Sunday, December 27, 2015

Wanna Have It:HP Star Wars Notebook

The Star Wars movie has span across generations, my parents have enjoyed watching it in their time, me and my sister have watched it many times on the tube and now the entire family is quite excited for watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Episode VII.All Star Wars movies are the best space fiction piece of art in terms of visual media and screenplay, it takes you out on an inter-galactic journey and believe me, you do not want to come back home,this much you delve into it once you set your eyes on, you only wish to never discontinue it.

So guys, in order to reminisce this journey in your heart forever, HP has launched the Special Edition STAR WARS Notebook as a tribute to the Star Wars series. This is gonna be the best and amazing collectible for the fans which they can brag about in front of their friends for ages just priced at Rs.70,000/-. Now peeps, the catch is what all can we do when we get our hands on it, after all, its a laptop and not just a mere merchandise to promote the movie.

I am not gonna talk about technical specifications because the web is already flooded with it but I am gonna discuss about the fun features one will get to enjoy while using it.

First of all, while getting the lid up, you can feel the aura of dark forces building around you because the laptop exteriors are fully inspired by them and the awesome part which I admired the most is the back-lit keyboard with red illumination.

Secondly, it also supports various features which can help you to bring out your creative side, for example, I would love to design Star Wars patterns. According to me, patterns designing will pave the path to a bigger creativity because these patterns can be used by us anywhere, like I have a big fetish for clothes, so it can be used in designing my outfits or fabrics. Guys, just think over the fact that we will no longer have to wait or browse through different shops or websites to find the particular Star Wars patterned dress of our choice. We can get what we want, we can and we will customize it for ourselves whether its a wallpaper, coffee mug, pajamas, t-shirts, dresses, bed-covers, phone-covers, anything and everything. All we have to do is design whatever comes in our mind and voila!! its done. And this cool one of a kind pre-loaded with Star Wars stuff laptop will serve as the encyclopedia for our crazy endeavors.

Even, I am thinking right now that I should do my Star Wars themed farewell party for my family & friends since I will be a graduate in the next six months and with the HP Star Wars SE Notebook at my side, party planning and music is not going to be a troubling issue. Even the costumes and decorations will get sorted at first.                                                                                                                                           
 Also tech-junkies like my sister can do a lot with this notebook, like from setting up their ringtones to customizing the notifications tones on it, or personalizing the desktop from the command center by changing the wallpapers and screen-savers, themes and what not. The gaming experience is also gonna be fine since it comes with 1 TB hard-disk and Intel i5 Core processor. There's a lot in store to watch out for.
Whereas ardent fans have the biggest reason to get this as soon as possible because this comes pre-loaded with the images covering almost its entire history from on-screen to off-screen behind the scenes action, the cryptic Aurebesh font, first  Marvel Star Wars comics and trailers.
So peeps, what are you waiting for, check out this wonderful thing and #AwakenYourForce . Search out for your fun side and unleash the dark force inside you.

Friday, December 25, 2015


Yes people, I'm a big big Sherlock Holmes fan, and after waiting for a long period of 2 years, our favorite show 'SHERLOCK' is back today on this Christmas.
Without saying much, it can be put into words that fans are super-excited and eagerly waiting for the premiere of season four(4), the curiosity around the episodes have also gone high with the trailer release.

Benedict Cumberbatch's look has also been quite appreciated and discussed among the fans. The two years hiatus has definitely made this season the most anticipated one. Most of my friends have accommodated their Christmas plans in such a way that they will not miss the premiere. Let's see what's in there for us, the Sherlockians this time.

The expectations have gone high after the successful run of the first three seasons and a new bar has been set to achieve by the series maker themselves. Mark Gatiss has already teased the fandom by quoting that this season is gonna be life-changing for the "SHERLOCK" fans. The screen froze in the last episode of season 3 where it was shown that Moriarty has returned. 

So peeps, with Moriarty's return, trailer of Abominable Bride being shot with the backdrop of Victorian times, there's a lot in store to speculate. Till then, let's start the countdown and wait for SHERLOCK because it is worth waiting for and we sure don't wanna miss it.

Merry Christmas to my readers.
Happy Sherlock Day to all.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

5 Must Drinks For A Healthy LifeStyle

Healthy Lifestyle is all what we talk about and want to adapt in our daily routine. And the situation is that as much as we wish to be fit and healthy, we also wish to satisfy our cravings for food and delicacies but sometimes this can lead to serious health issues.
So, after wandering over it and in order to strike a balance between the two, I started thinking of things which should be incorporated in our day so that no more guilt pangs threaten us while we indulge into something we would love to eat. Hence, I thought of five quick and easy to make drinks which can keep us active. So, here goes the list and believe me, most of you already know about these.

This is the super-easy drink to make, you only have to squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water, stir it and here you go,it's done. If you wish for, you can add a little salt and sugar too. Substituting lemonade with tea and coffee is one thing one should go for.
Lemonade is highly rich with Vitamin C and a refreshing drink.

Green Tea has become quite popular among the youth recently for its ability to help in reducing the body fat but one thing more which is quite advantageous is that its an anti-oxidant and loaded with nutrients, makes you active( I tried it on myself during exams replacing caffeine with it), improves the brain functioning and what not. With little ginger and basil leaves during the boil, its a good medicine for sore throat too.
With different flavors and tea bags available in the market, this is the easiest thing to prepare by just boiling water or microwaving it and putting the tea-bag into that.

Coconut Water is highly rich in minerals, tasty and the best energy drink known to me. No special skills are required to get this thing into your system, all one need to do is buy it from the marketplace and pour into a glass or even better use a straw to suck it directly from the coconut.
My biology once taught in the class that in deserts, coconut water can be used instead of glucose drip for a patient suffering from body weakness, it is that powerful.

This is my favorite out from this list. Making it may be a time consuming task when compared with others but the end result or I should say taste totally worth it. This is one hell of a refreshing and colorful drink and highly nutritious too. Watermelon juice can make up for your body water content in a flash, hence keeps you hydrated. Also, it has anti-cancer properties too, it is rich in Vitamin-P which reduces the probability of having cancer in future. Also, for a fit body, try it as soon as you can and turn it into a habit.
Tip: Add a pinch of table-salt or black salt and enjoy it.

SoyMilk is again a highly nutritious drink and the biggest advantage is that you can buy the tetra-packs from the market and have it in a go, no preparation is as such required. Better than animal milk and it improves the lipid profile, strengthens the blood vessels and most lucrative thing is that it promotes weight loss. 

So guys, if you wanna be fit and smart by doing less efforts and still enjoying your life, do make a habit to add one or two from above into your meals.
Because Fitness Comes First.
And MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Who Is The Miss Universe 2015???

Biggest Goof Up of this month, maybe of the year(even some are saying decade), for that I first need to compile my list.
So, here's the story, I happened to miss the live telecast of Miss Universe 2015 because of some prior engagements, hence, I decided  to watch it on YouTube to catch up just to get myself updated. But what made me laughed till my stomach hurts and later on after getting back to my senses, feeling sympathized was the ending of the event where the host(Steve Harvey) has mistakenly announced the runner-up as the winner, that is, Miss Colombia and the girl went on to walk to receive applause from the crowd too, it was all going on smooth until the host made an apology and corrected his mistake that he had mixed up the information on the cards and the winner was declared as Miss Philippines. Then what came next was the situation when both the girls were standing out at the front receiving all the applaud, one happily shocked,astonished with the sudden announcement and the other completely baffled and confused with the sudden advancement which resulted in the demotion of her title and then the slipping of the crown from the ahem... previous winner's ( or runner-up's ) head and got crowned at the rightful place.

Those who have missed too like me can watch by clicking here.

What followed next was the rounds of accusations and debates on social media and apologies from the host and the organizers. The girls are the true winners in every sense, no questions can be put on their status of beauty and brains combination but this kind of situations can left anyone in embarrassment, thus, they should be avoided and has to be dealt with proper attention. Now, what should be done and what shouldn't be is left for the organizing committee to deliberate. buzzoole code

Saturday, December 19, 2015

FIVE Must Have Apps on My Android Phone

Smartphones are the best thing that happened to humans by the advent of technology, no doubts about it. We can have an hour or even a day-long debates on the pros and cons of it but no matter what the end result would be, one cannot deny the fact that they are really the best and serve their purpose if used in the right direction to the fullest.

So, here I present the sneak peek of the Five Must Have Apps on my Smartphone.

1. WhatsApp
WhatsApp has definitely revolutionized the world of chat messages, there was once a time when people in India used to buy the Message Cards to cut down the cost of SMS services and here with the advent of this App, this scenario got completely changed. This App allows you to send and receive messages,media files at such an inexpensive rate that it hardly affects your pocket. Also, the highlight of it is its user-friendly interface which is quiet easy and fun to put in use.
So, this is surely the first thing I need on my device.

2. Instagram
Instagram in  my opinion is the best App for sharing Photographs and Videos. This is hands down my favorite App since last one and a half year, I'm totally addicted to it. This allows the user to click photos(or one can post through gallery) and videos and share it to their followers after applying filters available with a wide range. Other interesting feature that dragged me towards it is that it allows you to view the pics of people you follow rather than other unwanted feed from them on your homepage which makes it cool for me.

Twitter is that social networking App which can keep you updated at any instant. In this fast pacing world, no one has the time to actually look around for news channels or newspapers all the time to keep a tab on the current happenings in and around your surroundings but with Twitter's trending statistics, you can. The App has made with such a powerful algorithm at the back-end that it immediately picks the sudden trending topics and show them in the search tab. Also, the highlight feature is that of the 140 character long tweet/message which allows the strict filtering of words usage and delivery of a meaningful short phrase or sentence for the reader just like the concept of telegram in the olden days.

4. Chrome Browser
One cannot survive in this tech-savvy age without a web browser.These days when you get stuck over a thing or a two, you only need to search for it on the internet and voila! it's done. Believe me, it pulls you out of a hell lot of possible embarrassment sometimes. By the way,all the web browsers available these days are quite good and powerful but I'm quite used to Google Chrome because of its handy UI.

5. Youtube
Youtube App has made browsing videos easy and quick. And the best use of it comes when you are going to do some DIY trick or cooking because you only need to put the phone in front of you to get done with the task and that too in your comfort zone. I cannot pull out my laptop all the time to view   some video but I can easily do the same with my phone.                                                                      

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Okay...Gimme A Hug First

"Friends don't let friends do silly things alone."
    -By Anonymous

        It's true that the invaluable gift given to us by God are friends. No matter what the situation we got stuck into or how bad and deep the mess we get inside, friends are always there for us to cover our back and pull out from the trouble. They are the only one with whom we can fight as much as we want,scold as if we are the rightful parents of them or play out the nastiest pranks one could think of and the next second we get back to our normal selves as if nothing has ever happened. This is the best part of having a friend that they won't judge you or get upset on the smallest of things, they just know you inside out. They are the ones who can bring out the best out of you and makes you awesome.

          If you are feeling a little low on one day, one person can always understand that without passing any hint and then to lift the mood, here they would come and say, 'Okay,tell me later but first share a hug, we both will feel better' and half of the problem seems to get solved. Somebody has once said to me that friendship is the best relationship in any individual's life which they could cherish for a lifetime and treasure it. One can have the random discussions, stupidest talks, hearty laughs only with their friends.They are the agony aunts to you in the hour of need but not the gossiping mongrels when you are somewhat weak. They make a lot of fun of you at your face but never make you a laughing stock out in the public. You can count on them and they'll be there for you before you finish your counting.

        I believe when you have your friends around, no one needs an excuse to party, its just that their presence is enough to make a reason to have a party and why not, Yaari/Dosti in itself is a big thing for celebration that too celebrate responsibly because it drives you crazy, mad but not into being a fool.    
Disclaimer: This post is intended for audience above 25 years.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Product Review: CAFE COFFEE DAY Mighty Mason Sipper-RED

Hey everyone!! Wishing that you all are doing great.
Today,I'm going to review a product which I have recently bought. So, coming to the point, I have recently ordered a Red color Mason Jar from Amazon by Cafe Coffee Day. The product is entitled as 'Mighty Mason Sipper-Red by Cafe Coffee Day'.There was no discount on the M.R.P. provided and the delivery was made by BlueDart Courier Services within 4 days of ordering online which is good enough. The Jar is made up of glass and is quite heavy which I quite appreciated, the lid is made up of tin that is what I don't like much and the straw is made up of good quality acrylic. Now, coming to the visual appearance, it looks quirky and fun and has a good capacity too but I did find that the crystal appearance which was shown at the time of purchasing online do not match with the item in hand,i.e, the glass has somewhat less clarity in terms of transparency but not actually bad. Also, the price at which it is put to sell is Rs.199 which makes it quite affordable which comparing it with other brands who are offering the same commodity at Rs.350 or more.

Price: Rs.199
Availability:Online as well as Cafe Coffee Day Outlets

1. Affordable price.
2. Quirky.
3. Different accessory for kitchen.

1. Made up of glass and quite heavy, easily breakable upon ignorance.
2. Tin lid is not satisfactory, it would be better if it is of plastic.
3. Less clarity of glass jar.

Friday, December 4, 2015


I always believe that it doesn't matter how much you roam around the world or go to places exploring them but there is always one city which has a special  place in your heart and you crave to go there often if you aren't living in that city or you don't want to leave that with your heart. We want reasons to just spend our time there doing the stuff we love and sometimes doing nothing but the fact that we are present there fills us with a feeling of content in our heart. It's like that your heart knows that there is a strong connect between you and that particular place.
For me, Delhi is my city, my birthplace, my parents brought me up here, I did my schooling and higher education here itself. If all that's not enough then all my friends and relatives belong to Delhi which are strong reasons for me to prove my liking for it.
Okay, now digging deeper into the topic, the reasons stated above are more personal rather than rational or logical,hence getting straightaway to the point, let's focus on the things which Delhi has to offer. First of all, Delhi is the capital & metropolitan city of India. It offers the much needed infrastructure of all the form of public transport required to make your daily life smooth and stress free. With Delhi Metro, the city is well inter-connected in itself but also with the NCR zone and wherever the DMRC has not yet crawled, the DTC buses are reaching there.
Also, Delhi has been blessed with a rich cultural heritage and a great political history at its background too.
What I love the most about my city is that it has a lot of markets to shop from such as Kamla Nagar, Chandni Chowk, Khan Market, Defense Colony, Sarojini Nagar, Connaught Place,etc. Trust me this list can go on and on. With the trend of shopping malls popping up in the city every here and there in the last decade also made it a delight for the shopping lovers, even few days earlier, one of my friend mentioned that this time in Delhi,one can name a big topnotch brand and find their retail store nearby them. With the recent inaugural of brand houses like GAP, H&M and Aeropostale, the shopaholics can never be more merrier.
Now, after all the facts, I can easily conclude that Delhi city has been designed in such a way that all the people of India or abroad coming here are being welcomed with a warm heart. With increasing trend of urbanization in the metropolitan, this city has been driven by an intangible force to keep its humbleness, welcoming attitude still intact at its place which makes it great totally for me and I can feel myself somewhere connected to people living there.
I can actually point out the resemblance between the Tata Motors Television Commercial of Lionel Messi's #MadeOfGreat and Delhi because both are made of great, it's people like us who made it great.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sometimes Small Efforts creates a Big Difference

Hi there!!!
A little help on your part is required.
I have come across this message through my friend on a social networking site and after going through it and double checking it twice, I thought of sharing it with you. So,here we go.

If you have come across any bright students coming from poor financial background who have finished their 10th standard this year and scored more than 80%, please ask them
to contact the NGO - Prerana (Supported by Infosys foundation).
The NGO is conducting a written test and those who clear the test will be eligible for financial help for their further studies.
Please ask the students to contact at the address and the people mentioned below to get the form:

580, Shubhakar, 
44th cross,
1st A main road,
Jayanagar, 7th block,
Bangalore, India.

Contact numbers:
1. Ms. Saraswati - 99009 06338
2. Mr. Shivkumar - 99866 30301
3. Ms. Bindu - 99645 34667
Even if you don't know anyone, please circulate this pice of information, someone might be in need of this.

Sometimes, our small little can create a big difference to someone else's life. Therefore, Spread it as much as you can like a wildfire & do our bit. :)

App Review: HolidayIQ

Today while browsing through the trending topics on the Twitter, I came across a contest called #HolidayBetter conducted by HolidayIQ and somewhere down the line, it intrigued me to take part in it and during that process, it came into my notice that its an app called as HolidayIQ which is available at Google Play Store to download and as a curious soul which I am always without wasting a second, I installed it on my Smartphone.
Okay, here's the review:
First of all, it's a travel app and not for just only travel enthusiasts but for those who is an explorer.
This app provides reviews on different tourist places and these reviews are the first hand account of the travelers. There's a tab called Destination on it where you can browse through different places or the one of your choice, once selecting that a whole range of local tourist attractions will open up to visit and each one of it will have ratings and reviews attached with it. In short, you are getting suggestions to design your trip according to your own will that too for free.
We all have faced one problem while getting out of our house is that of the erratic network coverage, sometimes it's a no trouble zone but many times when needed the most and here the offline feature of the App comes into the foray, you can actually download the information and access it offline the same way you would have with internet access.
There' also feature of the app which is called customized Holiday Packages and as the name suggests it is what it is, offering tailor-made packages for you.
What I love the most about this App is that the pictures of various places are breath-taking and intriguing enough for you to tempt to plan an outing there.
Also the icing on the cake is that there are travel blogs up for read inspiring people to get onboard to travel.
All in all,really nice App with a user-friendly interface, easy to handle by anyone and I would suggest my readers to download it and enjoy while using it.
P.S. : They had a very good TVC on youtube, do check it out.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Technology : Smartphones & Us!!!

I am a self-confessed Technocrat and a happy one too. In my opinion, the Smartphones are definitely one of the best things that had happened to the human race in the 21st century. I am addicted to my mobile phone and why shouldn't I, it has each and every thing I may need or related to me stored inside it.
I got my hands over my Smartphone during last summer, precisely April 2014 and I am completely bowled over by it. It would be an understatement if someone would say that I like my phone, as a matter of fact I am in awe of it, totally and completely loved it to the core from the bottom of my heart.
What I admire about them the most is the power given to the end-user to choose the device of their choice whether in terms of mobile color like white, black, silver, gold, blues, red, etc ( I prefer midnight blue for a matter of fact), display screen size, OS, camera and much more.
From the point of view of a youngster in a developing country like India, I have put down the basic key requirements one would go through while picking up a phone and these are:
  • A budget phone under the belt of Rs.25000. Well, this is because we have to juggle up our finances between many things and activities and draining out all the savings at once won't help. Come on people understand, we are college peeps and we have a lot to manage in our daily life.
  • A good resolution frontal and back camera because ours is a Selfie-generation and for good & fun selfies, they are not gonna compromise on the features of a camera a mobile company has to offer even if it means to shelling out some extra money sometimes.
  • Since the best and user-friendly affordable OS in the market is Android, one has to keep in check the version of Android they would be having after purchasing and this directly points out that latest Android version is expected, for an example, Android M currently.
  • A good RAM and internal storage supported smartphone with the processor running inside it be an Octacore at least.
  • Additional features like different sensors, phone covers and accessories also plays a major role while the selection.  
For an example, if I have a chance to buy a Smartphone right here and then, I will be looking for a 13 MP back & 5 MP frontal camera at least, 5.5 inch display screen, 401 ppi with 4 GB RAM and  8 GB internal storage minimum, Octacore Processor, Android M as the OS and 4G technology supporting it under the range of Rs.15,000-Rs.20,000. Also, I will be emptying my wallet on cool accessories such as Phone Covers, Headphones/Earphones, etc.

All in all, the coming of the Smartphones has changed the youth for better because if I'm going to prick about something, there will be a long list to compile on but if we look on the sunnier side, the advent of the smartphones has created a new zone of jobs & courses such as App development, Social Media Interns & Experts, Freelance Photographers and many more which ultimately became possible because of the numerous features can be catered to the user by a smartphone.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why Crackers???????

Happy Diwali to all!!!!!!!!!
Diwali is a festival of light, yes yes yes, everyone knows it, what's new in that??? right???
Nothing's new in the definition,I have got that a long time ago but there are some people who believe that unconsciously that there is more to crackers rather than lights.
I can point out many reasons or the excuses I've heard over the years that why folks around me love this amusement of theirs.
  • One of the many ways to show that they are more affluent, well to do than others.
  • They are doing it only for a day in the entire year.
  • They do not have any other means to enjoy throughout the year because they are very busy with their lives.
  • They love the way these crackers burn and sound and go up high in the sky.
  • One day's harm could not make any difference in the present environmental scenario.
  • They are not doing it for themselves, it's just that their kids love it. They can't help in that.
  • They can afford it then why it is bothering others??
  • They only burn crackers worth of Rs. 1000 and mind that not a penny more or less.
Well, this is a start, if I only have my full day in my hand, mark my words, I can go on for hours without a pause. And the irony of the situation is that these so called  reasons are so lame that  you can wonder how these people are going to an extent of  utter stupidity and foolishness to justify their actions.
But peeps, if we think about the side effects and ponder over it,there will be millions of points which can force us to stop this immature habit of ours. First,burning crackers cause a hell lot of pollution, air becomes substantially unfit for breathing,birds die due to shock of the sound coming out of it.
And more importantly, a big hefty chunk of money goes into drain in the form of ash and what for,that is,just for an hour or two of fun.
This practice should be stopped as early as possible, I know that one cannot make a huge difference but definitely, one can initiate with creating a difference.
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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fight the Evil Inside You This Diwali.

Happy Diwali to all those who are reading this post. May this festival brings all the happiness and whatever you wish for in your life.
Diwali symbolizes the festivities of the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhaya after winning the battle against Ravana or the ultimate win of good over evil. But the times has been changed, tables have turned and the same scenarios do not persist in our society anymore, instead there are things which are more troublesome have cropped up with the passage of time.
I do not intend to make this piece any controversial but only wishes to put my thoughts a little forward. We are people who have been fortunate enough to learn the craft of read and write and henceforth can observe and analyse things on our own to a great extent but we are using this wisdom of ours to create groups, communities or virtual barriers amongst ourselves. I never understood why we cannot see the other person as a living being then as a human first to create their impression in our minds, what is the need of caste, color, religion, nationality, sometimes personal preferential choices being considered to come upon a decision to judge them. If we all just chuck all this stupid stuff into a trash can, then this same world can be a better place to live in.
The communities and groups were once made with the intentions to help the people, to lend the hand to those who were in need rather than picking on others on the name of it.
They were once meant to unite not divide. 
God has made us into beautiful creatures but never put a tag on us which says we belong to this or that, it's us who are doing this non-sense of categorizing instead of categorizing them on your talents and skills.People are not bad,it's us  who are making them one.

So peeps, I would request you all that from this Diwali or from the instant when you feel it right, come out of your shells and stop fooling around, consider a person first as a human then make assumptions about them rather than categorizing them according to your own comfort and burdening yourself under a pile of irrational little things and diminish the evil inside you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fashion Alert!!! Shirt Dresses Are the New Thing!!

Hi there!!!
Fashion is always edgy, comfortable and sometimes outrageous for me.
I have been flipping pages and browsing through e-magazines of Fashion Houses and found that this season shirt dresses are a new trend to follow.
As I have observed, these dresses look really flattering(depends upon our choice and preference) and seems to be very comfortable to carry. A very less effort is required to style oneself in a shirt dress, all you have to do pair it with a nice pair of shoes like gladiators or flip flops,etc , a nice pair of sunglasses(oversize that's what I would be preferring) , a cool sling bag or a clutch and any accessory according to your likes would complete the look.
In my opinion this is the latest fashion and styling alert for the fashionistas this season.
So, go girls and grab your shirt dresses to set up the new trends soon.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Well, the wait is almost over. 20 hours or less straight from now on, Bigg Boss 9,the Indian adaptation of Bigg Brother will start on Indian Television with its ninth season for a stretch of almost three(3) months.
It should not be an understatement that this is the most anticipated reality TV show in India and why it shouldn't be since every year it shows the popular celebrities locked up inside a house leaving them disconnected with the outside world. Also, it showcases the housemates in their true colors, their actual personalities. For viewers, it's a way to get entertainment and root for their favorites.
In the past 8 seasons, this show has proved to be a roller-coaster ride for both the contestants and the audiences with the fights among contestants and innovative weekly tasks. Also, featuring in this show has also became beneficial for the contestants to get exposure as well as projects in the entertainment industry which ultimately rose them to fame.
Sometimes, this show has been criticized for being scripted or fabricated but none as affected ts popularity. Till the last season, Bigg Boss has maintained high TRPs.
Still the show hasn't even aired ON this year and already there are rumors started circulating about the possible list of house inmates, the house interiors,decor and foreign celebrity engagement itself.
To sum up all, only one thing can be said is that we have to tune in at 21:30 on colors today to kill the suspense and put an end to the wild guesses and hope that it worth it.

Internet Of Things : The New Rave in Technology

In the arena of Technology, one term is being used very often these days, which is the Internet of Things or IoT and those who are not of this field find it difficult to comprehend. So, let's start from the scratch and decode this phrase, we all know that internet simply means a global computer, interconnected network which uses standardized communication protocols and provides the user with information and communication facilities. Things means physical objects.
Thus, IoT means connecting things or objects to the Internet and the way to accomplish this vision, one has to incorporate the objects into a network embedded with electronics, sensors and network connectivity. In other words, I can put it as IoT will help in connecting the dots.

Now, I think it's time to chuck all the technical stuff and get back down to reality,that is, how this technology known as IoT will impact us or human beings?
Since this is the most basic question which comes to our mind when we try to learn about something new.
With the use of IoT, one can connect all the possible objects like electrical appliances, helmets or robots, etc. with the Internet and can easily control, monitor and manage them with the help of a remote which again can be a mobile phone, or a TV remote. You need not has to be present in person over there to switch ON or OFF an object or change the parameters of it.
So guys, isn't it will be cool to control whatever you want with a click sitting anywhere in the world with Internet, hence, these are the few benefits of IoT will be in the future.
Experts have already estimated that IoT will consist of about 50 billion objects till the end of 2020.
Since, I believe Digital Is Default, so, it's better to get acquainted with IoT soon. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Go Noise : The Voice & Choice Of Fun Accessories Lovers

We all agree with one thing that the fetish of humans for fashion accessories is never gonna fade or dilute and why it has to be this way because a good accessory can really add a star to your personality and it ups your style-quotient too.
Hence, in the direction to find the best possible fashion/tech accessories by browsing through the internet,I ended up on GoNoise which is the perfect place for those who want to standout tall and firm in the crowd of their peeps.
GoNoise actually offers quite a big range of phone covers from Apple Iphones to Karbonn or HTC to Xiaomi SmartPhones and the high point is that the designs are not repetitive,that is, from my own experience and expertise over observing stuff around me, I can't really locate the same quirky, fun stuff during my Metro Ride and it really excites me since it will make me standout amongst the Delhi crowd and my College folks.
Also, there were two things which caught my eye to detail were the really cute and adorable 3-D Cartoon Bags and Smart Watches.

The 3-D Cartoon Bags are the cotton canvas bags that looks so funky while carrying on as if someone has drawn a bag on a sheet that makes it really cool and are spacious enough to accomodate a tablet/Ipad in it.
The Smart Watches by the looks and specifications looks promising but can't be reviewed since I didn't put my hands on them till now but it will gonna be reviewed soon.
Other featured products includes Data cables,Screen guards, Head wraps, Infinity Scarves, Power banks,etc
So,readers at the conclusion I have to say that this is the brand which is offering fresh trends and styles at affordable prices when it comes to Fashion/Tech Accessories when compared with other Indian e-commerce websites and I am going to order my items and so do you should,so,BE FAST!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

People will stare. Make it worth their while.

This is a very powerful quote by Harry Winston and why it shouldn't be.
It's a universal truth and well accepted fact that whatever you wear and whatever you won't will always be scrutinized by the public eye and when it comes to being a fashionista, dear lord, how a wrong decision may haunt for weeks that no one can guess. So,to sum up quickly, this quote itself suggested that people are gonna stare, it's their job, they have a pair of eyes and they are trying to make a good use of it, then it's our duty to make it worth their while.
And as I have mentioned earlier in my blog post about Explorate, I would like to state again that this entity has become a heaven for those who loves the experience of shopping online, it's a Pinterest of shopping. In the world of today, an individual's styling is the most important aspect of the personality
Explorate is helping you look trendiest and smartest in every possible way, fashionistas and fashion bloggers are sailing on-board with you on the same ship. Getting an insight on the fashion alerts by some top-notch industry people is what we all needed.
You cannot browse all the websites offering e-commerce practically and if you have, you cannot remember all the products to be bought later all by yourself and they are doing just that for you, go on shopping, clip the product, buy and check out and earn affiliate commissions on it too. And if you are providing good recommendations which are bought by others,you will be paid handsomely too. Who says shopping only costs because with Explorate, it isn't and will never be in future too.
Also, the biggest feature is that you can follow the Fash Bloggers and dress up according to the trends and occasions, so go and run boys and girls and start exploring now.
Just remember one thing,you will be watched and checked out, every now and then, and it's up-to you how you wish it to be.


Recently,browsing through the different websites across the different genres,I stumble upon an amazing website based on dance known as which is surely a hangout zone for those who loves dancing,trust me,I am a big dancing freak myself too. So,putting this website over my radar and reviewing it,I found out that this website totally justifies its name.
One can search a wide range of dance forms under the Dance Zone tab and browse through different sections under it, let it be 20 different dance styles such as ballet, odissi, flamenco, jazz, swingaerial and many more or surf the dance videos of different dance forms and all the videos are just awesome and believe me it is really troublesome to pick out the best one since all are enticing enough to inspire you learn and try out that style and my personal favorite is the one from swing and swing but all the others are no less too.
This website also offer an insight to the aspects like Dance Anatomy,Dance Diaries,Interviews and biographies of some famous personalities where their success stories and life journey is shared and these things helps a lot in shaping things of your life because you never know how a small statement impacts you.
Well, keeping this spiritual stuff aside, let's get back to the stuff in which we were headed initially,that is, THE DANCE BIBLE. The two exclusive features of this website that stands it apart from others in its league are the Dance Portfolios and the Dance Forum.
The dance forum is one of a kind of platform for social networking where you have the opportunity to ask anything or precisely everything,if you have a doubt, why keep it up to you or dug deep inside you when  it can be eluded out of your system in front of those who share a same perspective about that and can guide you or provide you with a better explanation or a range of options to choose from. So, thumbs up to Dance Forum, its like an open balcony where you can go and scream and come back feeling freshened up.
The next thing which caught my attention is the Dance Portfolios, yeah it is what that it seems to be, you can create an actual portfolio about your dancing skills and off-course yourself, you can put your dancing story, photos, videos and particular styles or skills acquired in this art-form. And the high-point is that this portfolio helps in promoting,showcasing your talent to a bigger audience,networking with them and mind it that these people are as like-minded as you.
To conclude this blog post in the end, I must say that this initiative has impressed me totally being one of its own kind and the stuff which is happening over there is really fresh and inspiring as well as encouraging for the budding dancers.Also,people follow them on facebook too to get regular updates about the Dance Bible.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

BaroFit - Making You Fit

Whenever I have got a chance for a week off, I always try to explore as much as possible because this is the best thing to do,open mind like a clean slate helps in writing things with a very clear perspective.
So, in order to enjoy my vacant mind-space and to get some ideas about the real world moving outside my closed doors, I decided to venture into my city. To begin with, I took out the Brochure which has been kept under my diary for a long time about a heath and fitness plan called BaroFit.
Being honest with my readers, I'm not an unfit or a fatty individual but not being in shape or having an extra ounce of fat on me freaks me out, also going into a gym or joining a yoga-class is not my cup of tea because I am an Engineering Student, studying in my final year,taking time out for some activity is not feasible for me, henceforth visit to BaroFit happened since the leaflet intimidated a lot after reading the testimonials and the organisation being also settled up in United States along with headquartered in India.
Here comes the part on which I should share my views about, we all know that we should not judge anyone on their appearances or looks but it is indeed a very much important aspect about our personality which enhances our presence over others. If we look good, we definitely feel good and if we want to feel good then we should go after our happiness at first, that has to be the thumb rule.
And Team BaroFit comes into the game like a soldier with a shining golden Armour, this health management program targets at fat loss rather than weight loss, that is they are helping their clients in getting rid off the excess fat not the muscles weight, in other words, you will be fit and healthy unlike skimpy or malnourished, Because in many diet control plans, the customers ends up losing the vitals of their body by endless hours of starving and craving for food which results in massive weight loss all of a sudden but getting out of that scheme makes you gain pounds with the speed too.
BaroFit makes sure that they will make you lean within the ethical limits of their promised words which is only control of food habits neither introducing any medicine or harmful chemicals in your daily routine and believe me this is a huge deal to be assured of.
Eventually during the session after running some tests, I found out that I have to get rid off of bad cholesterol(LDL) which needs to be handled properly to avoid any health issues and the prescription only included a balanced diet to be followed under the fine supervision of Physicians.
Also, a point to mention that BaroFit has earned itself certifications from OAC Board Member,American Society of Bariatric Physicians and American Board of Obesity Medicine.
The highlight of BaroFit program is the S.L.I.M. Process which is Screening, Loss of Fat, Introducing Balanced Diet and Maintenance.
So,people I may have suggested many products or services before which is a part of enhanced lifestyle but this blog purely serves the purpose of appreciating a program and an enthusiastic behind the scenes which truly deserves global recognition for the work they are doing.

To get a healthy lifestyle and a feel good experience,contact Team BaroFit now. I would say "Join BaroFit today."
Contact:+91-9599898369 ; +91-9560518369
or write to BaroFit at
For regular heath updates, follow @TeamBaroFit

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Do What You Love,Love What You Do.

There are often times in our lives when we aspire to achieve something so desperately that we seldom forgets what we actually are, to get that thing or commodity in our hands,we in fact start losing our touch or charm from our own-self and this is where all the crisis begins.
Life is a mean race,we all know this but how we participate in this race makes the difference.
There are no rules and regulations and freedom to set your own rules is there, then what is the need to follow the footsteps of others,when we can create a new path of opportunities.
By my own experience,I can share that I have been into this phase a many times and all the time,I kept on thinking that this is the end,nothing could get worse than this but after pulling myself up and strong,I bounce back with a great force and positivism.
So,what is required to be done,outcast all the negativity from your body and surroundings and pen down all the talents which you have and start with one thing at a time, you do not need to finish all the tasks but all you need is an honest try to attempt, then watch out your own magic, everything will seem to be sorted and simple.

Just learn one mantra-"I need to take a deep breath and realize that I'm still young and I don't have to have everything to be okay."

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Explore At Explorate

Recently,while browsing through the pages of my favorite Fashion Blogs, I came across with Explorate and this is what I wanna blog and share about right now.
How many times while shopping do we think that we should get a second opinion from someone credible/knowledgeable or could someone show a really awesome dress/shoe before 'I swipe my VISA CARD' or what should be bought to be in the list of trendsetters or what if I get styled by a Fashion Stylist/Guru or how can I save my time and check out the stuff from all the brands or how can I save myself from committing any fashion blunder or how can I get acquainted with the trend of the season or.............................., this list can never end,believe me.I am studying Engineering,my placement drives are going on,m both parents are working,my sister is studying Science at Senior School and my friends are as busy as I am,to cut it in short,I don't have time neither do the persons I look upon to guide me with shopping and I can't just buy stuff and put my money in drain for the need of the hour.

So, to put a full and final stop to all these worries,here we have Explorate, the one destination where you can browse all the stuff from all the brands under one roof,and the best thing is that these products are not just stored to create a storehouse instead these are selected,recommended and clipped by Fashionistas like me and you.The best part is that this website is not offering you the products,that is, if you like the product and want to buy it,it will automatically redirect you to the seller once you click on buy,it actually is offering the best of e-commerce to you.

What we get in return is we are saving a lot of our time because browsing through each website to buy an item costs a lot of time and data usage too:( ,also one can easily miss a brand or two while doing it and regret it later whereas here we get a lot more brands,also the items which are the best trends on the top and we do get the option to follow our Fashion Gurus whom do we look upto for their sense in fashion and its world.

Right now at Explorate,one can find a dynamic range of clothing, accessories, beauty products and quirky stuff but who knows what we may get in our happening future,well I don't know for sure.
So divas what are you waiting for, just do what you LOVE TO DO::SHOP , browse the collection and love the experience hands-on.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

ZenFestival 2015-An Asus Phone Launch Event

   Asus organised ZenFestival 2015 for the first time in India at Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi on August 6,2015 recently which itself  was one of the biggest  SmartPhone launching event in India.The program was indeed a carnival with live music, superb broadway act of drummers,food stalls along with celebrity presence. Jonney Shih(Chairman, Asus) announced 5 new products namely ZenFone 2 Deluxe, ZenFone 2 Laser, ZenFone 2 SelfieZenFone Max and ZenPad.      
 Let's talk about ZenFones.
  • ZenFone 2 Deluxe is a delight for eyes, it comes with Premium Crafted Polygonal Design back panel with a 5.5 inch Full HD IPS Display and it supports 4 GB of Memory, 64-bit Quad-Core Processor Z3580(2.3 GHz Intel Atom). It will be available  in 64GB & 128GB variants supporting Zen UI over Android Lollipop.
  • ZenFone 2 Laser supports 5MP & 13MP Pixel Master Cameras. The speciality of it is the Laser Auto-Focus which is as fast as 0.3 seconds and the Dual-LED Real Tone Flash. It comes with Cornng Gorilla Glass 4 supporting Qualcomm Snapdragon 64-bit Quad Core Processor. Available in 5.5 & 6 inch screen-size models, this is surely an eye-candy for the Photography lovers. 
  • ZenFone Selfie has a 5.5" 1080p display at 403ppi, 13 MP front (f/2.2) and rear (f/2.0) camera with dual LED flash on both, and a 3000 mAh battery. It comes with 2GB/3GB RAM, 16GB/32GB storage (expandable up to 128GB), Gorilla Glass 4, and is 4G enabled.This smartphone is surely gonna be a rage among the youngsters because of its revolutionary capabilities of incredible capturing of Selfies.
  • ZenPad is a tablet that enables the user to customize the tablet with functional cases which includes ZenClutch, ZenCase & Audio Cover.
  • A sneak peek was also given to the guests of ZenFone Max whose launch is due in October. ZenFone Max comes with a massive 5000mAh battery. It has a 5.5­inch IPS display with Gorilla Glass 4, a 64­bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor with up to 2GB of RAM, 13MP/5MP cameras with  laser auto­focus.
Apart from the announcement of the products, Asus also showcased the accessories namely ZenEar Headphones, View flip cover, Lolliflash, ZenFlash and ZenPower.The launch event was hosted by Cyrus Sahukar and graced by the top Bollywood actress the Selfie Queen, Sonakshi Sinha who attended the event and launched the products. The Asus team also unveiled their mascot Zenny, the ZenMaster which added the cute quotient to the program. Zenny, the black and orange owl is really an adorable mascot which had left the audience awed and filled the atmosphere of the big auditorium with merriment, positivity and sweetnessOther than the main event, there was lot of things like Digital Graffiti Wall, Photo Op and tattoo artists to entertain the guests.

At the end, it is apt to say that Asus has been serious about the Indian market since it has the done simultaneous global launch in New Delhi and the ZenFestival was a big success that was evident from the fact that the auditorium was tightly packed and there was no glitch to be heard or seen because of the efficient management by the Asus Team.

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