Friday, June 3, 2016

Product Review: NEESH Perfumes

Hi all!!
Today on the blog is the review of an Indian perfume brand-Neesh.
As we all know, whenever we talk about fragrances, French perfumes always comes to our mind, isn't it true??
But coming to our mind is one thing when compared  with getting it into our hands. They are ridiculously expensive to be very honest though they are good. But all our woes have came to an end with NEESH
About Neesh- NEESH has defined style and crafted jewelry of notable rarity and beauty. NEESH's passion and distinctive style has created the most fabulous jewelry and amazingly smelling perfumes in the world. 

What I have received from NEESH?

It has a quite fresh and clean fragrance. The smell is not very modest or over-powering but strong enough for others to notice you.
Oud De Venice
It has a floral and spicy fragrance combination. This is perfect to wear for an evening get together to make an expression with your subtlety.
Yes!! this is our very own Indian brand that specializes in perfumes. I cannot say about one thing that I truly likes the most about this since there are many of those. So, I have a compiled a list for that.
1. First of all, they are pocket-sized like Mini Pocket Perfumes, can be put in our handbags or sling bags very easily. They do not take up space much.
2. They comes in a non-breakable packaging and it is quite adorable.
3. The fragrances are refreshing.
4. Each Mini Perfume costs Rs 340 and the best part is that we are actually paying less than a rupee for a spray.
5. Most importantly, they are available across all leading e-commerce websites like SnapDeal, Amazon, Flipkart and eBay.

Why Indians should invest on a good perfume?
India as a country has a moderate climate and most of the Indian cities have dense population and sweating is one thing which couldn't be controlled and stinky-smelly individuals are a big turn-off when they are standing with others. 
So guys and girls, don't make your body odour a hindrance in front of your personality because first impression remains the last.

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