Saturday, December 3, 2016

The View From The Top

Outdoor activities are fun and trekking is one of those which always tops this list. Trekking involves lots of physical strength and mental determination to even pursue thinking about it. Not only trekking as an activity helps in increasing one's stamina but it also helps the trekkers to develop a sense of patience as part of their personality because here the person has to walk down on the rocky terrain or hills but has to complete the entire journey on that path in whatever conditions that may come whether they are pleasantly favorable or not.
Every year many people take up adventure sports as a hobby just because they wish to satisfy the thirst of their adrenaline rush but only very few are left at the end of that year to continue their adventurous streak with that same zeal. Trekking in the Himalayas is very popular as well as challenging too, Himalayas are the biggest mountain ranges in the world and posses a lot of challenging path across it too. Not just the willpower but other factors like health, physical fitness, mental strength, team work, coordination and financial costs matter a lot.
Apart from the above points which has to be taken in consideration while planning to go for a trek camp, one has to motivate themselves with the prolific scenic beauty of the nature which they only can witness when they reach on the top and the view from the top is always spellbound and marvelous.
Trekking also has numerous health benefits too such as it helps massively in improving the cardiovascular strength because as we go up on the high altitudes by means of walking and climbing, our heart pump more oxygen to support the process which in turn increases the blood flow rate and hence strengthens the cardiovascular system of our body. Many people even achieve new levels of physical fitness by just trekking only.
At last, it can be easily said that Trekking, without any doubt is the most thrilling adventure everyone should experience once in their lives. Not just this is only enthralling experience of their lifetime but can be a lot more learning too.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Product Review | The Nature's Co. Raspberry Face Wash

Today's up on the blog is the review of the product I have received from by the TNC team recently which is 'The Raspberry Face Wash'.

First of all, this face wash comes under the Forressence range of the brand and is for all-skin-types. 

The Nature's Co Raspberry Face Wash
Key Ingredients:  Raspberry extract, Aloe Vera extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Cream base. 
      Since the product is made from all the natural ingredients, it is totally skin-friendly and hence not harmful which is a relief because these days soaps and shampoos use a great deal of sulfates in them which can leave the skin rough and dry.
      It has a satin soft, pinkish glossy and pasty texture to it. It does smell like raspberries which is very pleasant to me, also I love berries, thus, it's my instant favorite.
Unlike many other brands, here  a little dollop is sufficient to wash your face.
      After using the face wash, the skin feels quite moisturized, soft and pinkish, also it doesn't left any residue behind. 
      The Face wash has an anti-oxidant and soothing cream which makes it a no-foam formula Face Wash giving us a soft and smooth skin after-use.

Price: Rs. 495 for 125ml
At this price, I would say this product totally worth its value. 
P.S. With The Nature's Co. regular discounts and promotional schemes going on, you can even grab it at a very lower price, so follow them on their different social media channels.
Follow them on-
Facebook: Thenaturesco
Instagram: @thenaturesco
Twitter:  Thenaturesco
Pinterest: Thenaturesco

*Stay tuned to the blog, more interesting reviews are coming up soon!

Friday, October 21, 2016

10 Reasons to Watch Flying Jatt World TV Premiere on Zee Cinema!!

Meet our Desi Superhero … here comes A Flying Jatt!
10 reasons to watch the film on Zee Cinema on 22 Oct@8PM

1. India’s first flying Superhero
India’s first flying superhero – A Flying Jatt saves the day in the coolest way. Bestowed not only with this incredible superpower our man can also display some jaw-dropping martial art moves.
2. This Superhero has a Supermom
Most of the superheroes that we know pledge to save the world and have lost their parents to an accident. But this super hero has a supermom who constantly reminds him of his duties. A typical Indian mother, she scolds him every time his reluctant to use his superpowers. She definitely is a supermom!
3. Powers + Killer dance moves = Legendary 
You might be Superman or Batman but one thing our flying Jatt wins at is killer dance moves. Saving the world and burning the dance floor all in one - WOW! Now that is what they call a superhero. Let’s shake our booty on the beat with this superhero.
4. The youngest Superhero
Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan also had special powers in movies like Krrish and Ra.One respectively. But what sets Tiger Shroff apart is his age. At 26, he bagged a superhero movie as his third film while the others have had a longer run in films before had a long career preceding their superhero ventures.
5. Jatt Fly Karda
As the name suggests, Flying Jatt is all about a superhero who not only goes all out to save his city, but also believes in his prime religious duty of helping mankind. He is the first superhero who has incorporated his human and religious sensibilities in saving his city.
6. Accidental superhero
Our very own superhero was not born with these powers but became a superhero by accident. A superhero at heart and and one who is courageous enough to fight despite being scared is what makes a ordinary man a true superhero.
7. Do your chores before you catch the ‘chors’
He is no ordinary superhero because at home, he has to do all the chores like any other child. From lending a helping hand in cleaning the house or buying vegetables, this superhero has to do it all. He might be a superhero for the world but at home, you have to do what your mother asks you to do.
8. A hero with a consciousness:
We all have to give back to our society and the Flying Jatt definitely believes in this.  A protector of mother nature and a condemner of pollution, this superhero does all to protect the environment.
9. A child at heart:
He might have a serious job at hand but he is a child at heart. This is what sets him apart making him a fun, relatable superhero. He has the superpowers but he also has a child in him who will touch your hearts.
10. He is coming to meet you soon
This superhero has no airs about having special powers and is very down to earth and humble. So, he has decided to meet you and save his beloved city of Amritsar with the World Television Premiere of his film, A Flying Jatt on 22nd October, 2016 at 8PM.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It's a welcome back!!

Hi to all my readers!! I'm back from my month long sabbatical from my blog. Lots of stuff happened over the time which will be shared with you rather sooner or later but in the meanwhile, lots of posts are gonna be up about product reviews, travel destinations and much more.
Recently, I have discovered an app targeting the audience of the younger generation of girls around and it's totally fun to browse through it. And I'm running many polls there(the best feature of the app) to get to know the mindset of my fellow girlies.

Today's first featured poll is regarding the Clothing section and we all know GIRLS LOVES CLOTHES!!!
But we all live in the world of a limited budget where brands do offer varieties within a very different price ranges. And hence I have done a poll where the question was like this-

"Which is your fav multi-brand apparel store?'' (in India)

And the options were like this---

A. LifeStyle
B. Pantaloons
C. Max
D. Westside

And the poll closed in 48 hours with 407 votes making LifeStyle as the winning choice with 36% votes. 
So, here it is, almost 146 women out of 407 would be entering at LifeStyle stores first if they are out to shop and buy when they stand in front of all of these four stores if they're given the choice!

Thanks for reading this and have a lovely day ahead:-)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

CHOICE Life Insurance introduces Investshield

Life is full of surprises!!
As much as our life is totally unpredictable, we all wish to achieve greater heights in our career  as well as keep our loved ones safe, sound and secure if we ever have to face any adverse conditions but in reality, managing these two aspirations can be a troublesome task.
The market is full of life insurance policies and each one is offering a different feature of its own and selecting the one that could be the most apt for us is the one thing that is questionable. We may like the Policy X because it looks lucrative but in the end, we could end up finding that Policy Y had better and suitable specifications for us or we may wonder that whether our insurance policy would end up as a good investment for our family in the future.
Well, all these problems and doubts have finally got its due solution.
CHOICE (Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Policy Limted) is all set to launch a part protection and part investment plan. This plan provides protection features through different benefit options to suit and facilitate our needs.

#iNVESTSHIELD is basically a value for money investment combined with protection for your family.
The key benefits of #iNVESTSHIELD are as follows.
1. Its a plan that can be customized according to requirements and it is available online too.
2. Zero Premium and Allocation Charges to be paid.
3. Choice of Investment Funds and Tax Benefits.
4. Also, there is Partial Withdrawals and Safety Switch Options are available.

Most importantly, the entire procedure is online and hence completely hassle-free. A four step procedure involving policy selection(by deciding on premium) , completing the proposal, making the payment and finally documents submission.
All this entire process helps us in reducing our efforts, avoiding a cumbersome process and at last getting insured directly eliminating the role of a third party in between. We can choose whatever the option that is beneficial for our needs and accordingly customize our plan.
CHOICE has definitely revolutionized the market of life insurance policies by empowering the consumers, that is, the policy buyers.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

I'm totally in love with this ZapStore!

Zap Store is my favorite these days. I know about many other cashback websites which are on the internet but none has impressed me this much thus so far. And that is why because of their terms and conditions like the user can only get cashback if the amount is above a certain threshold, cashback approval taking upto two to three months whereas the refund policy gets expired only after the ten days of the package delivery.
And I signed up with the Zap Store just two days back and upon just signing up, I was rewarded with Rs.10 and Rs.3 as promised by the store on promotional campaigns within 12 hours as the PayTM wallet transfer. It's not the money that matters, it is the pure intention behind serving you with what that has been promised which in this case is the cashback. I am well assured of the fact that if I do any transaction/online shopping then using the Zap Store as the gateway is definitely something I should consider.
Creating a Zap Store is quite easy, all you have to do is log on to with your facebook ID or you can create a new one by registering with your e-mail ID and phone number.
You can check out mine for reference by clicking here or you can copy paste the link in your browser-

Then all you need to do is browse your favorite e-commerce websites like Jabong, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Amazon, Shopclues, firstcry, babyoye, fab furnish, paytm, limeroad, pepperfry. etc. and copy paste the link of the product of your choice on the space on your Zap store dashboard and click on update. Or you can simply download the chrome extension and add loads of products by just clicking on that extension. There are several options available for the app users too.
I also loved the fact that you can add a whole big range of products over there from electronics to clothes, jewelry and footwear.
I have made my collection on Zap Store consisting of clothes and few electronic gadgets that comprises mainly of an Iphone 6s and a hard disk as electronics, some clothes, earrings, and a NARS blush powder compact.


Every time your recommendation gets clicked and purchased, you will be rewarded for it.
So guys, what are you waiting for??
Start your Zip, Zap, Zoom now!!
I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore. 

Like It-Zap It to the ZapStore!!!

How many of you crave the idea of having an additional discount on your favorite items while you buy?
And how many of you believe that shopping is an art and not a curse.
One should have an eye for shopping, not everything that is available at first sight is the best out there for you, a good shopper always does a thorough market research and gets the item at the best and reasonable price possible.
Internet can be easily said as the one thing that has revolutionized this century and online shopping is a boon for all. Famous brand offers their specialties all across the world at the comfort of your home and clicks but all that shines isn't gold. There are multiple e-commerce websites that gives quite lucrative deals but the actual delivered product says a different story.
What I am gonna share is that there is an online store that has solved the above said woes. Yes, the Zap Store is a place where you can find the best deals by the trusted and tested e-retailers and also, you can score a great deal of cashback on it too.
All you have to do is sign up with Zap Store, make your own profile and set up your online store and whenever you buy from your recommendations or let's say if someone else does that, you will get the commission as cashback paid into the PayTM wallet or through NEFT into your bank account.
I have already made my store and I have added few glimpses from it so that you can check it out too.
I have created a Collection for myself of the dresses, shoes and accessories I would love to buy for myself.
As you can see the mid-length dress on the left is perfectly chic and feminine by Mango retailed by Myntra and will pass for a look for going out with friends to hang around.
The white color top in the middle passes for both semi-casual as well as formal attire when donned with a jacket/blazer and a form-fitted trouser.
The off-white crochet dress on the right is a nice summery dress and looks nice with minimal accessories. 
I can't describe from where to start the Carlton London shoes on the left has always left me with dreamy eyes, they are cool, chic, girly and super stylish, it's like as if they are saying, 'Oh girl, if you wanna make a statement walking in the party, then better put me on.' They can be paired with a floral, pastel dresses for the best look. 
And the grey flat ballerinas are all feminine and soft, they are the kind of shoes that makes you feel comfortable by just only looking at them.
 I love Lavie as the Indian handbag brand and I adore sling bags, they are just a small packet of utility and style and especially the above one because its all shiny and blingy.

Or you can copy paste the url-

I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore. 

Follow your HEART, the rest will fall in its place:-)

In my previous post, I have shared about how my teacher has helped me to shape my career, although my parents and family have been a constant support to me throughout my journey but it was my Sir who made me believe in my own self. It is a world known fact that almost every parent assumes their kid to be the best, we are the rockstars of their world but a teacher always serve as a critique and when they say something, it is what that is the most valuable thing said to a student.
But everyone out there is not really lucky in that department because recently my sister has completed her senior school studies and got some decent results too afterwards in her entrance exams. Since I had taken admission in Engineering, our entire social circle of friends and family have presumed that she would follow the similar path that her sister had chosen and why all of this has surfaced? All of this stuff is substantial to think in the first place because it is a convenient option and no harm could be done to anyone involved.
But all of us have not realized that this might not be something which she wants, though she is good with computers and programming and could easily sail through the four years of engineering studies in a good college but her heart would never be there. Whenever she got a chance to blow off or take off from this planned life of hers, she would have subconsciously make it happen. And this is what that actually happens, on the eve of getting admission in an Engineering course, she simply made our parents sit down with us and told them that she would be getting this degree only to make them happy and proud not because she aspired about it and that's when my mother has asked her what she wanted to do if she can get a pass from it and it's simple from that point on, she said she is a girl of having an opinion, she is not willing to surrender to someone else's approach about a subject and that's when our parents have said that she should consider taking up Law for further studies. And in a moment, she was beaming with happiness and content because she really, wholeheartedly loved the art of arguing and putting her opinion up front.
And that's how a probable future engineer turned into a potential future counsel by only a single advice that has changed her life.
I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Once a Dream, Now my Reality:-)

The future belongs to those who
 believes in the beauty of their dreams.
-Eleanor Roosevelt
Childhood is the only part of a person's life which is totally uninhibited. You can laugh or smile, weep or cry, think or sleep and nobody judges you.
Like every child, I too had a dream of becoming something. The catch was that I never wanted to become a particular professional, but what I always wished for was to be the ace of my field.

As I have shared, I have not been fascinated by any career which could have insinuated me to push my boundaries for it. At the age of fifteen, during a classroom discussion, the on-duty faculty asked the entire class about our career choices, that is, what do we want to do after school and news flash, almost each and every student had already guessed their probable future life of being a doctor, lawyer, an engineer, architect, air hostess, etc.  and all I had answered was like that, "I want to get really good marks in Class 10 Exams and then accordingly, I will decide between the Arts, Commerce and Science streams for further studies." and every person in that room was dumbfounded and looked at me as if I'm crazy and then smiled as if to prove their point. Since I was good in academics, my classmates had assumed that I always put together a five-year plan in advance and tucked it carefully under my sleeves.
But that's not the case with me, I never felt the need map the course of it. One thing was made sure on that moment was I felt the importance to plan my life after Class 10 which was due to end in four or six months. 

And that's when I poured my heart out in front of my English teacher, he is an elderly teacher and gave me private English classes, first of all, he listened to my rants about how reckless I was feeling and how my classmates have humiliated me by suggesting me to start taking my future seriously and all. 
He only advised me to figure out my preferences like whether I would love to play sports later or not, and the answer was quite simple, I would hate that because me and sports are poles apart. I can never put myself forth to the idea of physical agony of any sorts. Next was the question about viewing myself in any kind of creative designing industry and I knew the answer that I cannot because as much powerful as my imaginative skills could be, I lack the supreme power of having a creative intuition. And similarly, questions followed one after the other, observations made and subjecting myself to a lot of self-introspection, I found out that I am good in reading and memorizing the facts, I may not be good in Maths or Physics but I am the best of my potential while solving the problems related to them no matter what logic I may apply and I zeroed on the career of a Software Engineer not because it was cool or fashionably in-trend but it was the one thing that I would be good at and be happy with myself.
And that's how I became what I am, yes, an Engineer specializing in the domain of Software. And most importantly, I am good at it, I feel content and peace. I never had planned this, maybe I was afraid of selecting Science subjects as my majors during the senior school and getting into a reputed Engineering college. And I love my life and my choices. Thanks to that class which has shaken my foundation that led me to the confrontation with my soul and a lot of gratitude to my sir who helped me to take my decision. 
I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.

Friday, August 12, 2016

What If Gandhi Was Made in 2016 ?

Have you ever thought that what if the 1982 classic Gandhi, the iconic film would get a remake in 2016, then how it may look like? 
Well, that's not the idea which is floating around, I was just browsing the TV channels and stumble upon Zee Classic and saw that it will be premiering it on the 'India's Finest Films' segment of the channel. 

For those who don't know much about the movie, here's a brief overview for them.

Gandhi is the story of an Indian lawyer who returned from racially segregated South Africa to drive the British out of his home country through successive acts of non-violent protest. The portrayal of how simplicity and the power collectivism can throw over a whole British empire bringing them to their knees.

Now, putting a lot of thought, let's make a guess if the iconic 'Gandhi' gets a 21st century remake now, then how it should shape up.


1982 : Sir Richard Attenborough had the ability and talent to accommodate a person’s entire lifespan in a couple of hours. He did a phenomenal job right from the research to bringing alive the legacy of the father of our nation on big screen. 

2016: Ashutosh Gowarikar known for his love for historical films and bringing lost eras to life with Lagaan, Jodha Akbar and Swades, is undoubtedly the choice to direct this film today.

Mahatma Gandhi

1982: Ben Kingsley played the role of Mahatma Gandhi in the movie. 

2016: Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan is the man for the job. Known for his chameleon skills to adapt to various roles and characters combined with his attention to detail, Aamir Khan should play the role of our beloved Baapu.

Kasturba Gandhi

1982: Rohini Hoattangadi, beautifully portrayed Kasturba Gandhi, wife of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.  

2016: Kajol, one of India’s most acclaimed actresses can easily pull off the role of Baa. 

General Dyer

1982: Edward Fox is etched in our minds as the dreadful and shrewd General Dyer who was hated by all for his infamous Jallianwala Bagh massacre. 

2016: Tom Alter with his international looks and versatile talent can be General Dyer in ‘Gandhi’.

Jawahar Lal Nehru

 1982: Roshan Seth played the role of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to perfection. 

2016: The Nawab of Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan wins hands down with his charming royal looks.

Sardar Patel
1982: Saeed Jaffery pulled off the role of The Iron Man of India, Sardar Patel flawlessly.             

2016: Paresh Rawal’s known for his diverse character roles makes him our choice to play the part.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah
1982: Alyque Padamsee brought to life an important historic figure, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, popularly known as the father of Pakistan in history

2016: Irrfan Khan, a global Indian will surely cut ice in this role.

Lord Mountbatten

 1982: Peter Harlowe played the part with the sternness of a bureaucrat and an attitude on his face.

2016: The suave, Rajat Kapoor has our vote to play the last viceroy of the British Indian Empire.

Whether it was 1982 or 2016, the story of the man who brought India independence needs to be told and needs to be heard! 

In order to mark the occasion of India’s 70th year of independence, Zee Classic premieres Gandhi this 13th and 15th of August,2016.

So guys, tune in to Zee Classic to watch Richard Attenborough directed ‘Gandhi’ on this Saturday, 13th August at 8 PM and Monday, 15th August at 9:30 AM

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Magical Stories with Colgate

Kids are synonymous with fun and are always up with creative ideas, give them a sight of something and you have just triggered their train of imagination. And these imaginative stories with which they gradually comes up are surprising, intriguing, interesting, sometimes thought provoking and most of the times shatter the thoughts but they are truly lovely.
Last weekend, I got the chance to witness the same. I have been visiting my aunt at her place and I have a very beautiful and notorious six year old cousin who can talk for hours and hours without a break. And by a chance, I happen to shop around with her in the mall for buying the basic monthly household stuff and bought the special Colgate Strong Teeth Toothpaste pack because she could use the empty pack to unleash the sea magic trapped in it by cutting them out.
She has picked the Pirate Ship pack and then with the help of scissors and me, she got all the cut-outs in her hand within few minutes. Then I had to sail with my little sister on her voyage to travel all around the world.
According to her, the cut-outs resemble her and her elder brother and their names would be Sara and Arya respectively and they would be travelling all around the world and I would be the crew member. With them, there will be a parrot who could speak and would talk stupidly and foolishly, spills food and creates false alarms many times throughout the entire journey, the parrot would drive everyone mad on the ship and Arya secretly wishes to kill the foolish parrot but could not because his sister loves and adores her little pet.
The little pirates wished to cover European towns to collect or more precisely steal the mementos in order to make their mark over there. One crazy ideas I distinctly remember to paint the Eiffel tower pink because it would make it look more elegant according to her and sailing her ship alongside the dolphins.
There was also a question that made her frown her tiny forehead was how many dolphins and sharks could she find when we all were traveling and whether sharks can eat the dolphins or the dolphins could swim faster than the sharks. And what would happen if we had the chance encounter with the Blue Whale whose size would be twice big as that of our pirate ship, added my little ten year old brother. And if our ship got struck in the storm, how travelling on the back of the dolphins would be the best idea to save our lives and much more.
Kids have a unrestricted imaginative train of thoughts, that's why we all say that childhood is the best time of a person's life. And this is the only phase where we can be whatever we like without bothering about the complications attached with that. It is that phase which shapes our long journey of life ahead.

Friday, August 5, 2016

GST in India

As you all have known that GST Bill has been passed by the Rajya Sabha recently. First of all, let's get to know about what is GST?
Well, GST refers to Goods & Services Tax which is a national Value tax that has to be implementedd throughout India from June 2016.
FACT Solutions India hailed the passing of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) Bill by Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Parliament) as the most progressive and far reaching tax reform measure ever undertaken by the Govt of India.
Mr. Arvind Agarwalla, Founder & CEO of the FACT Group of Companies worldwide quotes, “The impact will be unprecedented and will transform India into a single unified marketplace”, and further added, "GST will subsume the plethora of taxes at the central and state levels. This alone will add 2% to the GDP, propelling the country into double-digit GDP growth”. 

With the government pushing for an aggressive deadline of 1 April 2017, companies in India have a very short time frame to upgrade their accounting systems and ERP Software to comply with the new GST regime. FACT Solutions India announced that their flagship FACT ERP.NG Software will be ready well in time to help companies migrate smoothly to the new tax regime.

Mr. Agarwalla said “We have more than 22 years of experience handling GST, having upgraded our software to comply with Singapore’s GST implementation as far back as 1994”. He added “Recently, we incorporated Malaysia GST in FACT ERP.NG, now being used by hundreds of companies in Malaysia. We have been amongst the first companies to deliver GST compliant software, both in Singapore and Malaysia”.
FACT Solutions India has been working with Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) to incorporate the various requirements in it’s ERP software. GSTN has been set up to provide IT infrastructure and services to the Central and State Governments, tax payers and other stakeholders for implementation of GST.
Companies using FACT ERP.NG will be able to generate the GST Return by a simple click of a button, doing away with all manual work. Users will be able to upload the GST File straight into the GSTN System.

He further added, “We are deeply committed to the India, having founded the first FACT Group company in Kolkata in 1987. As we continue to take FACT worldwide, we are focused on the Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We are excited at the possibilities which technology brings to the SMEs, helping them compete strongly with their much larger competitors.”
Mr. Agarwalla says that the Hon’ble Minister of Finance, Mr. Arun Jaitley has his work cut out in terms of the details of how GST will be rolled out and implemented across the country.

GST Tax Codes will be pre-populated in FACT ERP.NG software, meaning that SME owners will avoid making mistakes and will not need to manually enter figures into a separate GST software to prepare the GST file for upload.
FACT Solutions India’s announcement follows on from Finance Minister’s announcement yesterday that GST will help strengthen tax compliance and tighten the tax collection regime.
“Having incorporated GST in Singapore, Malaysia and other countries we are aware that there be several changes as GST is rolled out in India. We are fully geared for it and I assure the Indian companies that FACT ERP.NG will be continually upgraded as the changes come into force.”, he further included that, “Taken together, FACT ERP.NG will help SME owners run their businesses with peace of mind and meet their tax compliance obligations,” says Mr. Agarwalla.
“A lot of FACT’s innovation and research takes place in India. We are committed to bringing more innovations in compliance to the Indian market, to help Indian businesses grow and succeed.” Mr. Agarwalla says.
For more information about the FACT Software Group, see:

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

YES BANK announces Financial Results for the Quarter ended June 30, 2016

YES BANK, India’s fifth largest private sector Bank, is the outcome of the professional & entrepreneurial commitment of its Founder Rana Kapoor and his top management team, to establish a high quality, customer centric, service driven,  private Indian Bank catering to the Future Businesses of India. YES BANK has adopted international best practices, the highest standards of service quality and operational excellence, and offers comprehensive banking and financial solutions to all its valued customers.
YES BANK has a knowledge driven approach to banking, and a superior customer experience for its retail, corporate and commercial banking clients. YES BANK is steadily evolving its HR character as the Professionals’ Bank of India, with the unrelenting vision of “Building the Finest Quality Bank of the World in India” by 2020.

Few of the highlights of YES Bank's Awards & Recognition in the year 2016:
§  YES Bank has been adjudged as Asia’s Best Bank for Corporate Social Responsibility at the Euromoney Excellence Awards 2016 held in Hong Kong.
§  YES BANK won 2 awards at The Asset Triple A Asia Infrastructure Awards 2016, Hong Kong:
o     Best Energy/Renewable Energy Deal – Solar, India for Porbandar Solar Power ` 126 Crores non-convertible debentures, in which YES BANK acted as sole underwriter.
o     Best Green Bond Facility within highly commended category in India, for IFC’s ` 315 Crores green infrastructure bonds on the back of YES BANK’s domestic green bond issuance
§  YES BANK made its maiden entry into the Forbes Global 2000 List of World’s Top Companies 2016. YES BANK was the youngest Indian Company on the Forbes 2000 List and also one of the youngest Banks in the World on this prestigious list.
§  YES BANK was recognized among India’s Best BFSI Brands by Economic Times Best BFSI Brands 2016
§  YES BANK received multiple awards at The Asian Banker Awards 2016:
o     Best Trade Finance Bank in India
o     Best Corporate Payments Project in India for API Banking implementation for Snapdeal, one of India’s leading e-commerce players
§  YES BANK received the Best Bank (midsized) Award for Cyber Defence from RBI Governor Dr. Raghuram Rajan at the IDRBT Banking Technology Excellence Awards 2016
§  Mr. Rana Kapoor, MD & CEO was felicitated by the London Business School (LBS) India Business Forum 2016 for Exemplary Contribution to Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Commenting on the results and financial performance, Mr. Rana Kapoor, Managing Director & CEO, YES BANK said at the meeting held at Mumbai on July 27, 2016, “YES BANK has delivered another highly satisfactory quarter of financial performance reflected in strong & quality growth, sustained profitability and continued resilience in asset quality.
The Bank continues to witness a robust CASA growth with the CASA ratio improving to a healthy 29.6% from 23.4% a year ago demonstrating significant momentum in the underlying Retail franchise platforms, as well as ongoing mandate in several corporate relationship groups. Further, YES BANK has received an in-principle approval from the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to setup an Asset Management Company (AMC) which will further deepen our value proposition for our retail customers.
Given the improving macroeconomic environment along with stable Asset quality and accelerating Retail franchise, the Bank is well poised to capture Market share across Retail and Corporate segments at an enhanced pace.”

The Q1FY17 Performance highlights are as follows.

Profit & Loss Account

§  Net Interest Income (NII): NII for Q1FY17 increased by 24.2% y-o-y to INR 1,316.6 Crores on account of strong growth in advances and CASA deposits. Net interest Margin (NIM) at 3.4% for Q1FY17 up from 3.3% for Q1FY16.
§  Non Interest Income: Non Interest Income increased by 65.2% y-o-y to INR 900.5 Crores in Q1FY17.
§  Total Net Income: Total Net Income increased by 38.1% y-o-y to INR 2,217.1 Crores in Q1FY17.
§  Operating and Net profit: Operating profit for Q1FY17 increased by 43.9% y-o-y to INR 1,306.8 Crores. Net Profit in Q1FY17 was up 32.8% y-o-y to INR 731.8 Crores.
§  Shareholders’ Returns: The Bank delivered RoA of 1.7% and RoE of 20.7% for Q1FY17.

Balance Sheet

§  Deposits: Total Deposits grew by 28.6% y-o-y to INR 1,22,581.1 Crores as at June 30, 2016. The Bank’s Total Assets grew by 27.5% y-o-y to INR 1,77,228.9 Crores as at June 30, 2016. The Bank’s CD ratio stood at 86.4% as at June 30, 2016.
Current and Savings Account (CASA) deposits grew by 63.0% y-o-y to INR 36,288.3 Crores increasing the CASA ratio to 29.6%  as at June 30, 2016 up from 23.4% as at June 30, 2015. Further, SA deposits grew by 81.6% y-o-y to INR 25,186.5 Crores from INR 13,867.4 Crores as at June 30, 2015.

Advances: Total Advances grew by 33.0% y-o-y to INR 105,942.0 Crores as at June 30, 2016. Corporate Banking accounted for 67.5% of the Advances portfolio, while Retail & Business Banking (MSME) constituted 32.5%.

Business Segment
As on Jun 31, 2016
As on Jun 30, 2015
A)   Corporate Banking
(8 segmental relationship groups)
B)   Retail & Business Banking
of which:
i)   Business Banking (Medium Enterprises)
ii)   Micro & Small Enterprises
iii)  Consumer Banking (Urban and Rural)

Asset Quality
Bank continues to show resilience on all Asset Quality parameters:
     1.      NPA – Credit Costs at 15 bps for Q1FY17
Gross Non Performing Advances (GNPA) as a proportion of Gross Advances was at 0.79%
INR 844.6 Crores) while Net Non Performing Advances (NNPA) as a proportion of Net advances was stable at 0.29% (INR 302.4 Crores) as at June 30, 2016. Bank’s specific loan loss Provision Coverage was at 64.2% as at June 30, 2016.
     2.      Standard Restructured at 0.49% (down from 0.71% y-o-y)
No additional restructuring during the quarter.
The total Standard Restructured Advances as a proportion of Gross Advances was at 0.49%
INR 522.9 Crores) as at June 30, 2016, down from 0.71% (INR 567.1 Crores) as at June 30, 2015.
The restructured loans have been performing in line with expectations and the Bank does not anticipate any material slippages in this book.
     3.      Security Receipts at 0.19% (down from 0.28% y-o-y)
No sale to ARC during the quarter.
Net Security Receipts (SRs) stood at 0.19% of Gross Advances (INR 199.4 Crores, comprising 10 borrowers) as on June 30, 2016, down from INR 221.0 Crores (0.28% of Gross Advances) as on June 30, 2015.
     4.      Standard SDR Advance – Single SDR of only 0.03% outstanding exposure
During the quarter bank had one instance of Standard asset Strategic Debt Restructuring with an outstanding exposure of only 0.03% (INR 34.3 Crores) to Gross Advances as on June 30, 2016.
     5.      5:25 Refinancing – ‘No 5:25 Refinancing during the quarter’
   6.      Rating Profile - Bank’s Corporate Exposures continue to remain well rated with over 75% portfolio rated ‘A’ or better. (Based on Internal ratings mapped to external ratings)
§  Capital Funds (including profits, excluding prorated dividend): As per Basel III, Tier I Capital of
INR 14,825.6 Crores stood at 10.3%, and total CRAR stood at 15.5% as at June 30, 2016. Total Capital funds are at INR 22,394.3 Crores as at June 30, 2016.
Risk Weighted Assets stood at INR 1,44,252.6 Crores as at June 30, 2016. RWA to Total Assets at 81.4% as on June 30, 2016 against 81.0% as on June 30, 2015.
§  Liquidity Coverage Ratio: During Q1FY17, the Bank continued with the LCR maintenance at well above 70% regulatory requirement with monthly average Liquidity Coverage ratio of 83.1%, reflecting a healthy liquidity position.

YES Bank Credit Rating Profile

§  Bank continues to maintain strong credit ratings across International and Domestic Rating agencies.
§  Moody’s has reaffirmed Long-term international rating of Baa3 which is in line with the Sovereign Rating of India.
§  Domestic Rating agencies (ICRA & CARE) have Long-Term rating of AA+ for the Bank’s Basel III compliant Tier II instruments as well as for Infrastructure Bonds.

Social Media

§  According to the recent ranking by The Financial Brand publication, YES BANK is ranked amongst the Top 5 Global Bank Brands on Social Media.
§  As per the same report, YES BANK is the Highest followed Global Bank Brand on Twitter with over 1 million followers, and also the Fastest Growing Global Bank Brand on Facebook with more than 3.5 million Page Likes.
§  YES BANK is also the Highest Followed Bank Brand on Instagram in India with over 2 lakh followers.
§  YES BANK is the 1st Bank in India to launch ‘Facebook at Work’ to its workforce & have achieved 100% registration across over 16,000 employees.
 Digital Banking
YES Bank continues investing significantly in new-age mediums and digital technologies to achieve a heightened customer engagement and experience. Some of the Bank’s key digital initiatives revolutionizing payments ecosphere are as follows:
Ø  YES Money program: One of the largest Domestic Remittance program encompassing over 5.1 million customers with a cumulative transaction throughput of INR 13,000 Crores.
Ø  Over 2.4 million YES Bank co-branded Virtual prepaid Cards issued on the MasterCard platform since launch in January 2016, the ‘largest virtual prepaid card’ program in the world.
Ø  Over 34 million YES Bank powered Freecharge Wallets issued since launch in September 2015.
Ø  Launched ‘QR Code’ based Proximity Payments in collaboration with Click & Pay.

Expansion & Knowledge Initiatives
§  Total headcount stands at 16,421 as at June 30, 2016, an increase of 1,421 employees in the quarter and 4,878 incremental employees since June 30. 2015.
§  The Bank’s branch network stood at 900 branches as on June 30, 2016, an addition of 40 branches in the quarter. Total ATM network stands at 1,680 as on June 30, 2016, of which 428 are Bunch Note Acceptors (BNA)/Recyclers.
§  YES BANK has received RBI approval post approval from the CCEA (Govt. of India) to raise its Foreign Investment Limit to 74%. This has made YES BANK the FIRST  Bank in India  to have an operational fully fungible composite foreign ownership limit of 74%
§  YES BANK has received an in-principle approval from the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to sponsor a Mutual Fund and to setup an Asset Management Company (AMC), and a Trustee Company. The AMC and the Trust Company shall be set up as wholly owned subsidiaries of YES BANK Limited. This is further to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) approval for AMC granted to YES BANK in October 2015
§  YES BANK has announced commitment of INR 250 Crores towards two key focus areas of livelihood and water security, and environment sustainability by 2020 through its focused and intensified CSR and Sustainability action.
§  YES BANK has pledged GBP 1 Million to the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) to support the IG Patel Chair– named in honour of the former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India and former Director of LSE. The funding from YES BANK will also support the work of the LSE India Observatory, which was established in 2007 to continue to develop and enhance research and programmes related to India's economy, politics and society with a specific focus on Climate Change and Sustainability.
The Press Conference of YES Bank’s results will commence at 12:45 pm and we have invited leading business news channels, newswires and publications to cover the conference as well as interviews of YES Bank’s management team.

·         YES Bank’s analyst conference call can be heard at following link, post 10 pm:

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