Sunday, June 5, 2016

Blogs to Follow-LetUsPublish

Blogging community is considered as most-trustworthy in terms of getting unbiased opinions about anything and everything after your friends and relatives. But the problem arises when there are too many suggestions turned up on the internet by clicking the search tab and getting the authentic content is a major issue. I personally follow many blogs to get an insight of what's going around, what's hot and definitely what's not and on top of my list is the Let Us Publish .
Let Us Publish promises a wholesome package for its readers on a daily basis. The blog doesn't cover a particular niche but delivers the information on many categories such as entertainment, lifestyle, self-improvement, beauty, fashion, the high-profile events coverage and much more. I make it a point that I check the website once a week to get updated on the trends.
What I love about them are many things but few 
1. Lesser Ads, more the space for content on the website, because let's be honest who loves advertisement, one or two is good but too many irks a lot.
2. The website has been designed brilliantly, the interface is user-friendly and very smooth to use. The web pages comes in an instant, you do not have to wait a great deal on time for it to come on your screen. 
3.What's wonderful for readers is that you can get almost all the topics that are categorized as Bizarre, Business, Entertainment, Fashion, Technology and Lifestyle on the top of web page as tabs. No pop-up issues or time wastage in hunting the menu down. A diverse coverage on trends makes it your ultimate place to go for.
4. Also in this tech-savvy world, they are present on almost all the social media, it's like you name it and you have it kinda way, find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and YouTube to stay updated. Must say they take their readers seriously because maintaining these much social media profiles along with a popular website like theirs in a very prolific way is commendable. 
5. As a reader, I must say I like browsing on LetUsPublish and there is always something to grab the attention but there are too much of snapshots of articles on the home page and some are even a year old and the gallery kit is almost on the bottom that you can see only if you take your time to go all the way down, I wish that they should put it on the top because come on, they are really good photographers and I love way too much to look at pictures than the content at first and pics are itself a million words unsaid. And secondly, the homepage is way too long, it needs to be shortened.

Lots of things have been written but the special mention goes to Yogita Aggarwal, a Delhi based problogger and a marketing professional. She is a proud Indian running and , those have lakhs of monthly readers and a great social presence, I have met her twice on the blogger meets and found her a very nice individual. The way she gives attention to all the details can be seen on both of her websites. More power to you girl for providing us with awesome media coverage.


  1. Thanks Simran for writing about us. I am glad to see your genuine review and for sure i am going to work on all the factors those you mentioned.

    I am glad to have you as a fellow blogger cum friend who believes in sharing values in other's work as well.

    Lots of love.

    1. Nice to know that you appreciated it:)


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