Monday, May 30, 2016

Product Review | Skin18

Skincare routines are very important to me and when you live in a city like New Delhi, this becomes altogether more necessary to keep your skin healthy and clean. Pollution and heat can leave long-lasting damages onto it and might cause permanent damages too. So, I took charge of the situation and went on to find out some solutions, and I stumbled upon Skin18 specializing in Korean Skincare products. I have tried five different products by Skin18 delivered timely to my home all the way from Hong Kong in a very nice and secure packaging and here goes my experience using them.

1. Beauty Friends II Essence Mask Sheet Pack (Pomegranate)

This is my favorite face mask because it smells wonderful and has co-enzyme Q10. You can put it on your face and not regret or fume over the general smell that comes out from the face mask sheets. Also the pack has enough serum in it which you can use on your hands and neck region. Do not consider it as a runny serum thingy mask. The viscosity of the serum mix on the mask is perfect that stays at its place and do wonders on the skin. I keep the mask on for 30 minutes and feel my skin soft and moisturized. Since working girls do not have the luxury of going out for spa treatments every week. It is a must in your kit to pamper your face every week.
Price: $0.8

2.Four Season Red Ginseng White Clean Active Mask (Whitening Function)

The face mask is a turn-off for me because of a strong smell but I tried it on, and the smell did not irritated me after a minute. Since I like mild fragrances more, I did not appreciated it first but after keeping it on, it did work well on my face. The skin was glowing and I also got rid off the tanning from it. As it promises from the name on its pack, it do perform the whitening function and to quote it "Do What It Says". So girls, if you want a face mask for skin cleansing & whitening, this is what you should go after. Overall the serum consistency was as much same as of the above one.
Price: $0.95

3.It's Skin Todak Todak Pack Pore Care (Wash off Mask) with Apple & Egg white

This is wash off mask comes in an adorable and cute packaging, if I do not consider how well it works, I just cannot look over the fact that it comes in a small tub with that sweet cartoon shaped peel-off. Coming to the point, it smells nice, kind of like a foundation type as distinctly as I can remember. It is a thick mixture that you can spread on your face with the help of fingers but a little spatula if provided would have been appreciated. It dries off within 5 minutes and also easy to be washed off. Most importantly, if used smartly, then it can be used again, that is, you can use it for 2 times. After use, you can feel that your skin is radiating and glowing.
Price: $3.30 for the 10ml tub.

4.Luke Mugwort Nose Cleansing Strip

It is a nose cleansing strip. Easy to use and removes blackheads, opens the clogged pores and tightens them. What I have realized is that you can feel the smoothness of your skin on your nose tip before and after use to feel the difference. I can feel my skin texture smooth. Nice little product with effective results.
Price: $0.65 for one strip

5.Luke Lemon Tea Tree Nose Cleansing Strip

Works same as the above strip, that is unclog the pores, tightens them, removes dirt and blackheads. What's the highlight is that these strips comes at a reasonable price which is quite lower when compared with the ones which are being retailed in the market. So, a must buy for every girl especially teenage girls who wish to end her blackheads trouble of her nose and look beautiful & confident.
Price: $0.65 for one strip

*Tip: Refrigerate the products before using and the cooling effect is soothing and relaxing.
*Do check out their website for more interesting offers, freebies and discounts.
*They ship worldwide, so feel free and shop the goodness of korean beauty for you.


  1. These products look lovely!

  2. Thanks and they are great to use too:)


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