Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Okay...Gimme A Hug First

"Friends don't let friends do silly things alone."
    -By Anonymous

        It's true that the invaluable gift given to us by God are friends. No matter what the situation we got stuck into or how bad and deep the mess we get inside, friends are always there for us to cover our back and pull out from the trouble. They are the only one with whom we can fight as much as we want,scold as if we are the rightful parents of them or play out the nastiest pranks one could think of and the next second we get back to our normal selves as if nothing has ever happened. This is the best part of having a friend that they won't judge you or get upset on the smallest of things, they just know you inside out. They are the ones who can bring out the best out of you and makes you awesome.

          If you are feeling a little low on one day, one person can always understand that without passing any hint and then to lift the mood, here they would come and say, 'Okay,tell me later but first share a hug, we both will feel better' and half of the problem seems to get solved. Somebody has once said to me that friendship is the best relationship in any individual's life which they could cherish for a lifetime and treasure it. One can have the random discussions, stupidest talks, hearty laughs only with their friends.They are the agony aunts to you in the hour of need but not the gossiping mongrels when you are somewhat weak. They make a lot of fun of you at your face but never make you a laughing stock out in the public. You can count on them and they'll be there for you before you finish your counting.

        I believe when you have your friends around, no one needs an excuse to party, its just that their presence is enough to make a reason to have a party and why not, Yaari/Dosti in itself is a big thing for celebration that too celebrate responsibly because it drives you crazy, mad but not into being a fool.    
Disclaimer: This post is intended for audience above 25 years.

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