Saturday, May 28, 2016

Find the little Hidden Eye-Starry things on ZoFind

Travelling and living in a city is meaningless if you are not able to experience most of its specialties, they may be some big hot-shot places to drool over or they may be some small around the corner localities favorites spots. But for this purpose, we need to have either the zeal to go and search down each nooks of that place or be the friend of that one technophobe friend – the one who knows the city through their own eyes, and goes places asking directions, figures out a new place to hang out in, has a perfect option for you just around the corner. You didn’t know about this coffee shop, or restaurant, or theatre, because Google Maps or Apple maps did not have it in their database. 

What if I told you that there is now a way you can stay ahead of your rustic friend?

Yeah, you got it right, now we can do that with ZoFind.

What is it???

A website developed by an Indian startup Venture, Zofind isn’t exactly a novel ground-breaking technology or a billion-dollar idea. Rather, it is a venture that takes an already existing idea and projects it toward an audience that said idea had hitherto overlooked. While PVR Saket or Regal would be mentioned in Google Maps, would every local theatre hall be also there? Maybe not! With Zofind, you’ll find not only the big guns, but also the small businesses that are in Delhi. 

Covering the Capital

So far, being a recent Start-up venture, ZoFind has only covered the capital of India, Delhi. Delhi is one of the largest cities in the world and has no end to attractions in it. With all the recent hype about Make in India, it is kind of sad that when it comes to entertainment, we inevitably turn to large corporations with tremendous western influence while neglecting the small businesses that serve the country from a very grass-root level. With a small but effective website such as ZoFind, you’ll be able to get into your attention span numerous small businesses that’ll change the way you look at the city and give the rustic life a chance. 

What the Developers has  to say?

Website developer Mohit Bardia aided by his team have come up with an extensive and elaborate framework of hotels, parks, restaurants, coffee shops, movie theaters and what not around the city of Delhi. You can access them from their website which will soon be available in and around the android marketplace. The website will be targeted, as stated earlier, solely at one city for now, but the developers hope that following their success, they’ll increase the outreach of the website to span other cities as well. 

Naturally, since they’re competing with giants such as Google and Apple, it’s obvious that the developers of the website need support from the common Delhi man in the street if they are to be successful. It’s up to the massive android customer base to ensure if India’s battle for net-neutrality will remain put, and a sure fire way of making sure that giant corporations do not get control over the internet is so support small applications such as these which not only have the plus side of being completely Indian, but also have benefits that famous apps do not provide. Quite naturally, ZoFind has already developed a reasonable customer base and is looking to increase in demand as time goes by. 

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