Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It's a welcome back!!

Hi to all my readers!! I'm back from my month long sabbatical from my blog. Lots of stuff happened over the time which will be shared with you rather sooner or later but in the meanwhile, lots of posts are gonna be up about product reviews, travel destinations and much more.
Recently, I have discovered an app targeting the audience of the younger generation of girls around and it's totally fun to browse through it. And I'm running many polls there(the best feature of the app) to get to know the mindset of my fellow girlies.

Today's first featured poll is regarding the Clothing section and we all know GIRLS LOVES CLOTHES!!!
But we all live in the world of a limited budget where brands do offer varieties within a very different price ranges. And hence I have done a poll where the question was like this-

"Which is your fav multi-brand apparel store?'' (in India)

And the options were like this---

A. LifeStyle
B. Pantaloons
C. Max
D. Westside

And the poll closed in 48 hours with 407 votes making LifeStyle as the winning choice with 36% votes. 
So, here it is, almost 146 women out of 407 would be entering at LifeStyle stores first if they are out to shop and buy when they stand in front of all of these four stores if they're given the choice!

Thanks for reading this and have a lovely day ahead:-)


  1. Thanks for the blogging. Liked it.

  2. I voted for lifestyle as well! i guess you can never have enough of lifestyle? no? Glad that that will be the focus! all the best.


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