Thursday, October 1, 2015


Recently,browsing through the different websites across the different genres,I stumble upon an amazing website based on dance known as which is surely a hangout zone for those who loves dancing,trust me,I am a big dancing freak myself too. So,putting this website over my radar and reviewing it,I found out that this website totally justifies its name.
One can search a wide range of dance forms under the Dance Zone tab and browse through different sections under it, let it be 20 different dance styles such as ballet, odissi, flamenco, jazz, swingaerial and many more or surf the dance videos of different dance forms and all the videos are just awesome and believe me it is really troublesome to pick out the best one since all are enticing enough to inspire you learn and try out that style and my personal favorite is the one from swing and swing but all the others are no less too.
This website also offer an insight to the aspects like Dance Anatomy,Dance Diaries,Interviews and biographies of some famous personalities where their success stories and life journey is shared and these things helps a lot in shaping things of your life because you never know how a small statement impacts you.
Well, keeping this spiritual stuff aside, let's get back to the stuff in which we were headed initially,that is, THE DANCE BIBLE. The two exclusive features of this website that stands it apart from others in its league are the Dance Portfolios and the Dance Forum.
The dance forum is one of a kind of platform for social networking where you have the opportunity to ask anything or precisely everything,if you have a doubt, why keep it up to you or dug deep inside you when  it can be eluded out of your system in front of those who share a same perspective about that and can guide you or provide you with a better explanation or a range of options to choose from. So, thumbs up to Dance Forum, its like an open balcony where you can go and scream and come back feeling freshened up.
The next thing which caught my attention is the Dance Portfolios, yeah it is what that it seems to be, you can create an actual portfolio about your dancing skills and off-course yourself, you can put your dancing story, photos, videos and particular styles or skills acquired in this art-form. And the high-point is that this portfolio helps in promoting,showcasing your talent to a bigger audience,networking with them and mind it that these people are as like-minded as you.
To conclude this blog post in the end, I must say that this initiative has impressed me totally being one of its own kind and the stuff which is happening over there is really fresh and inspiring as well as encouraging for the budding dancers.Also,people follow them on facebook too to get regular updates about the Dance Bible.

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