Thursday, January 21, 2016

Impact of E-commerce on Us!

I still remember the times when e-commerce to India was an alien concept and all the shopping from the groceries to the appliances has to be done all by ourselves by wandering all around the market comparing prices, visiting different stores, selecting,comparing and many times compromising with our own choice, paying the delivery company for transportation from store to home and what not.
But with the arrival of online stores and increasing growth of e-commerce in India, shopping in our country has become more interesting and interactive. Just analyse the scenario in which we are living today- we can compare the same model on different platforms for best prices available, read reviews from the users who have bought them and then used them, we do not have to pay the delivery guy(courier service) for the product delivery(most of the time) at our doorstep.
E-commerce has definitely left an impact on all the consumers present today in a very good way. We can simply say that it has helped them to become more aware, knowledgeable and smart, also introduced them to a bigger market of options.
It also has promoted a sense of competition amongst different brands which  ensures high quality and highly efficient services and products to the consumers at reasonable prices at the receiving end. Currently, different online stores have propped up which are offering great prices, schemes, coupons and discounts to their customers and customers holds the luxury of visiting more than one store at the same time and deciding which product is better of the lot, one has the freedom to check a single item as many items as they want, hence avoiding frowns and glares of the salespersons and storekeepers and if the item did not appeal, walk ahead and search something else better.
The shoppng experience has now become less tiresome and more comfortable for the people belonging to the service-class in our society.
Secondly and most importantly,the  e-commerce domain has also made a new gateway of opportunities and careers for the youth across the world. On a daily basis, new jobs and new portfolios being created in this field and increasing demand for new recruits promises a bright future ahead.
Also, it has promoted and motivated the entrepreneurs, small-scale businesses to take a step ahead and stamp an impact of their talent over others, now, small scale businesses running from homes or from a small workshop have opened their online shops and turned the tables upside down in their own favour and started making fortunes, there are so many stories on this over the internet which would only make anyone spellbound and speechless.
So, I can conclude that e-commerce has already became a big thing and the impact of it on the society is such that it has helped both the seller and the customer to grow hands in hands.

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