Friday, December 25, 2015


Yes people, I'm a big big Sherlock Holmes fan, and after waiting for a long period of 2 years, our favorite show 'SHERLOCK' is back today on this Christmas.
Without saying much, it can be put into words that fans are super-excited and eagerly waiting for the premiere of season four(4), the curiosity around the episodes have also gone high with the trailer release.

Benedict Cumberbatch's look has also been quite appreciated and discussed among the fans. The two years hiatus has definitely made this season the most anticipated one. Most of my friends have accommodated their Christmas plans in such a way that they will not miss the premiere. Let's see what's in there for us, the Sherlockians this time.

The expectations have gone high after the successful run of the first three seasons and a new bar has been set to achieve by the series maker themselves. Mark Gatiss has already teased the fandom by quoting that this season is gonna be life-changing for the "SHERLOCK" fans. The screen froze in the last episode of season 3 where it was shown that Moriarty has returned. 

So peeps, with Moriarty's return, trailer of Abominable Bride being shot with the backdrop of Victorian times, there's a lot in store to speculate. Till then, let's start the countdown and wait for SHERLOCK because it is worth waiting for and we sure don't wanna miss it.

Merry Christmas to my readers.
Happy Sherlock Day to all.

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