Friday, January 22, 2016

MUSIC And Its Benefits

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."
-Bob Marley                                                          
Bob Marley has summed up the attraction and admiration towards music in very simple but powerful words. Researches in this field also suggests that music not only helps us to cope with pain but helps in dealing with physical pain as well as emotional turmoil within oneself. Music is one out of the many things in the universe that are beyond possible to define just with few words. Music expresses the feelings which cannot be put into words but cannot be shut inside a closet to remain in silence. Let's talk about some of the benefits of music.
1. Stress Relief
Continuous and progressive researches have shown that music reduces stress. Listening music helps in coping with stress and clinical reports of these researches have shown that during the process of listening music calms the nerves and releases anti-stress hormones in the body.
2. Lift Up the Mood
It happens with all of us most of the times that we got hurt, irritated, frustrated, annoyed, demotivated or sad from the issues surrounding us and thinking about them only makes us sad, then listening music can help in lifting up the mood and make us feel good about us and helps in forgetting the worries too.
3. Relieves from Depression
Studies have found out that the best way to help a person to come out of depression is to make them listen music, genres like Classical and Meditative are mood-elevating and helping to overcome depression.
4. Improves Sleep Quality
Listening soft-music before going off to bed improves sleep quality and helps the patients of insomnia to overcome their situation without any medication. Also, it helps in getting sound sleep which makes the person and fresh and peppy the other day after waking up.
5. Helps in Meditation
Research and studies have shown that listening meditative sounds in the backdrop at the time meditation helps in focusing and concentrating better. Also, it induces a state in the person during the rhythmic stimulation that has a therapeutic effect such as easing migraine pains, behavioral issues, PMS, etc.
6. Reduce Heart Disease
Scientists have found out that listening music helps the patients in increasing blood flow in their blood vessels. Music makes the person merry and happy which ultimately results in a healthy blood vessel function.
7. Improves Cognitive Performance
Music in the background at low volume levels helps the person to improve their cognitive skills. Research analysis have proved that those who take tests while listening to music have better results as compared to those who gave their test in pin-drop silence. The most basic reason behind these findings is that listening tunes helps in better concentrating at things.
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