Sunday, July 10, 2016

Catch Up on Lost Growth

Growth is very important in an individual's life whether it is in terms of mental, social, physical or emotional growth especially if we are talking about a child under the age of ten. It shapes the entire personality of the kid, if they are not taller in comparison to their friends, they have a sort of under-confidence or inferiority complex which silently starts creeping into their skin. Believe it or not, a child wants to perform exceptionally well in all spheres of his life but sometimes things like learning capacity, height and weight according to their age are not in their own control and do not help the way as much they wish to do it in their favour. These kind of irregularities makes them anxious and pushes their skills and talent to an ignorant side. 
It is when the role of parents came into foreplay to make sure that they are actually understanding the requirements of their children and their health not just in a figurative way but more in comprehensible manner, one should always understand that the children attains maximum growth at a tender age, and if their diet is carefully planned, then it can shape them in a very constructive way. I have also read an article about an Australian Chef where he was talking about how he make sure to pack a meal for his kids whenever they are going out for a friend's birthday party at McDonald's because he simply cannot stand the fact that his children would eat unhealthy junk food that could restrict their growth and development in their early years of life. 
There is a phrase that says 'Time Never Returns' but there is also a saying which goes like 'Never Says Never' and also 'One Can Always Start Again'. 
Yes, if you believe that your child has lost on growth in his early years, then you still have time to make amends and it starts by simply incorporating little changes in their food habits because eating good food always reflects on the body. The children should be given vitamins and more importantly these vitamins in the diet should come out directly from their natural sources as much as it is possible to keep it that way. Also proteins and carbohydrates with the suitable amounts of fat should be indulged in the diet because a kid needs his energy from somewhere to exhaust.
 As much as a balanced diet is important, physical activities involving playing outdoors should be considered. These days with the onset of technology and its reach to everyone's hands quite smoothly have made the kids to stop going out to play in  the park or enjoy the beauty of the rains and this simply highlights the fact that they do not put their energy to burn the calories which they have consumed and leads themselves onto the path of obesity. 
Finally, in my opinion growth of children is really important and with the help of nutritionists and the internet at service in this constantly developing and improving world, one can always catch up on the lost growth soon.

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