Monday, August 10, 2015

What hurts more?

What doesn't break you makes you strong,
What you never see coming through always hit you at your sensitive points,
What you never wish can sometimes become a reality you dreaded,
Truth never hurts,betrayal does,
What an enemy is incapable of doing would be done to you by a spineless Friend,
Expect the unexpected from the person whom you relied throughout your life,
Because believe me, this kind of blow can reck the base of your fundamentals and make you wonder that 'Are you that stupid that you didn't see it coming or are you that bad that you deserve that?'
Friend is a word with so much of potential that just thinking about it can send shivers down to your body, makes you believe that someone else is out there to stand by you apart from your family no matter whatever the situation you are in or buried deep in mess but a spineless friend who doesn't support you at the hour of need can potentially quake the belief on this institution.
What doesn't hurt is that you know your enemies and you know that they would do anything and everything practically possible to bring you down in front of the whole world, they don't mask themselves, they don't pretend to be in your good books, they just warn you to watch out, look out for rescue.
So, its better to have an enemy to increase our strength
Because a friend who is not in need can never be a friend indeed.
But Its Still Okay coz life goes on and on....


  1. Very often friends turn out to be more dangerous than enemies. Your poem carries a lot of meanings

  2. It's sad that some friends turn out to be the rotten ones. Well Written.

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