Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Magical Stories with Colgate

Kids are synonymous with fun and are always up with creative ideas, give them a sight of something and you have just triggered their train of imagination. And these imaginative stories with which they gradually comes up are surprising, intriguing, interesting, sometimes thought provoking and most of the times shatter the thoughts but they are truly lovely.
Last weekend, I got the chance to witness the same. I have been visiting my aunt at her place and I have a very beautiful and notorious six year old cousin who can talk for hours and hours without a break. And by a chance, I happen to shop around with her in the mall for buying the basic monthly household stuff and bought the special Colgate Strong Teeth Toothpaste pack because she could use the empty pack to unleash the sea magic trapped in it by cutting them out.
She has picked the Pirate Ship pack and then with the help of scissors and me, she got all the cut-outs in her hand within few minutes. Then I had to sail with my little sister on her voyage to travel all around the world.
According to her, the cut-outs resemble her and her elder brother and their names would be Sara and Arya respectively and they would be travelling all around the world and I would be the crew member. With them, there will be a parrot who could speak and would talk stupidly and foolishly, spills food and creates false alarms many times throughout the entire journey, the parrot would drive everyone mad on the ship and Arya secretly wishes to kill the foolish parrot but could not because his sister loves and adores her little pet.
The little pirates wished to cover European towns to collect or more precisely steal the mementos in order to make their mark over there. One crazy ideas I distinctly remember to paint the Eiffel tower pink because it would make it look more elegant according to her and sailing her ship alongside the dolphins.
There was also a question that made her frown her tiny forehead was how many dolphins and sharks could she find when we all were traveling and whether sharks can eat the dolphins or the dolphins could swim faster than the sharks. And what would happen if we had the chance encounter with the Blue Whale whose size would be twice big as that of our pirate ship, added my little ten year old brother. And if our ship got struck in the storm, how travelling on the back of the dolphins would be the best idea to save our lives and much more.
Kids have a unrestricted imaginative train of thoughts, that's why we all say that childhood is the best time of a person's life. And this is the only phase where we can be whatever we like without bothering about the complications attached with that. It is that phase which shapes our long journey of life ahead.

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