Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fashion Alert!!! Shirt Dresses Are the New Thing!!

Hi there!!!
Fashion is always edgy, comfortable and sometimes outrageous for me.
I have been flipping pages and browsing through e-magazines of Fashion Houses and found that this season shirt dresses are a new trend to follow.
As I have observed, these dresses look really flattering(depends upon our choice and preference) and seems to be very comfortable to carry. A very less effort is required to style oneself in a shirt dress, all you have to do pair it with a nice pair of shoes like gladiators or flip flops,etc , a nice pair of sunglasses(oversize that's what I would be preferring) , a cool sling bag or a clutch and any accessory according to your likes would complete the look.
In my opinion this is the latest fashion and styling alert for the fashionistas this season.
So, go girls and grab your shirt dresses to set up the new trends soon.


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