Sunday, December 27, 2015

Wanna Have It:HP Star Wars Notebook

The Star Wars movie has span across generations, my parents have enjoyed watching it in their time, me and my sister have watched it many times on the tube and now the entire family is quite excited for watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Episode VII.All Star Wars movies are the best space fiction piece of art in terms of visual media and screenplay, it takes you out on an inter-galactic journey and believe me, you do not want to come back home,this much you delve into it once you set your eyes on, you only wish to never discontinue it.

So guys, in order to reminisce this journey in your heart forever, HP has launched the Special Edition STAR WARS Notebook as a tribute to the Star Wars series. This is gonna be the best and amazing collectible for the fans which they can brag about in front of their friends for ages just priced at Rs.70,000/-. Now peeps, the catch is what all can we do when we get our hands on it, after all, its a laptop and not just a mere merchandise to promote the movie.

I am not gonna talk about technical specifications because the web is already flooded with it but I am gonna discuss about the fun features one will get to enjoy while using it.

First of all, while getting the lid up, you can feel the aura of dark forces building around you because the laptop exteriors are fully inspired by them and the awesome part which I admired the most is the back-lit keyboard with red illumination.

Secondly, it also supports various features which can help you to bring out your creative side, for example, I would love to design Star Wars patterns. According to me, patterns designing will pave the path to a bigger creativity because these patterns can be used by us anywhere, like I have a big fetish for clothes, so it can be used in designing my outfits or fabrics. Guys, just think over the fact that we will no longer have to wait or browse through different shops or websites to find the particular Star Wars patterned dress of our choice. We can get what we want, we can and we will customize it for ourselves whether its a wallpaper, coffee mug, pajamas, t-shirts, dresses, bed-covers, phone-covers, anything and everything. All we have to do is design whatever comes in our mind and voila!! its done. And this cool one of a kind pre-loaded with Star Wars stuff laptop will serve as the encyclopedia for our crazy endeavors.

Even, I am thinking right now that I should do my Star Wars themed farewell party for my family & friends since I will be a graduate in the next six months and with the HP Star Wars SE Notebook at my side, party planning and music is not going to be a troubling issue. Even the costumes and decorations will get sorted at first.                                                                                                                                           
 Also tech-junkies like my sister can do a lot with this notebook, like from setting up their ringtones to customizing the notifications tones on it, or personalizing the desktop from the command center by changing the wallpapers and screen-savers, themes and what not. The gaming experience is also gonna be fine since it comes with 1 TB hard-disk and Intel i5 Core processor. There's a lot in store to watch out for.
Whereas ardent fans have the biggest reason to get this as soon as possible because this comes pre-loaded with the images covering almost its entire history from on-screen to off-screen behind the scenes action, the cryptic Aurebesh font, first  Marvel Star Wars comics and trailers.
So peeps, what are you waiting for, check out this wonderful thing and #AwakenYourForce . Search out for your fun side and unleash the dark force inside you.

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  1. Star wars has been my favourite since I was a child. I loved the characters. This looks like a wonderful opportunity to own this superb star wars machine which will be fun to work on.


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