Thursday, December 24, 2015

5 Must Drinks For A Healthy LifeStyle

Healthy Lifestyle is all what we talk about and want to adapt in our daily routine. And the situation is that as much as we wish to be fit and healthy, we also wish to satisfy our cravings for food and delicacies but sometimes this can lead to serious health issues.
So, after wandering over it and in order to strike a balance between the two, I started thinking of things which should be incorporated in our day so that no more guilt pangs threaten us while we indulge into something we would love to eat. Hence, I thought of five quick and easy to make drinks which can keep us active. So, here goes the list and believe me, most of you already know about these.

This is the super-easy drink to make, you only have to squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water, stir it and here you go,it's done. If you wish for, you can add a little salt and sugar too. Substituting lemonade with tea and coffee is one thing one should go for.
Lemonade is highly rich with Vitamin C and a refreshing drink.

Green Tea has become quite popular among the youth recently for its ability to help in reducing the body fat but one thing more which is quite advantageous is that its an anti-oxidant and loaded with nutrients, makes you active( I tried it on myself during exams replacing caffeine with it), improves the brain functioning and what not. With little ginger and basil leaves during the boil, its a good medicine for sore throat too.
With different flavors and tea bags available in the market, this is the easiest thing to prepare by just boiling water or microwaving it and putting the tea-bag into that.

Coconut Water is highly rich in minerals, tasty and the best energy drink known to me. No special skills are required to get this thing into your system, all one need to do is buy it from the marketplace and pour into a glass or even better use a straw to suck it directly from the coconut.
My biology once taught in the class that in deserts, coconut water can be used instead of glucose drip for a patient suffering from body weakness, it is that powerful.

This is my favorite out from this list. Making it may be a time consuming task when compared with others but the end result or I should say taste totally worth it. This is one hell of a refreshing and colorful drink and highly nutritious too. Watermelon juice can make up for your body water content in a flash, hence keeps you hydrated. Also, it has anti-cancer properties too, it is rich in Vitamin-P which reduces the probability of having cancer in future. Also, for a fit body, try it as soon as you can and turn it into a habit.
Tip: Add a pinch of table-salt or black salt and enjoy it.

SoyMilk is again a highly nutritious drink and the biggest advantage is that you can buy the tetra-packs from the market and have it in a go, no preparation is as such required. Better than animal milk and it improves the lipid profile, strengthens the blood vessels and most lucrative thing is that it promotes weight loss. 

So guys, if you wanna be fit and smart by doing less efforts and still enjoying your life, do make a habit to add one or two from above into your meals.
Because Fitness Comes First.
And MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all.

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