Thursday, January 12, 2017


Earnings worth nothing in the long run of life if they are not invested well. In today's scenario, there are many options available to put your money in but to select the best one out of it makes the difference while collecting the returns on it in the near future.
Spending money on amenities that comfort our lifestyle is inevitable and differs from person to person. But investment should be done on firm grounds since it impacts on how our future would shape.
Real Estate is always the best option to go for if you wish to make some secured mega bucks on your investment but it's get tricky at the point where you have to select your property.
With companies popping up each day in every part of the country promising some starry-eyed projects, it gets really confusing to choose which one we should go for
With a group as trustworthy as Tata Housing, they have come up with a very good housing project, SEREIN in Thane, Mumbai popularly known as The Malabar Hill of Thane and is surely the eye catching one too.

This is a first of its kind project, made by Tata Housing with Wellness as a theme having outdoor living spaces designed exclusively for residents to immerse themselves in nature’s elements. The landscaping has been designed as if it’s a celebration of shapes and colors. It is accentuated with various activity spaces for all age groups of people. The apartments have been placed such that they have abundant sunlight and natural ventilation according to their architectural design. Each apartment is equipped with unique features and facilities to improve the overall living standards of the inhabitants.


Serein is located on Pokhran Road No 2, Thane West. The project is blessed to be located near the Upvan Lake and Sanjay Gandhi National Park in close proximity, amidst open spaces, abundant greenery and breath-taking views. The location has a well-developed social infrastructure and connectivity with other parts of the city, making it the most coveted and premium neighbourhood in Thane.

Thane has been recently included in the list of Smart Cities which will ensure assured water and power supply, proper sanitation and  waste management systems, efficient urban mobility and public transportation, IT connectivity and E-Governance.

So readers, visit and find out more about this great housing project.

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