Thursday, January 21, 2016

How much Science has an Impact on Us??

Science has always been the field of curiosity for everyone. 
It gives answers to those questions which beyond understanding and these are not based on some gut feelings or year-old beliefs, these are strongly supported by the facts as proofs.
We can take the example of girl child in our society whose birth was considered as an omen and the the mother of the child always got cursed for bringing misfortune in the family but with the facts been provided by the researchers  and scientists which stated that it was the man not the woman whose genes play an important role in the determination of the sex of the child, the discrimination against girls somehow lowered and their status started lifting up to a great extent.
Also, it is science that explained that Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse are natural, unstoppable, spontaneous phenomenon of the Solar System and they have nothing to do with the orthodox beliefs associated with them and thereby condemned them, one of them from the Chinese Mythology stated that the Dragon ate up the Sun and a certain set of rituals like beating drums and utensils has to be performed right at that moment to scare off the dragon from all the sound and noises to get the Sun back.
Impact of Science on us is such that the understanding of complex things has become lucid and easy, concepts have more and more simpler and clearer.
Diseases which previously used to scare the hell out of anyone, even including the doctors have got cure and patients and their families have got loads of hope in return. Treatments have evolved and lives of many get the wind beneath their wings to fly high under the sky. Dancers like Sudha Chandran went on to become a legend with an amputated foot and all this is possible because of a wonder word called Science.
Constant and progressive researches in this field paved the way for new discoveries and innovations.
One of the space mission by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in the recent times, Mars Orbiter Mission (MangalYaan) was a success in most of its aspects and the cost per kilometer of travelling Mars Orbiter Mission from Earth to Mars was even lower than that of travelling a kilometer by an auto-rickshaw in Ahmedabad (Gujarat,India). And indeed all of this is only achievable because of the constant drive of the inner-self to satisfy the thirst of curiosity.
Science has made us believe that dreams are achievable, they are meant to become reality one day. All we need is to try hard to make it possible and sky is the only limit then to touch.
Science has an impact on all, living or non-living, in a way of this or that kind, directly or indirectly but surely, it cannot be ignored.
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