Sunday, June 18, 2017

An Ode To My Sibling

I have a very lovely and beautiful sister who is around five years younger than me. She's definitely a smart and prettiest individual of our family and I'm surely proud of her. But sometimes, I feel like I should be the only child of my parents.

I try to not to hate my sister, I really do but there are times when she can push my buttons to that extent that my life becomes a living spectacle for all who are watching. And all I wish for is that I should mysteriously evaporise from this Earth or she should.

Siblings around the world or scratch the world, the Galaxy are like this only, they are your bestest critics and a sound support system when you need, but they are the ones who can bring out the maximum out of your potential.

One day, you might want to kill them literally but note that, anyone else who is thinking that will definitely face your wrath.

To my everything and anything in the world and to the world's too, you siblings are the precious gems to keep and hold onto in our lives.


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