Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Who Is The Miss Universe 2015???

Biggest Goof Up of this month, maybe of the year(even some are saying decade), for that I first need to compile my list.
So, here's the story, I happened to miss the live telecast of Miss Universe 2015 because of some prior engagements, hence, I decided  to watch it on YouTube to catch up just to get myself updated. But what made me laughed till my stomach hurts and later on after getting back to my senses, feeling sympathized was the ending of the event where the host(Steve Harvey) has mistakenly announced the runner-up as the winner, that is, Miss Colombia and the girl went on to walk to receive applause from the crowd too, it was all going on smooth until the host made an apology and corrected his mistake that he had mixed up the information on the cards and the winner was declared as Miss Philippines. Then what came next was the situation when both the girls were standing out at the front receiving all the applaud, one happily shocked,astonished with the sudden announcement and the other completely baffled and confused with the sudden advancement which resulted in the demotion of her title and then the slipping of the crown from the ahem... previous winner's ( or runner-up's ) head and got crowned at the rightful place.

Those who have missed too like me can watch by clicking here.

What followed next was the rounds of accusations and debates on social media and apologies from the host and the organizers. The girls are the true winners in every sense, no questions can be put on their status of beauty and brains combination but this kind of situations can left anyone in embarrassment, thus, they should be avoided and has to be dealt with proper attention. Now, what should be done and what shouldn't be is left for the organizing committee to deliberate. buzzoole code

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