Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fight the Evil Inside You This Diwali.

Happy Diwali to all those who are reading this post. May this festival brings all the happiness and whatever you wish for in your life.
Diwali symbolizes the festivities of the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhaya after winning the battle against Ravana or the ultimate win of good over evil. But the times has been changed, tables have turned and the same scenarios do not persist in our society anymore, instead there are things which are more troublesome have cropped up with the passage of time.
I do not intend to make this piece any controversial but only wishes to put my thoughts a little forward. We are people who have been fortunate enough to learn the craft of read and write and henceforth can observe and analyse things on our own to a great extent but we are using this wisdom of ours to create groups, communities or virtual barriers amongst ourselves. I never understood why we cannot see the other person as a living being then as a human first to create their impression in our minds, what is the need of caste, color, religion, nationality, sometimes personal preferential choices being considered to come upon a decision to judge them. If we all just chuck all this stupid stuff into a trash can, then this same world can be a better place to live in.
The communities and groups were once made with the intentions to help the people, to lend the hand to those who were in need rather than picking on others on the name of it.
They were once meant to unite not divide. 
God has made us into beautiful creatures but never put a tag on us which says we belong to this or that, it's us who are doing this non-sense of categorizing instead of categorizing them on your talents and skills.People are not bad,it's us  who are making them one.

So peeps, I would request you all that from this Diwali or from the instant when you feel it right, come out of your shells and stop fooling around, consider a person first as a human then make assumptions about them rather than categorizing them according to your own comfort and burdening yourself under a pile of irrational little things and diminish the evil inside you.

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