Wednesday, November 25, 2015

App Review: HolidayIQ

Today while browsing through the trending topics on the Twitter, I came across a contest called #HolidayBetter conducted by HolidayIQ and somewhere down the line, it intrigued me to take part in it and during that process, it came into my notice that its an app called as HolidayIQ which is available at Google Play Store to download and as a curious soul which I am always without wasting a second, I installed it on my Smartphone.
Okay, here's the review:
First of all, it's a travel app and not for just only travel enthusiasts but for those who is an explorer.
This app provides reviews on different tourist places and these reviews are the first hand account of the travelers. There's a tab called Destination on it where you can browse through different places or the one of your choice, once selecting that a whole range of local tourist attractions will open up to visit and each one of it will have ratings and reviews attached with it. In short, you are getting suggestions to design your trip according to your own will that too for free.
We all have faced one problem while getting out of our house is that of the erratic network coverage, sometimes it's a no trouble zone but many times when needed the most and here the offline feature of the App comes into the foray, you can actually download the information and access it offline the same way you would have with internet access.
There' also feature of the app which is called customized Holiday Packages and as the name suggests it is what it is, offering tailor-made packages for you.
What I love the most about this App is that the pictures of various places are breath-taking and intriguing enough for you to tempt to plan an outing there.
Also the icing on the cake is that there are travel blogs up for read inspiring people to get onboard to travel.
All in all,really nice App with a user-friendly interface, easy to handle by anyone and I would suggest my readers to download it and enjoy while using it.
P.S. : They had a very good TVC on youtube, do check it out.

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