Saturday, January 23, 2016


"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world."
                                                                                        -Nelson Mandela
The classical textbook definition of education states that it is the intellectual, physical, social, ethical aesthetic and mental development of an individual. Basically, it mainly consists of what we have unlearned. 
The impact of education on any individual is ever lasting and irreplaceable and I think it is not only important but it is the thing of highly importance that one can be done with a life. General awareness and fair, unbiased and rational decision-making are the outcomes of the impact of education on an individuals conscience.
The lessons of equality  between the people having different caste, creed, color, religion, sex, race and nationality can be learnt and dealing with them becomes easy. Being an educated guy on this planet, procuring a good job is not a trouble or a tough task to complete. To earn a living in order to sustain in this competitive and developing world becomes something that do not frightens but empowers the inner-self with a pride of self confidence. The next step after acquiring the preliminary education is to get hands and brains on the professional skills which can help individuals to make their mark in different fields and impact the world with their stories and personal experiences. Getting an education may not assure complete success but it is surely a key to success that can open doors and helps in stepping towards achieving it. Most importantly, allocation of resources can be done wisely and proportionately if we have knowledge about how can we do this. 
Leading an independent life is only possible if we are capable of doing it, can afford the expenses of our own self and face all the hardships that comes on the way in a positive stride. 
Education enables the person to deal with life as a whole, it makes the person better equipped with knowledge to understand the life in a better way. Without an ounce of education, we are as good as animals, there is no difference between us apart from the the physical appearances but with education, we become a human.. It helps  in the development of a social life which everyone deserve  that leads to personal as well as mental growth of the individual. Social and physical development are those aspects which cannot be ignored and it can only be accelerated with learned knowledge about them. There are many benefits of being educated , an educated person is the one who can manage the modification of his behavior according the situations and circumstances they are subjected to. A cultivation of a civilized society can be only possible if its importance is understood by the people who are residing in and an education is the catalyst that ensures this process to initiate.
The most interesting & welcoming impact of education is that it helps in personality grooming, liberation of thoughts & elevates the intellectual aspect. It leads to inner freedom & promotes democracy. Prevailing peace & maintaining harmonious relations between distinct entities like communities & countries can be done if education is made to reach one & all. It is the backbone in the development of a country.

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