Monday, April 18, 2016

What is Motivation??

 Motivation is a very powerful word. Motivation can be of any kind either to motivate ourselves or to motivate others. I believe you can’t motivate anyone unless that person wants to be motivated.
 There are different methods of motivation .The best method is self-motivation. For that you need to set small goals or targets for you and then try to achieve those targets. Once you achieve a goal, reward yourself with gift and again set a new target for you. This is best motivation method in my opinion.

A Life without achievements is useless.


      If you have any goal in your life, you can live your life full on. I am preparing for an exam and it would be very difficult for me to do preparation because I am working in a company. So I found a solution and I have set small targets for me and I succeeded. I scored good marks. 
So friends, what are you waiting for?
Set your target and aim for it. 
Get Set & Go……….

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