Sunday, August 21, 2016

Like It-Zap It to the ZapStore!!!

How many of you crave the idea of having an additional discount on your favorite items while you buy?
And how many of you believe that shopping is an art and not a curse.
One should have an eye for shopping, not everything that is available at first sight is the best out there for you, a good shopper always does a thorough market research and gets the item at the best and reasonable price possible.
Internet can be easily said as the one thing that has revolutionized this century and online shopping is a boon for all. Famous brand offers their specialties all across the world at the comfort of your home and clicks but all that shines isn't gold. There are multiple e-commerce websites that gives quite lucrative deals but the actual delivered product says a different story.
What I am gonna share is that there is an online store that has solved the above said woes. Yes, the Zap Store is a place where you can find the best deals by the trusted and tested e-retailers and also, you can score a great deal of cashback on it too.
All you have to do is sign up with Zap Store, make your own profile and set up your online store and whenever you buy from your recommendations or let's say if someone else does that, you will get the commission as cashback paid into the PayTM wallet or through NEFT into your bank account.
I have already made my store and I have added few glimpses from it so that you can check it out too.
I have created a Collection for myself of the dresses, shoes and accessories I would love to buy for myself.
As you can see the mid-length dress on the left is perfectly chic and feminine by Mango retailed by Myntra and will pass for a look for going out with friends to hang around.
The white color top in the middle passes for both semi-casual as well as formal attire when donned with a jacket/blazer and a form-fitted trouser.
The off-white crochet dress on the right is a nice summery dress and looks nice with minimal accessories. 
I can't describe from where to start the Carlton London shoes on the left has always left me with dreamy eyes, they are cool, chic, girly and super stylish, it's like as if they are saying, 'Oh girl, if you wanna make a statement walking in the party, then better put me on.' They can be paired with a floral, pastel dresses for the best look. 
And the grey flat ballerinas are all feminine and soft, they are the kind of shoes that makes you feel comfortable by just only looking at them.
 I love Lavie as the Indian handbag brand and I adore sling bags, they are just a small packet of utility and style and especially the above one because its all shiny and blingy.

Or you can copy paste the url-

I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore. 

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  1. finally Zapstore is here.the collection is really girlish and eye catching.they have almost all type of accessories.thanks for sharing the blog and link.


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