Friday, January 22, 2016


I still remember the time when I have to keep myself alert during drives with my family and friends to learn the routes so that whenever I have to go all alone by myself I would never get lost. By the way, its a good habit to acquire and keep but still it was always a big mountain of a task to accomplish when the journey was long and not even in learning the routes but during scouting for a particular shop in big markets like Chandni Chowk, Delhi at the time of my shopping spree with my mother which we had visited the last season that was supposed to be a gap of an year most of the times, called out for unwanted trouble for ransacking the brain and adding up all the landmarks that we possibly can into our memory only to relocate something nearby and by God's grace , if that shops gets a complete renovation, I bet finding it again would be no less than a task of searching a needle in a haystack in itself. And all this most of the time ends up to the continuous circling of the area more than once which only sums up to swollen feet and an ample amount of frustration and headache if the mission was unaccomplished . And not on the shopping trips alone, this kind of scenario are bound to happen with anyone who visit an unknown city for the first time and then go out for sight seeing expeditions.
But thanks to GPS navigation, these eventful situations have seen a downfall. Now going to a different place or the same after a long time has become easy. All you have to download a navigation app like Google Maps on your phone, fill the particulars of your journey from starting point to the destination and then leave the rest to it, and relax throughout the way without panicking about getting lost.
GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation ensures that we are always on the correct route for our destination by continuous monitoring and controlling the movement of the vehicle and if by a virtue of our own carelessness or ignorance, we have gotten off track, then it helps in coming out of it by immediate reporting and that is really super cool and smart technology.
The navigation technology looks quite lucrative and fancy from the outside but it has some glitches in it too, primarily the latency and irregularity in the update of the road maps which leads to confusion and questions about the reliability of the technology.
Since the application of navigation is completely based in the real-time environment, its maintenance and testing has to be accurate, precise, sharp and up to date all the time. With recent developments in this field, this do not seems to be a hurdle in the path for a long time.
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