Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why Crackers???????

Happy Diwali to all!!!!!!!!!
Diwali is a festival of light, yes yes yes, everyone knows it, what's new in that??? right???
Nothing's new in the definition,I have got that a long time ago but there are some people who believe that unconsciously that there is more to crackers rather than lights.
I can point out many reasons or the excuses I've heard over the years that why folks around me love this amusement of theirs.
  • One of the many ways to show that they are more affluent, well to do than others.
  • They are doing it only for a day in the entire year.
  • They do not have any other means to enjoy throughout the year because they are very busy with their lives.
  • They love the way these crackers burn and sound and go up high in the sky.
  • One day's harm could not make any difference in the present environmental scenario.
  • They are not doing it for themselves, it's just that their kids love it. They can't help in that.
  • They can afford it then why it is bothering others??
  • They only burn crackers worth of Rs. 1000 and mind that not a penny more or less.
Well, this is a start, if I only have my full day in my hand, mark my words, I can go on for hours without a pause. And the irony of the situation is that these so called  reasons are so lame that  you can wonder how these people are going to an extent of  utter stupidity and foolishness to justify their actions.
But peeps, if we think about the side effects and ponder over it,there will be millions of points which can force us to stop this immature habit of ours. First,burning crackers cause a hell lot of pollution, air becomes substantially unfit for breathing,birds die due to shock of the sound coming out of it.
And more importantly, a big hefty chunk of money goes into drain in the form of ash and what for,that is,just for an hour or two of fun.
This practice should be stopped as early as possible, I know that one cannot make a huge difference but definitely, one can initiate with creating a difference.
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  1. First of all Thanks Rathi,, You are first Girl Post "Diwali" festival of light in India.


    1. Thanks for your generous words Hazel.

      Simran Rathi


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