Saturday, October 10, 2015

Internet Of Things : The New Rave in Technology

In the arena of Technology, one term is being used very often these days, which is the Internet of Things or IoT and those who are not of this field find it difficult to comprehend. So, let's start from the scratch and decode this phrase, we all know that internet simply means a global computer, interconnected network which uses standardized communication protocols and provides the user with information and communication facilities. Things means physical objects.
Thus, IoT means connecting things or objects to the Internet and the way to accomplish this vision, one has to incorporate the objects into a network embedded with electronics, sensors and network connectivity. In other words, I can put it as IoT will help in connecting the dots.

Now, I think it's time to chuck all the technical stuff and get back down to reality,that is, how this technology known as IoT will impact us or human beings?
Since this is the most basic question which comes to our mind when we try to learn about something new.
With the use of IoT, one can connect all the possible objects like electrical appliances, helmets or robots, etc. with the Internet and can easily control, monitor and manage them with the help of a remote which again can be a mobile phone, or a TV remote. You need not has to be present in person over there to switch ON or OFF an object or change the parameters of it.
So guys, isn't it will be cool to control whatever you want with a click sitting anywhere in the world with Internet, hence, these are the few benefits of IoT will be in the future.
Experts have already estimated that IoT will consist of about 50 billion objects till the end of 2020.
Since, I believe Digital Is Default, so, it's better to get acquainted with IoT soon. 

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