Saturday, September 12, 2015

Explore At Explorate

Recently,while browsing through the pages of my favorite Fashion Blogs, I came across with Explorate and this is what I wanna blog and share about right now.
How many times while shopping do we think that we should get a second opinion from someone credible/knowledgeable or could someone show a really awesome dress/shoe before 'I swipe my VISA CARD' or what should be bought to be in the list of trendsetters or what if I get styled by a Fashion Stylist/Guru or how can I save my time and check out the stuff from all the brands or how can I save myself from committing any fashion blunder or how can I get acquainted with the trend of the season or.............................., this list can never end,believe me.I am studying Engineering,my placement drives are going on,m both parents are working,my sister is studying Science at Senior School and my friends are as busy as I am,to cut it in short,I don't have time neither do the persons I look upon to guide me with shopping and I can't just buy stuff and put my money in drain for the need of the hour.

So, to put a full and final stop to all these worries,here we have Explorate, the one destination where you can browse all the stuff from all the brands under one roof,and the best thing is that these products are not just stored to create a storehouse instead these are selected,recommended and clipped by Fashionistas like me and you.The best part is that this website is not offering you the products,that is, if you like the product and want to buy it,it will automatically redirect you to the seller once you click on buy,it actually is offering the best of e-commerce to you.

What we get in return is we are saving a lot of our time because browsing through each website to buy an item costs a lot of time and data usage too:( ,also one can easily miss a brand or two while doing it and regret it later whereas here we get a lot more brands,also the items which are the best trends on the top and we do get the option to follow our Fashion Gurus whom do we look upto for their sense in fashion and its world.

Right now at Explorate,one can find a dynamic range of clothing, accessories, beauty products and quirky stuff but who knows what we may get in our happening future,well I don't know for sure.
So divas what are you waiting for, just do what you LOVE TO DO::SHOP , browse the collection and love the experience hands-on.

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  1. Even I always explore something that is related to fashion or related to the latest makeup products launch. They are my type of exploration and I just love that you also have posted something about this.


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