Friday, April 29, 2016

FIVE Unique Mehndi Designs to Drool Over This Season

In India, getting ready for festivals and special occasions like engagements and weddings is synonyms with getting the hands tattooed with henna on the hands, it's a mandatory and well-desired tradition which we all love to follow. Applying mehendi in various design patterns is considered as auspicious too. People all around the world are getting inspired by this liking of the Middle-eastern countries and India.

I totally love mehendi designs and I am sure that you all love getting henna tattoos on your hands too.
Mehendi designs can be both traditional as well as quirky to give it a much needed cool and trendiest style these days. This season I have discovered 5 coolest types and designs of mehendi which are amazingly awesome. These designs can go with ethnic, bohemian style of clothing and with westerns styled outfits too.
Now, I am gonna share my top FIVE unique mehendi designs to go for this season to rock the uber cool traditional chic look.

1. Tribal Mehendi Design

Tribal designs are on the top of my list, why I admire them the most is because they look beautiful and artistic on hands during the festivities and even after the shenanigans got over, you can totally go out with it without looking cliche.
Tip: Use of Gel Mehendi while getting these patterns tattooed makes it look more nice and aesthetic.

2. Minimalist Mehendi Design

As you can see this is a very simple design for those who doesn't want too much of mehendi sometimes (like my sister). My sister had this design on her left hand and it was looking very much pretty and I really liked that design. The design was created by simple natural mehendi.
Tip: You can try it yourselves since its very simple to practice.

3. The White Henna Design

This mehendi design I really and desperately want to try. One of my friend has shown me this pattern and I am drooling over it, I found that these designs and henna color are totally different & awesome. I am really looking forward to try them as soon as possible.
Tip: Get this design and style this with a tunic and denims.

4. Arabic Design

Arabic designs, these are coolest design in the mehendi world. No one in the world can overlook the intricacies in the Arabic designs, in the weddings, especially the bridesmaids always go for this. On one hand, it fills the hands completely and on the other hand, the patterns are very much detailed. 

Tip: These are created by black mehendi and they look coolest and can go with any occasion and you can try them out just for fun without having any occasion.

5. Pakistani Design

Last but not the least are the Pakistani henna designs they are truly beautiful and looks very graceful. I adore them whenever I am in doubt in getting a mehendi tattoo, I always go with the Pakistani designs.
Tip: Get a Anarkali suit/ Salwar kameez to style with the Pakistani Mehendi Designs to look more feminine and elegant.

So, girls do something out of the box this time with the Mehendi Designs & Be the Trendsetter. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Monetize Your Instagram Channel

Instagram is one of the trendiest photo & video sharing App in the social media these days. All the brands & celebrities along with people like you & me are inclining towards it to share an insight about their life & work, likes & dislikes & so much more. Instagram has also serve as the backbone to many businesses to flourish as they can talk about their recent launches, pitch their strategies to the target audiences by the use of hashtags & can develop a good follower base to progress.

Now, if you have a great Instagram Page and a followers list to boast off, then it is the time to make some money out of it. Blogmint has introduced a new addition to their website which is also for the first time in India that allows the integration of the Instagram account and you can monetize it too.
Yes, you have the luxury to make money for doing what you love to do on a daily basis. I have recently monetized my Instagram handle and did three campaigns also and my experience was amazing.
All what I had to do can be explained from the following steps.
  1. I applied  for the suitable campaigns on the Discover Campaigns Page.
  2. Within 24-48 hours, I got shortlisted by the brands and got acquainted with the campaign brief which included pictures & videos and the hashtags and link URLs to be used in the post's caption.
  3. Next step was to post the picture/video with the caption & it was then the time to sit back and relax maybe with a cup of coffee or stroll around.
  4. Within or less than 24 hours, I was able to see my updated Work Order in my dashboard on Blogmint's Website showing the status of the Live Insta. Must say, an efficient system to track down the posts.
  5. Although it was specified by Blogmint that the payments would be credited into the account within 30 days from the date of work-order completion but I have received all my 3 payments within a week or less.
All in all, my overall experience was hassle-free and nice where I made some good money too.
So #instapeeps, what are you waiting for, Monetize your Instagram Handle NOW!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Five Must-Have Indian Ethnic Jewelry Items

"Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique."

-Jennie Kwon
An outfit may be a sentence describing the complete persona of a woman but it is the jewelry that makes her look Fab!! & Wow!!
Jewelry may be those little things that can accentuate any outfit on any given day. A little here and there and you are on the top of your game. My love for jewelry is this much that whenever I go around a new place or go down the streets to explore a new market  or even sit down to browse on e-commerce websites, I always make a point to buy some rings, earrings, bangles, necklaces, etc. A girl can never have too many jewelry and clothes in my opinion and moreover, jewelry is the way to keep the memories alive.

So let's find out what are the 5 must have Indian ethnic jewelry that every girl should have.

1. Silver/Oxidised Brass Plated Jhumka/Chandbalis

Now, silver jhumka were always in the fashion, they can be paired with Salwar-suit or lehengas or Ethnic skirts, it is the most flexible item in terms of matching up with the outfit. The latest thing in this segment this season are the Chandbalis(half-moon shaped earrings), this brass plated oxidized metal earrings are the new thing on the block which makes them a must buy, also they can be paired with any ethnic wear to rock the look.

2. Rings

Rings are no doubt one of the best item that can make the fingers look slender and beautiful.
Wear a ring, small or big, and admire the beauty of your hand all day long.

3. Statement Necklace

Statement Necklaces are getting popular day by day. Buy a simple outfit, save on your money and invest on a great chunky or intricate necklace piece and transform your look completely.

4. Bangles

Metallic bangles are always the best option for accessorizing an outfit, also the safest bet to look elegant too. A dozen of metallic bangles in gold, silver and bronze are the must have for every girl.

5. Metallic Hoops
Metallic hoops can never go out of fashion, plain metallic big sized hoops be it circular or oval can go with ethnic skirts as well as with Indo-western outfits and a little addition of pearls and beads turns them into statement piece.

According to me, a piece of a  jewelry can add a new dimension to the entire dress and transforms your personality. For me, the jhumki/jhumka adds the elegance and makes you look delicate whereas the danglers and metallic hoops makes you look confident and independent, bangles on the wrist simply translates about the girl's love for music and melodies, on the other hand, wearing midi-rings and fringe necklaces can tell your love for contemporary and detailed fashion.
So girls, what are you waiting for, buy the chic Indian Ethnic Jewelry now & rock the Ethnic Diva look this summer.

Monday, April 18, 2016

What is Motivation??

 Motivation is a very powerful word. Motivation can be of any kind either to motivate ourselves or to motivate others. I believe you can’t motivate anyone unless that person wants to be motivated.
 There are different methods of motivation .The best method is self-motivation. For that you need to set small goals or targets for you and then try to achieve those targets. Once you achieve a goal, reward yourself with gift and again set a new target for you. This is best motivation method in my opinion.

A Life without achievements is useless.


      If you have any goal in your life, you can live your life full on. I am preparing for an exam and it would be very difficult for me to do preparation because I am working in a company. So I found a solution and I have set small targets for me and I succeeded. I scored good marks. 
So friends, what are you waiting for?
Set your target and aim for it. 
Get Set & Go……….

Friday, April 15, 2016

Indian Brand Convention & BAM Awards 2016

The 2016 season of Indian Brand Convention & BAM(Branding, Advertising & Marketing) Awards is open for participation from April 15, 2016. All Branding, Marketing, Design, Communications, Advertising, Sales, and Creative professionals in the country can participate in this magnificently designed platform for knowledge sharing and recognizing the industry doyens. 
This year, the Convention & Awards Ceremony will take place in New Delhi on May 28, 2016. Like previous year, the organizing company, Wafisilpa Entertainments, is expecting an active participation from the creative industry, comprising marketing, branding, advertising and other professionals who often play a decisive role in taking a business to its pinnacle. 
Today, India is a vibrating economy with businesses achieving new heights and also new startups making their presence felt with their innovation and novelty. And there is a whole generation of professionals who work hard in paving the success path of today’s business ventures. 
Indian Brand Convention & BAM Awards aim at recognizing & felicitating all such professionals and offer them a platform to share their stories to inspire others. Speaking about this year’s event, Talees Rizvi, the Director of Wafisilpa Entertainments, states, “A number of professionals have already registered for the event and some of the industry bigwigs are in the race for this grand recognition. However, we are expecting more participation till the entry closes and are being ready for a massive event at the financial capital of the country.”

The BAM Awards 2015 recognized industry leaders with some of the leading names, including Escorts Limited, L&T Metro Rail, Goibibo.Com, Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance, Zee Entertainment and Others. 
The 2016 Awards will announce the names of the new industry leaders at a Grand Ceremony at Mumbai. The event is expected to be a hot-spot of the industry leaders, business tycoons, entrepreneurs, media professionals, politicians, celebrities and others.

According to Talees, Indian Brand Convention 2016 will again have a knowledge-provoking agenda that will focus on the real-life case studies and examples, enlightening professionals to plan or create solutions for the growth of the Indian business. The Convention will witness the participation from the senior officials of different companies who will share their insightful thoughts and address the impending issues that are commonly found in different industry verticals.

Businesses, professionals and others who are interested to be part of the event can complete the participation process on the website

About Indian Brand Convention & BAM Awards

Indian Brand Convention & BAM Awards holds annually, organized by Delhi based Wafisilpa Entertainments. The Indian Brand Convention is a whole-day conference, involving participation from Branding, Marketing, Design, Communications, Advertising, Sales, and Creative professionals among others. The BAM Awards are the felicitation of Branding, Advertising & Marketing professionals from the Industry.

For Media Inquiries, please contact them at:

Telephone: + 91 11 49053207, 49053407, 49053507

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Healthy is the new Tasty | The Toasted Oats Co.

Who would have thought that healthy food can be really tasty??
I would have never, for me taste and health rarely goes hand in hand.
Last week, my these kind of notions came to an abrupt stop when I stumbled upon The Toasted Oats Co.'s Sugar Free Granola.

This Delhi based venture offers "Oats With A Twist" as I would love to say. So, let's find out more about my experience with The Toasted Oats Co.'s products.
I have tried and tasted two variants of the toasted oats, namely the Coconut & Cinnamon. The oats were packaged in very attractive glass bottles with floral labels adorning them. 
The Coconut flavor is packed with oats rolled and baked in honey with tropical fruits and roasted almonds with coconut shreds and protein-rich Chia, Flax and Sunflower seeds.
The Cinnamon flavor is the one with the oats rolled and baked in honey having almonds, berries & hints of cinnamon.
Image Credits: The Toasted Oats Co. Instagram

What I liked:

 1. A healthy, quick & tasty snack(can be consumed as it is).
 2. Nuts and Berries are of some really good shape and size.
 3. Can be taken with milk as a meal-A Complete & Balanced Diet.
 4. Oats being the core-ingredient is highly fibrous and helps in maintaining fitness.  
 5. Packaging is Eye-Catching. 
 6. Being rich with nuts, dried fruits and berries, an instant energy source.
 7. Since all the variants comes with the ample amount of seeds, hence good source of proteins.
 8. Travel friendly:The bottles are in my bag all the time, occupies less space and goes along with me wherever I head for.

What I don't like:

 Honestly, I don't find anything in them which isn't impressing me. Above all, they are crunchy and no one in my family & friends stops munching them.

The other two variants are Chocolate Chip and Rose.
Image Credits: The Toasted Oats Co. Instagram


    Rs.400 for 250 grams
    Rs.800 for 500 grams
    Rs.1600 for 1 kilogram
    And Rs.150 for shipping across Delhi 
Go check out to their Facebook Page to order and know more
Also follow their Instagram account @toastedoatcompany for latest Updates.

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