Sunday, August 9, 2015

Why do we love Instagram?

What is the need of Instagram?

This is one of the question I'm tired of answering to my parents on a daily basis, what is the need of Instagram when we can use Facebook. Like seriously, how this question can be put up?
Firstly, you can capture good pictures with the Instagram camera and actually edit them using a wide range of filters on the go,make your pictures speak a lot more than just being a snapshot.
Secondly,this app only allows photo/video sharing by a user straightaway avoiding all the connected links which we find associated with them on FB. In the news feed ,one can only see what they actually wanna see chucking all the advertisements.
This app is like looking back into your life and smile on all the memories you have made while looking at your own page.

Without any protest, I can declare even while sleeping that I love my phone because it has Instagram in it and I'm addicted to it coz of this.
P.S. my insta ID Simran.Rathi

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