Saturday, November 21, 2015

Technology : Smartphones & Us!!!

I am a self-confessed Technocrat and a happy one too. In my opinion, the Smartphones are definitely one of the best things that had happened to the human race in the 21st century. I am addicted to my mobile phone and why shouldn't I, it has each and every thing I may need or related to me stored inside it.
I got my hands over my Smartphone during last summer, precisely April 2014 and I am completely bowled over by it. It would be an understatement if someone would say that I like my phone, as a matter of fact I am in awe of it, totally and completely loved it to the core from the bottom of my heart.
What I admire about them the most is the power given to the end-user to choose the device of their choice whether in terms of mobile color like white, black, silver, gold, blues, red, etc ( I prefer midnight blue for a matter of fact), display screen size, OS, camera and much more.
From the point of view of a youngster in a developing country like India, I have put down the basic key requirements one would go through while picking up a phone and these are:
  • A budget phone under the belt of Rs.25000. Well, this is because we have to juggle up our finances between many things and activities and draining out all the savings at once won't help. Come on people understand, we are college peeps and we have a lot to manage in our daily life.
  • A good resolution frontal and back camera because ours is a Selfie-generation and for good & fun selfies, they are not gonna compromise on the features of a camera a mobile company has to offer even if it means to shelling out some extra money sometimes.
  • Since the best and user-friendly affordable OS in the market is Android, one has to keep in check the version of Android they would be having after purchasing and this directly points out that latest Android version is expected, for an example, Android M currently.
  • A good RAM and internal storage supported smartphone with the processor running inside it be an Octacore at least.
  • Additional features like different sensors, phone covers and accessories also plays a major role while the selection.  
For an example, if I have a chance to buy a Smartphone right here and then, I will be looking for a 13 MP back & 5 MP frontal camera at least, 5.5 inch display screen, 401 ppi with 4 GB RAM and  8 GB internal storage minimum, Octacore Processor, Android M as the OS and 4G technology supporting it under the range of Rs.15,000-Rs.20,000. Also, I will be emptying my wallet on cool accessories such as Phone Covers, Headphones/Earphones, etc.

All in all, the coming of the Smartphones has changed the youth for better because if I'm going to prick about something, there will be a long list to compile on but if we look on the sunnier side, the advent of the smartphones has created a new zone of jobs & courses such as App development, Social Media Interns & Experts, Freelance Photographers and many more which ultimately became possible because of the numerous features can be catered to the user by a smartphone.

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