Friday, November 4, 2016

Product Review | The Nature's Co. Raspberry Face Wash

Today's up on the blog is the review of the product I have received from by the TNC team recently which is 'The Raspberry Face Wash'.

First of all, this face wash comes under the Forressence range of the brand and is for all-skin-types. 

The Nature's Co Raspberry Face Wash
Key Ingredients:  Raspberry extract, Aloe Vera extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Cream base. 
      Since the product is made from all the natural ingredients, it is totally skin-friendly and hence not harmful which is a relief because these days soaps and shampoos use a great deal of sulfates in them which can leave the skin rough and dry.
      It has a satin soft, pinkish glossy and pasty texture to it. It does smell like raspberries which is very pleasant to me, also I love berries, thus, it's my instant favorite.
Unlike many other brands, here  a little dollop is sufficient to wash your face.
      After using the face wash, the skin feels quite moisturized, soft and pinkish, also it doesn't left any residue behind. 
      The Face wash has an anti-oxidant and soothing cream which makes it a no-foam formula Face Wash giving us a soft and smooth skin after-use.

Price: Rs. 495 for 125ml
At this price, I would say this product totally worth its value. 
P.S. With The Nature's Co. regular discounts and promotional schemes going on, you can even grab it at a very lower price, so follow them on their different social media channels.
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  2. Good post, such reviews always help me in decision making, it looks good to me as well and price is also good. Need to get it for sure, thank you for sharing it

  3. These tips proved very useful for me and for this, I really want to mention thanks for sharing it with us.


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