Saturday, January 23, 2016

Zangoora-A Fine Spectacle of Music & Dance

"A spectacle so grand it can fit only in your dreams."
-Theme of Kingdom of Dreams 
Delhi had added another star in its portfolio when Kingdom of Dreams opened in Gurgaon(Delhi NCR Region). Kingdom of Dreams popularly known as KoD is a theme park located on the outskirts of the capital city of India. Kingdom of Dreams has been launched in the year 2010 but later it has reached the heights of fame and popularity for its grandeur and attractions that it has to offer. There are many things in Kingdom of Dreams that are quite famous specifically the Culture Gully that has theme restaurants especially designed inside an alley which offers different food and drinks from across 14 different states of India and the two musical shows namely Zangoora & Jhumroo. 
Zangoora is in fact one of the most popular and biggest Bollywood musical theater show in India which premiered on September 23, 2010 depicting the story of a Gypsy Prince throughout its course whose story, screenplay and dialogues are penned down with sheer finesse and brilliance by celebrated script-writer of India, Mr. Javed Akhtar and the musical maestro trio, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have given the music that gives the much appreciated soul to the show on which choreography is done by the Shiamak Davar Dance Company. Famous artists and dance experts like Hussain Kuwajerwala, Gauhar Khan and Kashmira Irani are the main leads of the show who perform at the special show timings and provide complete justice to their act by dancing and enacting the emotions of of their respective characters to the tunes of music. The show is staged in an equal opulent and pompous way inside the grand Nautankii Mahal. Let's talk about the pros and cons of Zangoora.

1. Aerial acts that is the highlight of this musical spectacle.
2. Spectacular combination of music and dance that sets it apart from its contemporaries and make it a standout from the lot.
3. Beautiful costumes of the artists which are designed by the top Indian Fashion Designer, Neeta Lulla are a delight to see and admire for the fashion lovers.
4. A complete stupendous and fine spectacle of live dance, music and drama in India

In my point of view, there are not many negative points really but still there exists some glitches. First of all, no photography and video making is all allowed during the live show. Secondly, the show tickets are expensive and after watching the show, it seems to look each penny spent was worthwhile but still money is money and scooping out a big sum from the wallet of hard-earned salary somewhere hurts.

Lastly, I would like to conclude it as the must watch theater show in India and if you make it a point to visit Delhi, then watching Zangoora should be on the top of priority list.

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Impact Of Globalization

"It has been said that arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity."
-Kofi Annan
Globalization refers to the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas & mutual sharing and other aspects of culture. It can also be understand as the social, economical and political changes that we willingly adapt to make a change. Today, in the era of globalization, there are virtually no borders between different states and countries. The prominent consequences of globalization are strong currency values(rates), constructions, trading, increasing employment opportunities, etc. 
It has made possible to manufacture and sell goods & services all over the world. Think it over like this, you are wearing clothes from a British brand, shoes from an Italian brand, accessories are made by a French brand and your phone is from a brand which is a Taiwanese multinational manufacturer of smartphones and you are eating a pizza and burger which are sourced from an eating outlet that is of American origin sitting in India and all of this has become possible because of the globalization.
As Kofi Annan has once quoted, it is true and sensible enough to understand that globalization is inevitable, it might be having negative impact on certain sections of the society but the positive impact it possess are more overpowering on them in my opinion. Let's talk about pros and cons of globalization.


1. It has made the process of communication through the boundaries easier.  
2. A better economy of the country. It helps and accelerates the development of capital market. It promotes the import and export to & from the country respectively hands in hands which results the economic growth.
3. Increasing economy lifts the living standards of people.
4. It helps in declining or depleting the slope of the graph of international poverty.
5. It helps the seller to reach a bigger and global marketplace, more customers means more money.
6. Customers get the benefit to choose the product of their choice from a variety. More competition leads to the availability of goods and services at a cheaper price and improved quality.
7. Increasing International trade has helped in creating more jobs. Employment of the youth is the major concern in a country's development and is considered as a constructive element for a nation's glory.


1. Loss of jobs of local people and craftsmen because of setting up of  industries to do the same work.
2. Rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer. This has been used to say in the context of developed countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, etc. and developing countries like the South Asian and African countries because it has been often observed that multinational companies are exploiting the workers in the developing countries.
3. The market is free which translates into uncontrolled circulation of money without any ethics involved.
4. Small businesses have to shut their shop because they cannot provide competition to the big multinational companies.
5. Cultural interchange can sometimes results in racism, intolerance and loss of national identity
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"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world."
                                                                                        -Nelson Mandela
The classical textbook definition of education states that it is the intellectual, physical, social, ethical aesthetic and mental development of an individual. Basically, it mainly consists of what we have unlearned. 
The impact of education on any individual is ever lasting and irreplaceable and I think it is not only important but it is the thing of highly importance that one can be done with a life. General awareness and fair, unbiased and rational decision-making are the outcomes of the impact of education on an individuals conscience.
The lessons of equality  between the people having different caste, creed, color, religion, sex, race and nationality can be learnt and dealing with them becomes easy. Being an educated guy on this planet, procuring a good job is not a trouble or a tough task to complete. To earn a living in order to sustain in this competitive and developing world becomes something that do not frightens but empowers the inner-self with a pride of self confidence. The next step after acquiring the preliminary education is to get hands and brains on the professional skills which can help individuals to make their mark in different fields and impact the world with their stories and personal experiences. Getting an education may not assure complete success but it is surely a key to success that can open doors and helps in stepping towards achieving it. Most importantly, allocation of resources can be done wisely and proportionately if we have knowledge about how can we do this. 
Leading an independent life is only possible if we are capable of doing it, can afford the expenses of our own self and face all the hardships that comes on the way in a positive stride. 
Education enables the person to deal with life as a whole, it makes the person better equipped with knowledge to understand the life in a better way. Without an ounce of education, we are as good as animals, there is no difference between us apart from the the physical appearances but with education, we become a human.. It helps  in the development of a social life which everyone deserve  that leads to personal as well as mental growth of the individual. Social and physical development are those aspects which cannot be ignored and it can only be accelerated with learned knowledge about them. There are many benefits of being educated , an educated person is the one who can manage the modification of his behavior according the situations and circumstances they are subjected to. A cultivation of a civilized society can be only possible if its importance is understood by the people who are residing in and an education is the catalyst that ensures this process to initiate.
The most interesting & welcoming impact of education is that it helps in personality grooming, liberation of thoughts & elevates the intellectual aspect. It leads to inner freedom & promotes democracy. Prevailing peace & maintaining harmonious relations between distinct entities like communities & countries can be done if education is made to reach one & all. It is the backbone in the development of a country.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

MUSIC And Its Benefits

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."
-Bob Marley                                                          
Bob Marley has summed up the attraction and admiration towards music in very simple but powerful words. Researches in this field also suggests that music not only helps us to cope with pain but helps in dealing with physical pain as well as emotional turmoil within oneself. Music is one out of the many things in the universe that are beyond possible to define just with few words. Music expresses the feelings which cannot be put into words but cannot be shut inside a closet to remain in silence. Let's talk about some of the benefits of music.
1. Stress Relief
Continuous and progressive researches have shown that music reduces stress. Listening music helps in coping with stress and clinical reports of these researches have shown that during the process of listening music calms the nerves and releases anti-stress hormones in the body.
2. Lift Up the Mood
It happens with all of us most of the times that we got hurt, irritated, frustrated, annoyed, demotivated or sad from the issues surrounding us and thinking about them only makes us sad, then listening music can help in lifting up the mood and make us feel good about us and helps in forgetting the worries too.
3. Relieves from Depression
Studies have found out that the best way to help a person to come out of depression is to make them listen music, genres like Classical and Meditative are mood-elevating and helping to overcome depression.
4. Improves Sleep Quality
Listening soft-music before going off to bed improves sleep quality and helps the patients of insomnia to overcome their situation without any medication. Also, it helps in getting sound sleep which makes the person and fresh and peppy the other day after waking up.
5. Helps in Meditation
Research and studies have shown that listening meditative sounds in the backdrop at the time meditation helps in focusing and concentrating better. Also, it induces a state in the person during the rhythmic stimulation that has a therapeutic effect such as easing migraine pains, behavioral issues, PMS, etc.
6. Reduce Heart Disease
Scientists have found out that listening music helps the patients in increasing blood flow in their blood vessels. Music makes the person merry and happy which ultimately results in a healthy blood vessel function.
7. Improves Cognitive Performance
Music in the background at low volume levels helps the person to improve their cognitive skills. Research analysis have proved that those who take tests while listening to music have better results as compared to those who gave their test in pin-drop silence. The most basic reason behind these findings is that listening tunes helps in better concentrating at things.
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I still remember the time when I have to keep myself alert during drives with my family and friends to learn the routes so that whenever I have to go all alone by myself I would never get lost. By the way, its a good habit to acquire and keep but still it was always a big mountain of a task to accomplish when the journey was long and not even in learning the routes but during scouting for a particular shop in big markets like Chandni Chowk, Delhi at the time of my shopping spree with my mother which we had visited the last season that was supposed to be a gap of an year most of the times, called out for unwanted trouble for ransacking the brain and adding up all the landmarks that we possibly can into our memory only to relocate something nearby and by God's grace , if that shops gets a complete renovation, I bet finding it again would be no less than a task of searching a needle in a haystack in itself. And all this most of the time ends up to the continuous circling of the area more than once which only sums up to swollen feet and an ample amount of frustration and headache if the mission was unaccomplished . And not on the shopping trips alone, this kind of scenario are bound to happen with anyone who visit an unknown city for the first time and then go out for sight seeing expeditions.
But thanks to GPS navigation, these eventful situations have seen a downfall. Now going to a different place or the same after a long time has become easy. All you have to download a navigation app like Google Maps on your phone, fill the particulars of your journey from starting point to the destination and then leave the rest to it, and relax throughout the way without panicking about getting lost.
GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation ensures that we are always on the correct route for our destination by continuous monitoring and controlling the movement of the vehicle and if by a virtue of our own carelessness or ignorance, we have gotten off track, then it helps in coming out of it by immediate reporting and that is really super cool and smart technology.
The navigation technology looks quite lucrative and fancy from the outside but it has some glitches in it too, primarily the latency and irregularity in the update of the road maps which leads to confusion and questions about the reliability of the technology.
Since the application of navigation is completely based in the real-time environment, its maintenance and testing has to be accurate, precise, sharp and up to date all the time. With recent developments in this field, this do not seems to be a hurdle in the path for a long time.
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How much Impact does Banning YouTube and Social Networks have on Freedom of Expression?

"What is Freedom of Expression? 
Without the Freedom to Offend, it ceases to Exist."
-Salman Rushdie                 
Freedom of Expression is one of the fundamental human right and all the humans should be given the privilege to enjoy it, cherish it but there are some elements around the world which possess a different meaning of it altogether. 
In accordance with my opinion, freedom of expression is to have the liberty of expressing and voicing our choices, thoughts, views and opinions without having the fear of anything and everything. But with some entities around us, this seems to be a far away thought for many.
Let's not call names because I do not appreciate the blame games but in many countries websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are banned and the reasons supporting them are unjustifiable too. 
It is not a  hidden fact that why it has been done and the reasons are as  clear as water and which is that their governments do not want to liberate the minds of their citizens, their motive is very much prominent that they do not want to give them an option to or rather say an opportunity to develop a sense of judging their actions as what is right and what is wrong. 
YouTube is an open and free platform that allows uploading and sharing of music and videos by all and I strongly believe that it should be kept in this way intact and be accessible to all without any sorts of discrimination.
The recent example is of the attack that happened in 2015 almost an year back at the office of the french satirical weekly magazine/newspaper, Charlie Hebdo in France was inhumane in every sense. What they did actually was that they had published some controversial cartoons which as quoted by some sources that they were found offensive and had hurt the religious sentiments of some particular religious groups, later what followed was an attack on the magazine headquarters resulting in the untimely death of eleven innocent people and injuries to many.
My point is simple if you do not come on terms of agreement or liking towards any approach put forward  by someone, then don't put a mask of favoring  it instead counteract it, debate over the topic but killing people, having riots, banning commodities to send a message forward to others should not be accepted.
The impact of such gestures is that it only generates an emotion of hatred in the hearts. Because banning or shutting shops of those who are not on terms with your policies will not serve the purpose instead it will only build their reputation from strength to strength. And the impact of ceasing the freedom to express would result in empowering it.
As quoted by Salman Rushdie, Freedom to Offend is an indispensable part of Freedom of Expression and these two co-exists together. If you are offended, then it's your problem and splicing our basic human right won't help in your case. If you do not like what has been expressed by any individual, then avoid it, deny it, ignore it or learn to come on terms with it because you cannot stop it.
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Thursday, January 21, 2016


The most dearest and precious thing to me after my family in this world is my smartphone currently. I own an HTC Desire series Android Phone and I have no qualms in admitting that I am totally, completely and undoubtedly addicted to it. The last thing that I check before going off to sleep is my phone at night and the first thing I want early in the morning along with my hot cup of tea is my phone earlier it used to be the national daily but what to do other than to replace when you can have the better option. All the things which are required or may be needed to ensure the smooth functioning of my daily routine are installed in it and it has become more than just a gadget or a device that can support voice-calling services at the end. 
As from my own experience and conclusions, a lot of paperwork has been saved by the advent of different Applications or Apps.
In this blog spot, I shall be sharing about those five Apps which are really good in keeping a tab on myself, my hobbies whether it is in terms of managing and creating my files and documents, tabulating the expenses, maintaining a paperless photo album, connecting with my near and dears, encouraging my passion, interest and love towards writing and blogging and many more things as well as making my phone a little more than just a mere Smartphone but a Fantastico daily life companion like my own shadow.
That is why, these apps have been felicitated by me in my own dictionary as Fantastico Apps. So, here I present the list of 5 Apps which I have on my experience of using them in the last six months.

1. Office Suite+PDF Editor 

This App by MobiSystems is the best in class that allows the users to view,edit and create Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. Also, allowing the user to convert files to PDF format and vice-versa. Also managing all the files has become quite simpler and time saving at the same time.

2. Walnut 

This one is almost as equivalent to me as appointing a personal assistant would have been. This App keeps tab on all the expenses such as ATM withdrawals, movie tickets, bills and bank cards. I do not have to check all of my VISA card statements since Walnut is doing that for me. In simple words, it is the Passbook and Booking App for Android devices.

3. Instagram

Instagram is the simple way to capture the moments and sharing them with our friends and followers. It allows the user to manually edit their photographs and videos. Most importantly, it has introduced the concept of paperless photographs along with its contemporaries but still Instagram is a revolution in its own league.

4. WhatsApp Messenger

There are many other Apps which have entered the market and doing well but WhatsApp has surely changed the experience of messaging all around the world. There is no doubt about that WhatsApp has made sending and receiving text messages service a low cost affair. It has connected people with the help of accessibility to Internet.

5. Blogger

I have an avid interest in reading and writing articles in English language. Though, I am soon going to be a qualified Engineer in the coming months but my hobby never died and all this has become possible due to this App. Now, most of the time whenever I have a thought starter for a post, I only need to open Blogger in my phone and write all the stuff that has boiled up inside me.

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'Its not that we use technology, we live technology.'
       -Godfrey Reggio                                    
The above quote exactly explains the present condition of every human being living on this planet. Technology has touched the life of each and every individual in many ways and we are not just using it, as a matter of fact, we are breathing it all the time.
Internet is that intangible thread which has connected one and all around the world. We are now connected with our dear loved ones who are living far away from us due to their personal commitments and priorities with the advent of technology. Gone are the days when we have to wait for a hand written letter from our near and dears to know about their well being. Instead, with the arrival of video calling services such as Skype, Hangouts, etc. we can ensure about their health by talking with them face to face.
Satellite television is one thing that according to my opinion is the best thing that can ever happen on the face of Earth. It is a great pass-time for the elderly people who cannot go out to relax and change their mood to entertain themselves, one of a kind gadget that keeps you updated with the news around you and your world,  medium which helps in one way interaction with different cultures of the world resulting in diminishing the unknown virtual boundaries between them, viewers can visit different parts of the world siting in their home with the comfort of the couch and comforter, a better way to keep kids in front of our eyes by engaging them with the cartoon shows, learning about different cuisines and recipes by biggest chefs of the world and many more things are possible with the wonder box.
One of the commendable creation by the technology are the computers that are solely responsible for the success of not one but many and made man to avoid committing statistical mistakes.
Technology has made many things possible for an example, I used to hear about floods, natural disasters, civil wars from my grandparents which they had witnessed before I was actually born and the difficulties they had to face during those times. And now with technology at our disposal, these situations can be handled with more care and diligence.
Increasing innovations that are catalyzed by the new technologies have also made way for creativity along with intelligence that are now going ahead hands in hands and products like smart security systems, smart surveillance systems such as drones with in-built cameras, robots like Siri have come into existence that has made the life of many if nothing special but easier.
Indeed there is no doubt on how technology has affected us, it has made our life as easy as a walk in the garden. It has made such an impact on us that we are in awe of it and always greedy waiting for more. There are many among us who can wholeheartedly debate about cons of technology and its impact on various age-groups and be the lifetime advocate always standing against it but believe you can dislike it, might be avoiding it but you cannot ignore it growing around you. 
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How much Science has an Impact on Us??

Science has always been the field of curiosity for everyone. 
It gives answers to those questions which beyond understanding and these are not based on some gut feelings or year-old beliefs, these are strongly supported by the facts as proofs.
We can take the example of girl child in our society whose birth was considered as an omen and the the mother of the child always got cursed for bringing misfortune in the family but with the facts been provided by the researchers  and scientists which stated that it was the man not the woman whose genes play an important role in the determination of the sex of the child, the discrimination against girls somehow lowered and their status started lifting up to a great extent.
Also, it is science that explained that Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse are natural, unstoppable, spontaneous phenomenon of the Solar System and they have nothing to do with the orthodox beliefs associated with them and thereby condemned them, one of them from the Chinese Mythology stated that the Dragon ate up the Sun and a certain set of rituals like beating drums and utensils has to be performed right at that moment to scare off the dragon from all the sound and noises to get the Sun back.
Impact of Science on us is such that the understanding of complex things has become lucid and easy, concepts have more and more simpler and clearer.
Diseases which previously used to scare the hell out of anyone, even including the doctors have got cure and patients and their families have got loads of hope in return. Treatments have evolved and lives of many get the wind beneath their wings to fly high under the sky. Dancers like Sudha Chandran went on to become a legend with an amputated foot and all this is possible because of a wonder word called Science.
Constant and progressive researches in this field paved the way for new discoveries and innovations.
One of the space mission by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in the recent times, Mars Orbiter Mission (MangalYaan) was a success in most of its aspects and the cost per kilometer of travelling Mars Orbiter Mission from Earth to Mars was even lower than that of travelling a kilometer by an auto-rickshaw in Ahmedabad (Gujarat,India). And indeed all of this is only achievable because of the constant drive of the inner-self to satisfy the thirst of curiosity.
Science has made us believe that dreams are achievable, they are meant to become reality one day. All we need is to try hard to make it possible and sky is the only limit then to touch.
Science has an impact on all, living or non-living, in a way of this or that kind, directly or indirectly but surely, it cannot be ignored.
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Impact of E-commerce on Us!

I still remember the times when e-commerce to India was an alien concept and all the shopping from the groceries to the appliances has to be done all by ourselves by wandering all around the market comparing prices, visiting different stores, selecting,comparing and many times compromising with our own choice, paying the delivery company for transportation from store to home and what not.
But with the arrival of online stores and increasing growth of e-commerce in India, shopping in our country has become more interesting and interactive. Just analyse the scenario in which we are living today- we can compare the same model on different platforms for best prices available, read reviews from the users who have bought them and then used them, we do not have to pay the delivery guy(courier service) for the product delivery(most of the time) at our doorstep.
E-commerce has definitely left an impact on all the consumers present today in a very good way. We can simply say that it has helped them to become more aware, knowledgeable and smart, also introduced them to a bigger market of options.
It also has promoted a sense of competition amongst different brands which  ensures high quality and highly efficient services and products to the consumers at reasonable prices at the receiving end. Currently, different online stores have propped up which are offering great prices, schemes, coupons and discounts to their customers and customers holds the luxury of visiting more than one store at the same time and deciding which product is better of the lot, one has the freedom to check a single item as many items as they want, hence avoiding frowns and glares of the salespersons and storekeepers and if the item did not appeal, walk ahead and search something else better.
The shoppng experience has now become less tiresome and more comfortable for the people belonging to the service-class in our society.
Secondly and most importantly,the  e-commerce domain has also made a new gateway of opportunities and careers for the youth across the world. On a daily basis, new jobs and new portfolios being created in this field and increasing demand for new recruits promises a bright future ahead.
Also, it has promoted and motivated the entrepreneurs, small-scale businesses to take a step ahead and stamp an impact of their talent over others, now, small scale businesses running from homes or from a small workshop have opened their online shops and turned the tables upside down in their own favour and started making fortunes, there are so many stories on this over the internet which would only make anyone spellbound and speechless.
So, I can conclude that e-commerce has already became a big thing and the impact of it on the society is such that it has helped both the seller and the customer to grow hands in hands.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Time to do Some Business:Let's do ezebee

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."
                                               -Milton Berle 
There are many instances in the lives of people like me and you, like us who have a lot of potential talent in them but it goes down the drain over the years because of the lack of exposure given to it.
So peeps, why to confine ourselves between the walls of our house or shops when it is possible to reach to a bigger pool of customers all around the world.
Yes, you read it right, with, this has become as easy as a walk in the park. is an online platform which allows you to open your very own shop to sell items and most importantly its absolutely free which we can rephrase as a free online shop that means  open a shop without spending a single penny on the rentals. All you have to do is register on and create free online shop and sell online your products and services. The money goes directly from the buyer to the seller, no commission or services charges to be paid to anyone.
While browsing through the website, I found out that this is the best global free online marketplace for entrepreneurs and small businesses to make money online. And don't worry guys, if you are not creative or a business owner, you can still have a lot to do here, like you can sell the stuff you own and don't want to keep in your house(hint: girls de-clutter your closet and guys, do clean up the storeroom) and get some good money by selling them off. 
Time to sum up people.
Who can register or create online shop?
-Anyone from anywhere. 
-Entrepreneurs, Small business owners, Big business owners, Housewives,etc.
What can be sold?
-Products,services,rentals,anything and everything as long as its legal;-) .
What will you get in return?
-A website, a free facebook shop, a free online shop, a running business network, classifieds ad and a lot more.

Let be the wind beneath your wings and the sky is your limit then.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Time to make Good Morning a Gold Morning

"The world is very beautiful outside when there is stability inside"
-By Anonymous
Mornings are the most important part of the entire day because how we spend our mornings often describes what we can expect from our day ahead. I have a firm belief that having a good start at anything paves the way for a nice journey to travel later on.
So, here is my new discovery to turn my mornings into more than a mere Good Morning everyday. 
First of all, I would like to admit that I love all the things which are fun, quirky and different. And when it comes to the toothbrush, I followed my set rules to choose one for myself. Right now, I am using 'Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush' these days because what I like most about it is its 360 degree application, that is, it cleans Gums, Teeth, Tongue and Cheeks, in short, the whole mouth, so practically no worries about oral hygiene as such. Those who don't have any idea about the 360 range then let me tell you that the 360 toothbrush comes with a tongue and cheek cleaner, gentle rubber cups and fine multi-functioning bristles which ultimately helps in achieving all round mouth cleaning. The Gold bristles promises the inhibition of bacterial growth on teeth and charcoal spiral ones removes the teeth stains and makes them spotless shining clean. 

All in all, I can say that the first thing in the morning that I need to do is to brush my teeth and with this Colgate toothbrush, I find my experience very fresh and glittery one to embark the start of the day. Its little more than just teeth cleaning for me. 
A good start of the day is really important. If you are in a happy and positive frame of mind then it is very likely for you to have a productive day. So, my way to make my morning a Gold Morning everyday or I can say that #Colgate360GoldMornings  is the new mantra to kick start my daily routine.

Sunday, January 10, 2016


I don't know who said this line but I know one thing that it inspires me a lot. There are many instances in our day to day life that can drive anyone to believe in this philosophy. One such example is of Omkar Nath Sharma, the Medicine Baba or the Medicine Messiah for the poor in Delhi. Sharma at the age of around 80 years roam around the streets of Delhi in order to collect unused or leftover medicines from the households of people like you and me. 

Picture Credit:
He goes around the city on the weekdays wearing a saffron kurta with 'Mobile Medicine Bank' imprinted on it and ask people to donate the medicines which are of no use to them and even explain them that in spite of putting these in the dustbin or stacking them at home and eventually nearing them to their expiry date, it can be put to good use by giving to those who cannot afford it because of lack of monetary resources. On weekends, he manages the records of all the medicines ranging from where it has been collected to its expiry date, name of the salt,etc. which is definitely a bigger and complicated task to accomplish and complete. And on a daily basis at 4:00 pm, anyone can visit and collects the medicine they need from him.
Being the curious one, my mother asked him what motivates him to do all this stuff by himself and he explained then that many years ago, a metro pillar collapsed at the construction site and the workers got injured and being taken to the nearest government hospital where inadequate medical resources resulted in their incomplete treatment and they were sent to their homes to die. That incident has shaken him and he later decided to do his bit to preserve humanity and started collecting medicines from wherever he go and supply these to those who are in the need of it the most.
Though this task is not as easy as it may seems to be because I have seen it myself in my locality that people do not do the donations willingly or generously and this only makes the task of Sharma only tougher but with his dedication to do the humanitarian work selflessly, these never proved to be a hurdle in his way. According to the Medicine Baba himself, he has been maintaining the Medicine Bank from 2008. Now, many people have come out and do their bit to support his cause and especially, the youth is totally backing him in every possible way.
All in all, I have learnt that doing good work may not be a path of flowers at the start and lots of people might not support you too and oppose also but the results which comes out makes it worth doing and the satisfaction too comes as a bonus for your inner soul and later, others too come forward and join you in your endeavor.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Wooplr APP Review

Hi there!!!
Here, I am back with another App Review and this time it is Wooplr. This is the App deemed as the only App which the fashionistas would require. I somewhat agree with this too. Okay then, let's get to the point and find out more about the Application.
First of all, this app is available to download on Android and iOS and one can get a link by visiting their website. This app allows the user to discover fashion anywhere and anytime or to put in simple words, the users post their pictures/snaps of their looks/outfits which is later followed with the similar recommendations from the brands. 
These days life has become very much fast and digital and one has to keep up with it all the time in order to separate them from the flock of similar beings. Wooplr helps the fashionistas in doing so which is to get them updated with all the fashion trends all the time.
If you like a dress, shoes, accessories or sunglasses on someone and wondering to buy the same cool thing for yourself too, you can simply browse the recommendations and voila! that's a discovery for you, you have seen how that thing would look actually on a person and you can avoid or should I say spare the time while searching it on different stores or websites. Time saving, see.

What I really liked:
1. The news feed has a feature known as 'Trending' which lets you know about the popular trends around you and if you're smart, you can pick a style or two from there to keep you stylish;)
2. The articles by Team Wooplr are really informative, short and crisp to read and get inspired.
3. There are contests which the team conducts on regular intervals to pump the adrenaline of the fashion enthusiasts which brings them out  of their closet to become more creative.
4. There is a program run by Wooplr known as STYLE MILES which can be redeemed in the form of vouchers of brands like Forever21, LifeStyle Stores, etc. and the users can earn by completing the challenges and also by Refer the App to their friends.
For example, the first time user can earn 50 Style Miles by downloading the App from a Referral Code and from there on, for its each referral, they will earn 20 style miles for each new referred download.( P.S. 1 Style Mile= Rupee1)
5. There are really a long list of stores available there to shop from.
6. There are users who you can follow for their admirable dressing as well as styling sense. (And who knows you might be the next one who may get followed by many for their taste when it comes to fashion.)

What I haven't liked much:
Not too much but the App needs to fix some developmental issues, for example, the account updates almost take a week's time to get the stats correct. 
The in-build Wooplr Camera won't allow you to enjoy the luxury of having editing features as that we love in Instagram.
I would like to see the top 10 or 5 real-time trends across the country or city about fashion too as we get to see on Facebook or Twitter like What's Hot or What's Not.

All in all, Wooplr is a fun way to discover fashion trends and shop the best products for you from the comfort of your phone.
So girls and boys out there, go download this App, show off your style statements among the people who understands it the way you do & use your friend circle to earn these coveted vouchers.

You all can get a link to download by clicking here and can get 50 Style Miles by applying this Referral Code:- SIM70A

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