Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Product Review | Forressence Lemon Grass Body Wash by The Nature's Co.

Hi all!!
Today's up on the blog is the product review. And we have Foressence Lemon Grass Body Wash by The Nature's Co up here.
Ingredients: Lemon Grass extract, Pro-vitamin B5 and Aloe-Vera extract.

First of all, I'm totally in love with the packaging, it comes in a transparent plastic-bottle pack and you can co-relate the appearance with the product name itself. It looks all foresty green, refreshing and natural. 

Coming to the product itself the body wash's aroma is quite nice & deodorizing  and helps your nerves getting an instant relaxation as well as rejuvenation. Also the liquid soap is neither too thick nor runny & a small amount or a dollop of it forms a good amount of lather from it that completely purifies and cleanses the skin. 
Since the product is made from all the natural ingredients, it is totally skin-friendly and hence not harmful which is a relief because these days soaps and shampoos use a great deal of sulfates in them which can leave the skin rough and dry and that makes me sad:-( 
You can actually see the goodness of it as I have attached the video too.

The plus side of using natural/organic products is that they are very effective and in this case especially, using the Lemon Grass Body Wash, you can leave your worries about the issue of body odour aside.
Priced at Rs.545/- for 250 ml, this item is all value for money and with schemes and discounts running on this brand's social networking pages, you may bag great deal too if you're lucky. So, don't forget to check out their social network profiles. Log on to their website and browse through a wide range of the goodness of natural organic products by clicking here.
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