, they may be some big hot-shot places to drool over or they may be some small around the corner localities favorites spots. But for this purpose, we need to have either the zeal to go and search down each nooks of that place or be the friend of that one technophobe friend – the one who knows the city through their own eyes, and goes places asking directions, figures out a new place to hang out in, has a perfect option for you just around the corner. You didn’t know about this coffee shop, or restaurant, or theatre, because Google Maps or Apple maps did not have it in their database. 

What if I told you that there is now a way you can stay ahead of your rustic friend?

Yeah, you got it right, now we can do that with ZoFind.

What is it???

A website developed by an Indian startup Venture, Zofind isn’t exactly a novel ground-breaking technology or a billion-dollar idea. Rather, it is a venture that takes an already existing idea and projects it toward an audience that said idea had hitherto overlooked. While PVR Saket or Regal would be mentioned in Google Maps, would every local theatre hall be also there? Maybe not! With Zofind, you’ll find not only the big guns, but also the small businesses that are in Delhi. 

Covering the Capital

So far, being a recent Start-up venture, ZoFind has only covered the capital of India, Delhi. Delhi is one of the largest cities in the world and has no end to attractions in it. With all the recent hype about Make in India, it is kind of sad that when it comes to entertainment, we inevitably turn to large corporations with tremendous western influence while neglecting the small businesses that serve the country from a very grass-root level. With a small but effective website such as ZoFind, you’ll be able to get into your attention span numerous small businesses that’ll change the way you look at the city and give the rustic life a chance. 

What the Developers has  to say?

Website developer Mohit Bardia aided by his team have come up with an extensive and elaborate framework of hotels, parks, restaurants, coffee shops, movie theaters and what not around the city of Delhi. You can access them from their website which will soon be available in and around the android marketplace. The website will be targeted, as stated earlier, solely at one city for now, but the developers hope that following their success, they’ll increase the outreach of the website to span other cities as well. 

Naturally, since they’re competing with giants such as Google and Apple, it’s obvious that the developers of the website need support from the common Delhi man in the street if they are to be successful. It’s up to the massive android customer base to ensure if India’s battle for net-neutrality will remain put, and a sure fire way of making sure that giant corporations do not get control over the internet is so support small applications such as these which not only have the plus side of being completely Indian, but also have benefits that famous apps do not provide. Quite naturally, ZoFind has already developed a reasonable customer base and is looking to increase in demand as time goes by. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Time to take the Right road for "Study In India"

As we move around the corridors of Education Ministry in India, we often hear statements like "India itself has huge demand internally and so we don't need international students ". Its not just those even our Economic Wings talk of " foreign student kyu chaiye (Why foreign students)". Its strange to put a case of how a nation with 70% young population is already global as he is on Facebook talking to people from around the world, watching videos on Youtube from different countries, visiting and learning about various cultures and markets. Why aren't we able to put our minds, body and system with our visionary Prime Minister who understands the importance of "Internationalization". There are huge benefits of building "Study in India" and to take a case in point lets look at US and the value the immigrants have added:
"More than 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or a child of immigrants. According to the Partnership for a New American Economy these companies employ more than 10 million people worldwide and generate annual revenue of $4.2 trillion"
India is young, energetic and cheerful for the new age of digital disruption. We see a lot of initiatives around Digital India, Make in India and Start up India. It is time for India to stand and understand that all of these will be possible when our campuses are truly becoming feed for those success stories. 
Make in India that demonstrates the Indian Government vision to make India new manufacturing capital will require efforts from the Higher education sector and the HRD ministry. How will a company from Japan , Korea or any other place in the world feel comfortable if they don't have any talent from their own country present. How will they hire managers who come from the same background, culture and working ethos, which are very different in each of the respective countries. How will they integrate their research and development needs if the campuses just have one-dimensional approach to teaching and learning of the students.
Technology solves some of the biggest problem globally. The reason US is able to truly build technology and solutions for global population is because of its strong immigrant population. It nurtures and learns from them the traits and beliefs of each market while scaling their solution to fit each market. It innovates in each market with its offering based on the intelligence and experience shared by these young Indian who travel to US for their higher education. We not only send our brightest minds but also our value beliefs and learning about our country which are the most important assets for them. And if they are bright they are incentive to stay back and start their own companies. 
When will India truly have global products ? While building "Start Up India campaign we would need our young minds to learn and build networks with people from across the world. If we can have our campuses which are diverse and global we would be able to train the young students around different perspectives, lifestyles, behaviors and mental models which are very varied as we start traveling to different countries. To have that knowledge & experience will be the biggest differentiating factor in the 21st century for young people of our country. It is truly a moment in history for India to capture this time and start working on building frameworks to attract foreign students and minds to come and be a part of our learning community. We need the Center as well as State Government to allow more freedom to its institute to build innovative campaign to attract more of these minds to solve some of the biggest problems facing this country. 
It is the best moment under the leadership of a champion Prime minister Mr Narendra Modi who understand the value and benefits of globalization. Here are the steps which we would recommend National Policy Makers to be taking:
1) Make student visa policies simple, transparent and consistent. 
2) Create an ecosystem of building cultural sensitivity for international students in student towns. 
3) Build policies to encourage post study work options along with a strong push to entrepreneurial visa category. 
4) Embark on a outreach plan to make international students as ambassadors of the country 
5) Provide a platform to have dialogue around further improvement in building right ecosystem and awareness for foreign nationals living in India 
6) Create strong scholarship program that will encourage the best brain to choose India as their study options. 

Suggested State Policy Framework: 

1) Encourage twining programs between the state universities and international university to build better brand awareness. 
2) Build a outreach plan as a state to encourage mobility and credit transfers between the universities. 
3) Create good and quality housing for the students. 
4) Be an enabler and encourage more foreign universities to set up satellite campuses. 

For Universities it is this enabling environment which will help them prosper. They would need to concentrate on the outreach and brand building exercise to increase the diversity. We are in middle of a "Revolution” from the consumers "Students" on our campuses who want to learn in a global campus and with the right framework we would be able to achieve a goal of getting 100000 foreign students to India by 2020. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

YePaisa - Got free time? Get paid for it!

Are your shopping bills diminishing your savings? Are you looking for someone who pays off your dining bills every weekend? Are you chatty enough to drain you mobile recharge too often?
Yepaisa, India’s leading developer and provider of entertainment solutions brings relishing and rewarding in a nutshell. Whether you plug-in to any of the videos posted on this app, or fill a survey or much easier download an app, be joyous because you get rewarded for each of this.  Yepaisa’s newly launched update will let you earn cash rewards and free coupons of worth upto Rs 500 daily. 

Having entered the digital era, installing an app or watching a video online or filling a survey either has emerged as our day-to-day act. But how about these small acts let you make some easy money? YePaisa rewards all its users for the acts stated above. Signing up with YePaisa alone lets you avail 300 Yeps(the digital currency) just at one go. Players will play from a wide gamut of enchanting games free of cost and can earn as much as 199 to 999 yeps daily. Combining the tactics of free to play games with the prolific redeem options in dining, shopping and mobile recharge, all have together set the scale high for Yepaisa.
In 2015, YePaisa has shot past the next thousands of registration with its playing and sharing option. “The joy of sharing has doubled with YePaisa, the first of its kind, that lets you donate your Yeps for a cause” said Mr. Salik Khan, Digital Head of YePaisa. Having partnered with associations like Akshaya Patra and CRY, YePaisa has been a helping hand in letting its users donate the Yeps earned for a noble cause. Akshay Patra is dedicated since years in providing mid-day meals to the students of government schools. CRY as its name suggests ‘Child Rights and You’ together with YePaisa is heading towards creating a lasting change in lives of many children. “In a world where everyone is a ‘digital native’ and many of us fall for click bait, having clicked for a noble cause with Yepaisa would surely make this world a better place to live” said by Mr. Ankush Sharma, CEO of YePaisa.
“We have been trying hard for a long time to make Yepaisa, the provider of greatest gaming and rewarding experience, and we are happy to show this to the world. Our new feature ‘Refer a friend and earn upto Rs 50’ in return would get the ball rolling for Yepaisa in the coming future”, according to Rahul Mangal, Founder of YePaisa.
Whether you merely keep Clicking or you choose to do Smart Clicking for Earnings. Choice is all yours.
Check out the YePaisa App to know more!!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Digital Transformation at Edenred

As global leaders and inventors of the meal voucher, Edenred have been in India since 1997 showing steady growth and being a respected leader in work-life benefits, incentives and rewards and loyalty solutions.
For the better part of three years, Edenred spent extensive time, effort and research in going digital with their product portfolio in India. With the world rapidly going digital, the need of the hour was to transform the organisation into a digital powerhouse that was ready to lead the way when it came to turning traditional solutions around in the new age. 

Their flagship product, Ticket Restaurant®Meal Voucher was the first to go digital in mid-2014 as the Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card - an instant hit with large multinationals that were looking for a digital solution in the category. 

Following on its heels was Ticket Compliments® Gift Card, once again proving a sure-shot success and taking on bank gift cards as a popular corporate gifting option.

Thanks to the extended research, gift card variants such as Ticket Compliments® Max, Ticket Compliments® Jewel, Ticket Compliments® Elite and Ticket Compliments® Premium were quick to follow and are seeing good traction in the market in their respective spaces. Several more research based variants are in the pipeline.

In addition, the Ticket Restaurant® Plus Meal Card is a closed loop campus card solution provided to our corporate customers for efficient cafeteria management. It improves the relationship between employee and employer and enhances productivity by providing healthy meals on campus.

The multiple benefits of being paperless, one-time distribution, remote reloading, enhanced security and card-based ease of use for the end beneficiary were seen as definite pluses by the industry at large. The wide acceptance of the cards at thousands of affiliates in 3400+ towns and cities across the length and breadth of India including MasterCard outlets was undoubtedly an added bonus. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Product Review | Cinnamon Roll Lip Scrub by SkinCafe

Today, I am going to share about my recent experience of using a lip scrub. I have been using a Cinnamon Roll Lip Scrub by Skin Cafe
You must be wondering about why do I look out for a Lip Scrub?? Well, a lip scrub is good for removing the dead skin cells from the lips and keeping them soft, pink and supple.
So, let's get started.

First of all, I am very much impressed and bowled over by the packaging. It comes in a perfect square shaped box of light green pastel color with a white lid with the lip scrub jar beautifully sitting at the center, giving me a quite related Tiffany's moment from the Hollywood flicks, you can't just ignore the resemblance.

Now comes the part which is most important-how good is the Lip Scrub??

Just open the jar, and you will be mesmerized with the fragrance tickling your senses, same as that of a freshly baked cinnamon roll. The lip scrub has a course & grainy texture to it. You can apply an amount of it on your lips and scrub it off lightly with gentle hands. And after like around 15 minutes, it can be washed off with warm water. Washing it off, the lips were left as delicate, clean and soft. The Cinnamon Roll Lip Scrub from SkinCafe contains grapeseed oil, shea butter, demerara sugar and essential cinnamon oils which gives in a slight plumping effect.

Now why it has to be from the SkinCafe?

Well, the products are totally handcrafted and that too only-made-to-order. Yes, no old manufactured stuff for skin care that is packaged and stored for months. It smells as good enough to eat it whole on the spot. The lip care range from SkinCafe is specifically fresh and custom-made that makes you feel special. The used ingredients are organic containing no chemical additives. Also, it has no added colors, and it is paraben and BHT free.

Price: Rs.850 for a lip scrub jar

Also for latest updates and various discounts schemes, follow them on

Instagram: @headcrafterskincafe

Twitter: @HSkinCafe

Google Plus: +HeadCrafter Skincafe 

*TIP: Also, using product from a jar rather than a tube is highly recommended so as to avoid getting any possible infection from the little leftover saliva on the tube's opening.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Family Is What We Need....


Family  Family Family.

Family is vital part of our life. We can’t survive without them.  We can fight, argue, love, angry with them but in the end we can’t live without them and love is always there. Human is a social animal for survival, he needs family, friends, relative. Although, sometimes we wants some space. We want to spend some time alone but that would of 4-5 days not more than that and after that we miss all the fights and arguments. Without family we feel incomplete. I found myself luck because I was born in joint family and I got married into joint family. I like people around me.

Nowadays we have lots of gadgets, who distract us from our work, studies and family. Although, it is very important to update ourselves with new technologies and information. In this competitive world, these gadgets are part of our life now. In my opinion, we need to adopt technologies along with our family. We can spend 5 days at our work but for 2 days we need to spend quality time with parents, kids and family. Even though, if you are successful, you will always need a family to share your success and happiness. Success without family is  incomplete and unmeaning.

No amount of money or success can take the place of time spent with your family.

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