Friday, January 1, 2016

Wooplr APP Review

Hi there!!!
Here, I am back with another App Review and this time it is Wooplr. This is the App deemed as the only App which the fashionistas would require. I somewhat agree with this too. Okay then, let's get to the point and find out more about the Application.
First of all, this app is available to download on Android and iOS and one can get a link by visiting their website. This app allows the user to discover fashion anywhere and anytime or to put in simple words, the users post their pictures/snaps of their looks/outfits which is later followed with the similar recommendations from the brands. 
These days life has become very much fast and digital and one has to keep up with it all the time in order to separate them from the flock of similar beings. Wooplr helps the fashionistas in doing so which is to get them updated with all the fashion trends all the time.
If you like a dress, shoes, accessories or sunglasses on someone and wondering to buy the same cool thing for yourself too, you can simply browse the recommendations and voila! that's a discovery for you, you have seen how that thing would look actually on a person and you can avoid or should I say spare the time while searching it on different stores or websites. Time saving, see.

What I really liked:
1. The news feed has a feature known as 'Trending' which lets you know about the popular trends around you and if you're smart, you can pick a style or two from there to keep you stylish;)
2. The articles by Team Wooplr are really informative, short and crisp to read and get inspired.
3. There are contests which the team conducts on regular intervals to pump the adrenaline of the fashion enthusiasts which brings them out  of their closet to become more creative.
4. There is a program run by Wooplr known as STYLE MILES which can be redeemed in the form of vouchers of brands like Forever21, LifeStyle Stores, etc. and the users can earn by completing the challenges and also by Refer the App to their friends.
For example, the first time user can earn 50 Style Miles by downloading the App from a Referral Code and from there on, for its each referral, they will earn 20 style miles for each new referred download.( P.S. 1 Style Mile= Rupee1)
5. There are really a long list of stores available there to shop from.
6. There are users who you can follow for their admirable dressing as well as styling sense. (And who knows you might be the next one who may get followed by many for their taste when it comes to fashion.)

What I haven't liked much:
Not too much but the App needs to fix some developmental issues, for example, the account updates almost take a week's time to get the stats correct. 
The in-build Wooplr Camera won't allow you to enjoy the luxury of having editing features as that we love in Instagram.
I would like to see the top 10 or 5 real-time trends across the country or city about fashion too as we get to see on Facebook or Twitter like What's Hot or What's Not.

All in all, Wooplr is a fun way to discover fashion trends and shop the best products for you from the comfort of your phone.
So girls and boys out there, go download this App, show off your style statements among the people who understands it the way you do & use your friend circle to earn these coveted vouchers.

You all can get a link to download by clicking here and can get 50 Style Miles by applying this Referral Code:- SIM70A

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