Saturday, December 19, 2015

FIVE Must Have Apps on My Android Phone

Smartphones are the best thing that happened to humans by the advent of technology, no doubts about it. We can have an hour or even a day-long debates on the pros and cons of it but no matter what the end result would be, one cannot deny the fact that they are really the best and serve their purpose if used in the right direction to the fullest.

So, here I present the sneak peek of the Five Must Have Apps on my Smartphone.

1. WhatsApp
WhatsApp has definitely revolutionized the world of chat messages, there was once a time when people in India used to buy the Message Cards to cut down the cost of SMS services and here with the advent of this App, this scenario got completely changed. This App allows you to send and receive messages,media files at such an inexpensive rate that it hardly affects your pocket. Also, the highlight of it is its user-friendly interface which is quiet easy and fun to put in use.
So, this is surely the first thing I need on my device.

2. Instagram
Instagram in  my opinion is the best App for sharing Photographs and Videos. This is hands down my favorite App since last one and a half year, I'm totally addicted to it. This allows the user to click photos(or one can post through gallery) and videos and share it to their followers after applying filters available with a wide range. Other interesting feature that dragged me towards it is that it allows you to view the pics of people you follow rather than other unwanted feed from them on your homepage which makes it cool for me.

Twitter is that social networking App which can keep you updated at any instant. In this fast pacing world, no one has the time to actually look around for news channels or newspapers all the time to keep a tab on the current happenings in and around your surroundings but with Twitter's trending statistics, you can. The App has made with such a powerful algorithm at the back-end that it immediately picks the sudden trending topics and show them in the search tab. Also, the highlight feature is that of the 140 character long tweet/message which allows the strict filtering of words usage and delivery of a meaningful short phrase or sentence for the reader just like the concept of telegram in the olden days.

4. Chrome Browser
One cannot survive in this tech-savvy age without a web browser.These days when you get stuck over a thing or a two, you only need to search for it on the internet and voila! it's done. Believe me, it pulls you out of a hell lot of possible embarrassment sometimes. By the way,all the web browsers available these days are quite good and powerful but I'm quite used to Google Chrome because of its handy UI.

5. Youtube
Youtube App has made browsing videos easy and quick. And the best use of it comes when you are going to do some DIY trick or cooking because you only need to put the phone in front of you to get done with the task and that too in your comfort zone. I cannot pull out my laptop all the time to view   some video but I can easily do the same with my phone.                                                                      

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