Thursday, August 20, 2015

ZenFestival 2015-An Asus Phone Launch Event

   Asus organised ZenFestival 2015 for the first time in India at Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi on August 6,2015 recently which itself  was one of the biggest  SmartPhone launching event in India.The program was indeed a carnival with live music, superb broadway act of drummers,food stalls along with celebrity presence. Jonney Shih(Chairman, Asus) announced 5 new products namely ZenFone 2 Deluxe, ZenFone 2 Laser, ZenFone 2 SelfieZenFone Max and ZenPad.      
 Let's talk about ZenFones.
  • ZenFone 2 Deluxe is a delight for eyes, it comes with Premium Crafted Polygonal Design back panel with a 5.5 inch Full HD IPS Display and it supports 4 GB of Memory, 64-bit Quad-Core Processor Z3580(2.3 GHz Intel Atom). It will be available  in 64GB & 128GB variants supporting Zen UI over Android Lollipop.
  • ZenFone 2 Laser supports 5MP & 13MP Pixel Master Cameras. The speciality of it is the Laser Auto-Focus which is as fast as 0.3 seconds and the Dual-LED Real Tone Flash. It comes with Cornng Gorilla Glass 4 supporting Qualcomm Snapdragon 64-bit Quad Core Processor. Available in 5.5 & 6 inch screen-size models, this is surely an eye-candy for the Photography lovers. 
  • ZenFone Selfie has a 5.5" 1080p display at 403ppi, 13 MP front (f/2.2) and rear (f/2.0) camera with dual LED flash on both, and a 3000 mAh battery. It comes with 2GB/3GB RAM, 16GB/32GB storage (expandable up to 128GB), Gorilla Glass 4, and is 4G enabled.This smartphone is surely gonna be a rage among the youngsters because of its revolutionary capabilities of incredible capturing of Selfies.
  • ZenPad is a tablet that enables the user to customize the tablet with functional cases which includes ZenClutch, ZenCase & Audio Cover.
  • A sneak peek was also given to the guests of ZenFone Max whose launch is due in October. ZenFone Max comes with a massive 5000mAh battery. It has a 5.5­inch IPS display with Gorilla Glass 4, a 64­bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor with up to 2GB of RAM, 13MP/5MP cameras with  laser auto­focus.
Apart from the announcement of the products, Asus also showcased the accessories namely ZenEar Headphones, View flip cover, Lolliflash, ZenFlash and ZenPower.The launch event was hosted by Cyrus Sahukar and graced by the top Bollywood actress the Selfie Queen, Sonakshi Sinha who attended the event and launched the products. The Asus team also unveiled their mascot Zenny, the ZenMaster which added the cute quotient to the program. Zenny, the black and orange owl is really an adorable mascot which had left the audience awed and filled the atmosphere of the big auditorium with merriment, positivity and sweetnessOther than the main event, there was lot of things like Digital Graffiti Wall, Photo Op and tattoo artists to entertain the guests.

At the end, it is apt to say that Asus has been serious about the Indian market since it has the done simultaneous global launch in New Delhi and the ZenFestival was a big success that was evident from the fact that the auditorium was tightly packed and there was no glitch to be heard or seen because of the efficient management by the Asus Team.

Friday, August 14, 2015

MAGGI- Coming Back with a Bang or Not?

HC reprieve to Maggi puts greater onus on complaint filed by ...Opinion
These were some of the headlines which made news across all the tabloids on 13th August,2015 and #Maggi trended over Twitter for more than a day. Yes,the emotions of happiness, amusement, relief, shock, excitement and much more has travelled through all the Indians after reading these news across Internet and TV news channels that Bombay High Court has lifted the ban and ordered the fresh tests to be conducted on the samples of Maggi Noodles.
Maggi Noodles are loved by one and all in India and it can be easily located in the kitchen of one out of three Indian households.It won't be an understatement if I say that people in India may not know about all the different linguistic groups residing in our country but all these groups must have heard and eaten Maggi once in their lives.

Maggi can be a comfort food for some,late night backup for hostellers,quick to make food for trekkers,best option to eat in college canteen,etc. but substituting it with some other brand of noodles is not an option for many.When news channels started circulating facts some three months back that it has been tested with impermissible amount of lead in it,it came as a shocker and different state governments ordering Nestle to call back all the stock to pile back in the godowns was no good piece of information too.
But my question or rather a doubt in understanding some titbits is that if Indian labs have reported the higher than required amount of lead in the samples,then how come the same samples have the vertically opposite figures in the reports published by foreign labs which clearly makes out that one out of these two is not what it seems. Secondly,how a big multi-national company like Nestle which also has a good reputation in the market can oversee the sample-analysis reports which might cause health-related problems to its consumers? Lastly,why some people try to forge the lab results as it seems in the current scenario to me because of that report all this havoc came into place and news are also about that Nestle consultants have also advised to sue the Indian government?
It is safe to say that the clouds of doubt and questions will surely fade in the near bright future.All we can now hope that the new samples will result with reports that can put this adored commodity back to the shelves of the departmental stores in the Indian market.

I just want to add that I am not judging anyone neither accusing nor do I want to.These are my views and take on the situation, I only want my favourite snack back in my house and on my plate,that's it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I was wondering just yesterday to change my mobile network operator because it really irked me that I couldn't send the e-mail on time which was extremely important for my Project in the final year of engineering and all thanks to the data plan I'm using since it was hell bent to not provide me even 2G network, forget to think about 3G. It has really made my life miserable.
And now while searching the trending topics across Twitter, I came across #Airtel4GSpeedTest and this is something totally amazing I'm going to share now. Using this hashtag, I can actually check out the speed comparisons between 4G, 3G & 2G networks to download a particular application(App) of my own choice,I mean how cool is that, one can actually analyze the results without spending a penny on any of it and make the decision easily by just reviewing the data.
This initiative by Airtel India is first of a kind direct response campaign currently going on at Twitter which empowers the end users,that is,the consumers. It can also be seen that Airtel is really serious about its customers as they are providing information about the true speeds of 4G network.
When power is given out to end users, I always get excited, hence I tried my hands on this campaign and did the speed test for apps like Zomato, Facebook & Quora and the results were just mind-boggling, I mean this is fantastic and super fun Do It Yourself Speed Test.Airtel India has surely bowled me over and you can see it yourself too. Like seriously, downloading Quora in 3 seconds, this is incredible.

And it is simply easy to do it, all you need to do is log on to Twitter and tweet @airtelindia #Airtel4GSpeedTest <Application name> , for example, @airtelindia #Airtel4GSpeedTest Facebook, and it's done.
Or one if finds it difficult can follow the step-by-step guide to test it.
I suggest that testing it out is more important rather than just relying upon me or somebody else otherwise how will you find out the awesomeness of #Airtel4G.

Monday, August 10, 2015

What hurts more?

What doesn't break you makes you strong,
What you never see coming through always hit you at your sensitive points,
What you never wish can sometimes become a reality you dreaded,
Truth never hurts,betrayal does,
What an enemy is incapable of doing would be done to you by a spineless Friend,
Expect the unexpected from the person whom you relied throughout your life,
Because believe me, this kind of blow can reck the base of your fundamentals and make you wonder that 'Are you that stupid that you didn't see it coming or are you that bad that you deserve that?'
Friend is a word with so much of potential that just thinking about it can send shivers down to your body, makes you believe that someone else is out there to stand by you apart from your family no matter whatever the situation you are in or buried deep in mess but a spineless friend who doesn't support you at the hour of need can potentially quake the belief on this institution.
What doesn't hurt is that you know your enemies and you know that they would do anything and everything practically possible to bring you down in front of the whole world, they don't mask themselves, they don't pretend to be in your good books, they just warn you to watch out, look out for rescue.
So, its better to have an enemy to increase our strength
Because a friend who is not in need can never be a friend indeed.
But Its Still Okay coz life goes on and on....

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Why do we love Instagram?

What is the need of Instagram?

This is one of the question I'm tired of answering to my parents on a daily basis, what is the need of Instagram when we can use Facebook. Like seriously, how this question can be put up?
Firstly, you can capture good pictures with the Instagram camera and actually edit them using a wide range of filters on the go,make your pictures speak a lot more than just being a snapshot.
Secondly,this app only allows photo/video sharing by a user straightaway avoiding all the connected links which we find associated with them on FB. In the news feed ,one can only see what they actually wanna see chucking all the advertisements.
This app is like looking back into your life and smile on all the memories you have made while looking at your own page.

Without any protest, I can declare even while sleeping that I love my phone because it has Instagram in it and I'm addicted to it coz of this.
P.S. my insta ID Simran.Rathi

Friday, August 7, 2015

A nice quote

"You won't earn a million unless you invest a million."

Shopaholic series - By Sophie Kinsella

I just love this book series and especially this quote, I mean a line with few words couldn't sound more powerful and practical in the present competitive world. 
One can not achieve anything until or unless they put their efforts or assets in order to get it, the more you put ,the more you get.
This simple line gives me so much power to try out things which others may consider risky but ventures with high risk also brings probable chances of high profit margins.

Am I right??

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