Thursday, January 21, 2016


'Its not that we use technology, we live technology.'
       -Godfrey Reggio                                    
The above quote exactly explains the present condition of every human being living on this planet. Technology has touched the life of each and every individual in many ways and we are not just using it, as a matter of fact, we are breathing it all the time.
Internet is that intangible thread which has connected one and all around the world. We are now connected with our dear loved ones who are living far away from us due to their personal commitments and priorities with the advent of technology. Gone are the days when we have to wait for a hand written letter from our near and dears to know about their well being. Instead, with the arrival of video calling services such as Skype, Hangouts, etc. we can ensure about their health by talking with them face to face.
Satellite television is one thing that according to my opinion is the best thing that can ever happen on the face of Earth. It is a great pass-time for the elderly people who cannot go out to relax and change their mood to entertain themselves, one of a kind gadget that keeps you updated with the news around you and your world,  medium which helps in one way interaction with different cultures of the world resulting in diminishing the unknown virtual boundaries between them, viewers can visit different parts of the world siting in their home with the comfort of the couch and comforter, a better way to keep kids in front of our eyes by engaging them with the cartoon shows, learning about different cuisines and recipes by biggest chefs of the world and many more things are possible with the wonder box.
One of the commendable creation by the technology are the computers that are solely responsible for the success of not one but many and made man to avoid committing statistical mistakes.
Technology has made many things possible for an example, I used to hear about floods, natural disasters, civil wars from my grandparents which they had witnessed before I was actually born and the difficulties they had to face during those times. And now with technology at our disposal, these situations can be handled with more care and diligence.
Increasing innovations that are catalyzed by the new technologies have also made way for creativity along with intelligence that are now going ahead hands in hands and products like smart security systems, smart surveillance systems such as drones with in-built cameras, robots like Siri have come into existence that has made the life of many if nothing special but easier.
Indeed there is no doubt on how technology has affected us, it has made our life as easy as a walk in the garden. It has made such an impact on us that we are in awe of it and always greedy waiting for more. There are many among us who can wholeheartedly debate about cons of technology and its impact on various age-groups and be the lifetime advocate always standing against it but believe you can dislike it, might be avoiding it but you cannot ignore it growing around you. 
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