Saturday, October 10, 2015


Well, the wait is almost over. 20 hours or less straight from now on, Bigg Boss 9,the Indian adaptation of Bigg Brother will start on Indian Television with its ninth season for a stretch of almost three(3) months.
It should not be an understatement that this is the most anticipated reality TV show in India and why it shouldn't be since every year it shows the popular celebrities locked up inside a house leaving them disconnected with the outside world. Also, it showcases the housemates in their true colors, their actual personalities. For viewers, it's a way to get entertainment and root for their favorites.
In the past 8 seasons, this show has proved to be a roller-coaster ride for both the contestants and the audiences with the fights among contestants and innovative weekly tasks. Also, featuring in this show has also became beneficial for the contestants to get exposure as well as projects in the entertainment industry which ultimately rose them to fame.
Sometimes, this show has been criticized for being scripted or fabricated but none as affected ts popularity. Till the last season, Bigg Boss has maintained high TRPs.
Still the show hasn't even aired ON this year and already there are rumors started circulating about the possible list of house inmates, the house interiors,decor and foreign celebrity engagement itself.
To sum up all, only one thing can be said is that we have to tune in at 21:30 on colors today to kill the suspense and put an end to the wild guesses and hope that it worth it.

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