Thursday, June 16, 2016

Product Review | Turmeric & Rose Water With Forest Honey Face Wash by SoulTree

Hello all!
My blog has got a new makeover, Change should be a Constant thing and I try my best to keep it that way.
Now I am going to share my experience of using the new Face Wash by Soul Tree, I have been using the Turmeric & Rose Water With Forest Honey Face Wash by Soul Tree for the past 30 days on a regular basis. So let's get started.

First of all, the face wash is totally natural and organic, and comes in a nice plastic bottle packaging which is non-breakable. As the name goes it is manufactured by combining Organic Turmeric with extracts of Indian Rose, Aloe & Forest Honey. And it is recommended for Dry to Normal Skin Type.

After an exhausting day at outdoors, I would love to let these herbs to do their magic on my skin as well as in the morning too for a smooth glowing skin.
Upon usage I have found that the consistency of the Face Wash is somewhat a honey-orange color gel-like not too thick but not runny too and it smells very earthy which is very soothing & calming to the senses. 
Two dollops are required in a single usage and washing it off with water, I can feel my face moisturized with skin clear, supple and fragrant.
Price:Rs.295/- for 120 ml bottle

      I highly recommend this face wash to every one out there to use in order to get visible Skin Improvement and also to promote the concept of sustainable development and safe Ayurvedic Cosmetics.

Why SoulTree?
-The products are made from natural ingredients collected and processed through eco-friendly procedures.
-Certified by BDIH, Germany.
-Free from petroleum based or harsh chemicals such as SLS/SLES, silicones, DEA/TEA, phenoxyethanols, artificial fragrances and colors.

*The packaging of the product is very nice, compact, recyclable and comes very handy where travelling is concerned, that is, I can put them in my handbag & it won't eat up my space.
*These products & a lot more from the different ranges are currently available on various e-commerce websites.
*You can visit their website & browse the entire collection by CLICKING HERE 
or copy pasting this link in your browser-
*Also check out their Social Media Profiles for latest updates.

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Blogs to Follow-LetUsPublish

Blogging community is considered as most-trustworthy in terms of getting unbiased opinions about anything and everything after your friends and relatives. But the problem arises when there are too many suggestions turned up on the internet by clicking the search tab and getting the authentic content is a major issue. I personally follow many blogs to get an insight of what's going around, what's hot and definitely what's not and on top of my list is the Let Us Publish .
Let Us Publish promises a wholesome package for its readers on a daily basis. The blog doesn't cover a particular niche but delivers the information on many categories such as entertainment, lifestyle, self-improvement, beauty, fashion, the high-profile events coverage and much more. I make it a point that I check the website once a week to get updated on the trends.
What I love about them are many things but few 
1. Lesser Ads, more the space for content on the website, because let's be honest who loves advertisement, one or two is good but too many irks a lot.
2. The website has been designed brilliantly, the interface is user-friendly and very smooth to use. The web pages comes in an instant, you do not have to wait a great deal on time for it to come on your screen. 
3.What's wonderful for readers is that you can get almost all the topics that are categorized as Bizarre, Business, Entertainment, Fashion, Technology and Lifestyle on the top of web page as tabs. No pop-up issues or time wastage in hunting the menu down. A diverse coverage on trends makes it your ultimate place to go for.
4. Also in this tech-savvy world, they are present on almost all the social media, it's like you name it and you have it kinda way, find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and YouTube to stay updated. Must say they take their readers seriously because maintaining these much social media profiles along with a popular website like theirs in a very prolific way is commendable. 
5. As a reader, I must say I like browsing on LetUsPublish and there is always something to grab the attention but there are too much of snapshots of articles on the home page and some are even a year old and the gallery kit is almost on the bottom that you can see only if you take your time to go all the way down, I wish that they should put it on the top because come on, they are really good photographers and I love way too much to look at pictures than the content at first and pics are itself a million words unsaid. And secondly, the homepage is way too long, it needs to be shortened.

Lots of things have been written but the special mention goes to Yogita Aggarwal, a Delhi based problogger and a marketing professional. She is a proud Indian running and , those have lakhs of monthly readers and a great social presence, I have met her twice on the blogger meets and found her a very nice individual. The way she gives attention to all the details can be seen on both of her websites. More power to you girl for providing us with awesome media coverage.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Product Review: NEESH Perfumes

Hi all!!
Today on the blog is the review of an Indian perfume brand-Neesh.
As we all know, whenever we talk about fragrances, French perfumes always comes to our mind, isn't it true??
But coming to our mind is one thing when compared  with getting it into our hands. They are ridiculously expensive to be very honest though they are good. But all our woes have came to an end with NEESH
About Neesh- NEESH has defined style and crafted jewelry of notable rarity and beauty. NEESH's passion and distinctive style has created the most fabulous jewelry and amazingly smelling perfumes in the world. 

What I have received from NEESH?

It has a quite fresh and clean fragrance. The smell is not very modest or over-powering but strong enough for others to notice you.
Oud De Venice
It has a floral and spicy fragrance combination. This is perfect to wear for an evening get together to make an expression with your subtlety.
Yes!! this is our very own Indian brand that specializes in perfumes. I cannot say about one thing that I truly likes the most about this since there are many of those. So, I have a compiled a list for that.
1. First of all, they are pocket-sized like Mini Pocket Perfumes, can be put in our handbags or sling bags very easily. They do not take up space much.
2. They comes in a non-breakable packaging and it is quite adorable.
3. The fragrances are refreshing.
4. Each Mini Perfume costs Rs 340 and the best part is that we are actually paying less than a rupee for a spray.
5. Most importantly, they are available across all leading e-commerce websites like SnapDeal, Amazon, Flipkart and eBay.

Why Indians should invest on a good perfume?
India as a country has a moderate climate and most of the Indian cities have dense population and sweating is one thing which couldn't be controlled and stinky-smelly individuals are a big turn-off when they are standing with others. 
So guys and girls, don't make your body odour a hindrance in front of your personality because first impression remains the last.

Let's plan some fun with Datsun redi-GO

My four years of college life has come to an end three days back and a totally new chapter of life awaits. Going to job, earning money, improving skills, managing funds and most important of all relocating to a new place and doing all the basic stuff like laundry, cooking, cleaning all on your own still enjoying what I call life is on the cards. Bygones will be bygones after few months.
But before all of this stuff starts to happen, I still have a month to do whatever I wish for without worrying about any deadlines or crib about the monotony of the routine I had from the last twenty years or would have in the coming ones.
And when you have nothing to do, you have a lot of time to do, and I started with the internet, while browsing through different websites, I stumble upon a new car by Datsun, that is, the Datsun redi-GO which is going to launch in June, probably in the next week on June 7 and an idea struck in my mind-Why not I plan an all girls trip to the North India? Since buying a new car is in my plan after graduation, the redi-Go fits well in my budget and ticks my specifications criteria, I can definitely give it a shot.
Exploring the hills and valleys in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand always excites me and with the convenience of your own vehicle and the company of friends, one can enjoy it to the fullest.
Me and my friend can drive a hatchback with very much of an ease and the designing of it is done in such a way that it looks comfortable to take it head on to the famous crowded Indian streets and park it wherever we can find a spot. (I am living in Delhi and parking is such a big issue one can never imagine.) 
A hatchback is always ideal when you are a novice driver like me who wishes to enjoy driving on a road trip with your friends and using the car to commute from your place to office and vice-versa. As an individual, I am expecting the car to give me a smooth driving experience on the plains and the hills too, lesser troubles for finding a parking spot for it and a modern-chic look in terms of its designing offering a good space for storage too. I don't know much about cars and their features but what I know is that I value comfort, price, ease of driving and looks over other things and the redi-GO is offering them to me in a great package deal.
What I really admire in Datsun redi-GO is its quirky and funky design, it looks cool on the road too, I also loved the designing of the interiors, it isn't something which I would rather say I haven't seen before or I always look forward to have it in a car's interiors but it is likeable and stylish.
I am looking forward to the trip in this car and hope that it will become memorable where we can test our limits and its too and yes, enjoy the newly found freedom and confidence in a fun way.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback. 

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