Sunday, April 3, 2016

My Mowgli Memory

With the streaming of the song 'Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai' from The Jungle Book on satellite channels at my home some few weeks ago, my Mowgli memories have started making their place in my mind somewhere at the back.

My Mowgli memories dated back to the time when I was just a pre-schooler, incapable to decipher the context of what is more important or what should be of more priority but what I knew was that on a Sunday morning, the world's most important thing  is to watch 'The Jungle Book Episode' and no one dared to disturb me during that time. Now when I think about those days, there is a sudden feel of nostalgia that starts to set in my veins.
There are many instances which can be deemed memorable and enchanting but the part of the entire story which is closest to my heart is the fact that Mowgli was raised by a family of wolves, one of the wildest and dangerous creature known in wildlife but they kept the upbringing of him as their own offspring.
I also kind of loved the bond between Bagheera, the black panther and Mowgli, as a small girl, sometimes I didn't like the words of wisdom coming out of his all time smart mouth but in the end, they always proved to be worthy that could not be ignored. And the jovial nature of Baloo, the strong bear, his friendly attitude and balanced temperament had always brought a slight smile on my face and kind of made him one of my favorite toon characters.
And then there was Shere Khan, the evil tiger who had no other job to do except picking on the innocent Mowgli and finding and devising stupid but devious plans and strategies to harm him, nonetheless, in the end, he was the one who had to taste an overdose of his own medicine.
Apart from the animals, the Mowgli's boomerang always pops in my brain whenever I think of the 'The Jungle Book' stories, only God knows that how many times I would have tried to accomplish that particular skill but never got an upper hand on it. 
All in all, the Mowgli memories are something that can be said as very special to me and to the children of the 1980's and 1990's time because the show has made us experience emotions and bonds like happiness, sadness, sharing, caring, friendship, jealousy, envy, etc. with simple, engaging and lucid story-telling throughout.

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