Thursday, January 14, 2016

Time to do Some Business:Let's do ezebee

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."
                                               -Milton Berle 
There are many instances in the lives of people like me and you, like us who have a lot of potential talent in them but it goes down the drain over the years because of the lack of exposure given to it.
So peeps, why to confine ourselves between the walls of our house or shops when it is possible to reach to a bigger pool of customers all around the world.
Yes, you read it right, with, this has become as easy as a walk in the park. is an online platform which allows you to open your very own shop to sell items and most importantly its absolutely free which we can rephrase as a free online shop that means  open a shop without spending a single penny on the rentals. All you have to do is register on and create free online shop and sell online your products and services. The money goes directly from the buyer to the seller, no commission or services charges to be paid to anyone.
While browsing through the website, I found out that this is the best global free online marketplace for entrepreneurs and small businesses to make money online. And don't worry guys, if you are not creative or a business owner, you can still have a lot to do here, like you can sell the stuff you own and don't want to keep in your house(hint: girls de-clutter your closet and guys, do clean up the storeroom) and get some good money by selling them off. 
Time to sum up people.
Who can register or create online shop?
-Anyone from anywhere. 
-Entrepreneurs, Small business owners, Big business owners, Housewives,etc.
What can be sold?
-Products,services,rentals,anything and everything as long as its legal;-) .
What will you get in return?
-A website, a free facebook shop, a free online shop, a running business network, classifieds ad and a lot more.

Let be the wind beneath your wings and the sky is your limit then.


  1. Hey thats a interesting website.. surely go and have detailed look into this.. thanks..

  2. I shall go and check that out soon. :)

  3. I loved this site too!


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